Faking a phone number has never been easier. There are plenty of fake number app out there, which can be downloaded and used on any iPhone or Android devices. This article is going to explore the 10 best free fake phone number app that you should download today. If you’re looking to prank someone with a false phone number, this blog post will help as it explores all of the different options available.

Fake Number App

In this day and age, we are all very aware of the ever-present need for instant communication. But what happens when you don’t want to get a new phone number? Download one special app in order to generate an entirely unique string. You can use these generated numbers on any gadget or device that supports SMS messages or MMS.

Fake Number App for Android and iPhone

Do you want to save money on your phone bill but still get a new, secret number? Download the cool apps we prepared for this. You can use them all and have thousands of different identities with just one account that will be saved from spam or identity theft. Fake number texting app lets you have different numbers for your personal life, business ventures and social circle.

1: Hushed – Second Phone Number 

Hushed is the perfect way for you to keep your personal life and professional career separate. With Hushed, there are no more worries about compromising one with another because now it’s easy as pie. You’ll be able escape from unwanted calls or texts at all hours of day.

Just pick up a different phone number when needed through. This app that has over 300 area codes across North America (US), United Kingdom(UK) and Canada so finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation won’t happen again. The idea behind this app has been around since ages past. Get away from those cheap international calling cards by getting realtime access too hundreds or even thousands different area codes through just one simple platform.

fake number app

This app will allow you to get a second number. You can reliably protect your real one and never receive spam or ads again, because the new number is clean. The anonymity of these calls make them perfect for hooking up with someone on chatroulette app without having their true identity revealed (we know how important this info gets).

2: Phone 2nd Phone Number : Texting & Calling App

2nd phone number app allows you to get a free burner number that can be used when calling or texting anonymously. The app is secure and private, which makes it perfect for those who want their identity hidden in certain situations like buying/selling on Craigslist. The Phoners’ newest feature helps people further protect themselves by using an untraceable interceptor service provided through GSM carrier networks as well as VOIP providers such as Skype.

fake number app free

This fake number app helps you identify the caller before picking up your phone. You can check whether someone is calling on behalf of a company or organization they shouldn’t be, like an illegal spammer doing business as “Joe Blo’s Pizza.” The data from this service will show who registered their number with us first and what type/condition it was in when we received them.

Phoner Second Phone Number is an application that allows you to create a second phone number for use when necessary. There are many different ways in which this could be useful, such as with lawyers and cab drivers who need another line of communication outside their personal numbers. Fake phone app allows you provide different ones for various needs and they can contact you without compromising the real one.

3: Fake Call Number

Want to make your friends laugh? This app has tons of pranks for you and all the people in your phonebook. Just enter their number, pick an audio file (like a sound effect), then hit record. It’s easy as that – now they’ll be listening with doubled-over laughter when someone calls them from behind or offers strange words during what should have been silence on behalf of whoever made this happen while pushing some buttons down at lightning speed without even breathing heavily after pressing “send.”

false number app

This is the world’s greatest fake number app. There are over 100 pranks in this game, and you can download it for free. Developers continue to add new features so be sure not to miss out on all of its benefits by checking back often or risking missing an update that might change your phone forever.

4: Numero eSIM: Fake Phone Number & Virtual SIM

Numero eSIM is your ticket to a world of new possibilities. With the ability purchase second or fake phone numbers from over 80 countries and 3000 cites, you can finally register in Social Media & messaging apps like WhatsApp without having an old-fashioned landline.

Numero eSIM is the ideal WiFi/internet calling app and mobile VoIP for personal or business use. With this innovative system, you can get a cheap international phone number on your regular cell phone that’s compatible with any carrier. It’s perfect if you want to make low-cost calls all over the world without worrying about expensive roaming fees. Just connect an internet connection via WiFI hotspot (or data plan), then dialing.

how to get a fake number

With a second phone number, you can call your home country for cheaper international calls while still using the same mobile data. With Wifi Calling and VoIP apps like Numero e-SIM. You get an extra SIM that operates on wifi or voice over IP (VOI) to make long distance inexpensively.

5: Telos Free Phone Number

Telos phone numbers are a real and practical way to make your life more convenient. You can receive calls, texts messages or even send short voice clips on the fly with no added hassle of carrying around multiple devices. You can block, muted and edit contacts with complete control of your information on the fly in any situation.

best fake number app

The Simple app is designed to protect you from callers and unwanted messages. This lightweight application blocks those that don’t have your best interests at heart so choose wisely who gets through. With over 1 million installs already in just a few years.

It’s clear this tool has been generating major buzz around town as an effective way of keeping pests away without having any negative side effects on one’s social life or personal relationships.

6: Burner: Text + Call + Message

Burner is an app that provides you private phone number. You can now have two lines, one of which will be used specifically just as burner numbers are meant-for emergencies or when other people don’t know about our existence yet. Providing privacy while still being able communicate easily without having any worries about who might overhear what’s going on around us because they’re not partaking themselves.

You can send messages, photos videos and also call your friends just like from a real number. No one will notice that this is not for you because it has an international prefix code. You could even use the same phone without anyone knowing.

phone number generator app

But don’t worry- if at any time in the future you want to remove yourself from contact with whoever knows about these numbers. All of them come equipped with disposable SIM cards so there’s no need go through any awkward explanations before being able reclaim their data plan.

This app will allow you to create multiple phone numbers in one go and block calls from unwanted callers. You can also change your contact details, including their name or email address. So they don’t know what number (or person) is calling them. Use this if someone has been bothering you with messages on WhatsApp because now it’s not just about blocking people but creating new identities too.

7: Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers

SMS is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. With this app temporary numbers, you can receive free SMSs without having any phone number. You also don’t have worry about those pesky annual fees that come along with signing up for the service at your local provider’s store. But most importantly are anonymous activation online features so it won’t be hard getting verified as long as we know where exactly this information came from.

fake number for texting

This app is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. You can send SMS messages from all over the world, but your temporary phone numbers are disposable so that it’s easy for you. The only problem? All of this chat happens on an internet server-based system after 7 days if we don’t reply or read any incoming texts.

This particular application makes use Virtual Number Service which permits mobile users around globe have access talk without having charge long distance calling rates just like people here locally. With new technology comes some downsides though they do not receive regular calls anymore because those require realtime connections between two parties whereas using VoIP.

8: PingMe – Second Phone Number

In today’s world, it is not uncommon to have multiple phone numbers. But what about your international connections? This app will allow you to grow those. Just download and create as many accounts on social networks that are relevant for business needs like Facebook or LinkedIn before connecting them with any different types of mobiles in order make sure every call goes through without fail no matter where someone may be located.

fake number text app

With this app, you can take your business to a whole new level. You will have access to additional numbers in any country without paying extra fees and still keep them private by only giving out one number through the cloud function on your device that comes installed right away when downloading it today.

This is the perfect way to reach a lot of people with one simple message. You can send unlimited messages and videos to any numbers with no monthly fees. You may also choose a virtual number that will allow you access from social networks like Facebook where verification is required for posting in groups or forums as well.

9: 2nd Line – My Second Phone Number

You can finally have two phone numbers for the price of one. 2nd Line is a new app that will give you another secondary line on your smartphone. This way, if someone’s calling or texting with an unwanted message it won’t affect what they’re doing in between calls from work. Just send them back their response later using this second number as needed.

You may not need more than one personal cell-phone; however there are some people who do use both lines so now we’ll make sure everyone has access to at least 1 other device besides his/her regular contact device (which should serve him well enough).

fake text and call app

If you own an Android phone, then your Verizon account may be blocking the ability to send messages and make calls. To solve this problem with just a few quick steps; get yourself a second number that can also use Wi-Fi calling in order avoid being blocked when trying to reach loved ones or customers who are near hotspots using data plans like TMobile’s free Luminati service.

Do you find yourself asking friends for their phone numbers but not wanting to share yours? Don’t worry, Second Line is here. With just a few easy steps on our site or download an app store-wide (depending upon what device you prefer). Second Line provide unlimited calling and messaging between two people.

10: Wabi – Virtual Number for WhatsApp Business

Wabi is a fast and easy way to create your WhatsApp Business account. You can take advantage of Wab’s clean phone numbers, dedicated servers that work exclusively with the business version of this popular messaging app on premise or off. Set your business profile, including working hours and location for the Wabi app will allow you to inform customers of when they can expect a response from their messages. Auto-reply message in place so that they’re always responded too.

fake number app


It’s not always easy to find a new number, especially if you urgently need one. Luckily for Android and iPhone users, there are some great fake number app that make it possible to get the perfect phone number in seconds. Whether you want to register on websites or protect your personal information.

These best fake numbers apps will help ensure success with fewer worries about what could go wrong. In this post, we take a look at the best apps that can help you get your hands on one fast and easy. What is your favorite mobile application for generating fake numbers? Let us know.

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