February 27, 2024

12 Best Text Over WiFi App For Android and iPhone 2024

Android have always been improving its features in all aspects. If we talk about the texting apps then there are a lot of app that will help you out to do messages. There are many text over wifi app that are created specially for Android and iPhone that will provide you all the necessary and essential features required to talk to your near and dear ones. Here we have bought top 12 best text over wifi app that you can easily download to your phones.

Text Over WiFi App

Benefits of using Wifi Text Messaging Apps

Wifi text messaging apps have become a popular mode of communication among people across the world. These apps have several benefits that make them an attractive alternative to traditional texting and calling. First and foremost, Wifi text messaging apps are cost-effective compared to traditional SMS services as they use internet data rather than cellular data. This makes them very useful for individuals who frequently communicate with people from different parts of the world.

Another benefit of using Wifi text messaging apps is their ability to work without requiring a cellular network connection. This means that individuals can communicate even in areas where there is no cellular signal or network coverage, such as remote locations or underground parking lots. Additionally, since these apps work through an internet connection, they provide high-quality voice and video calls compared to traditional phone calls.

Text Over WiFi Apps For Android and iOS

People are increasingly relying on their smartphones over the internet to help them stay connected to friends, family, and work. A growing trend is texting over WiFi because it’s cheaper than carrier plans. The best text-over-WiFi apps for Android and iPhone offer a range of features and customized settings.

  • Wifi apps are an affordable alternative to costly data plans
  • They provide constant, reliable service
  • They can be accessed anywhere with wireless internet access
  • Their only drawback is the battery consumption
  • It’s worth downloading one or two to test them out.

1. Telegram

The most amazing app nowadays is telegram. You might have seen that everyone is downloading telegram app nowadays it’s just because of its amazing features. The special feature of this app is that you can send the file of the largest size easily. You can download this free wifi texting app it to your android very easily and enjoy its amazing features. The app provides you free messaging, emojis, voice message, video, audio and many more. You can also connect to more than four or five people in video call and even the voice call is also possible in a group.

android text over wifi app

2. Text me

This is the texting apps that use wifi through which you can get your personal number for texting and calling anyone. It will cost you nothing and give you amazing features. You can easily call anyone or text anyone from the new generated number. This provides you free HD calls voice calls between two Android phones. This wifi text messaging app is used in more than 40 countries. You can enjoy free video calling, voice calling, phone calls, video chat through your private number. Join your friends family members with unlimited messages and calls.

text over wifi app

3. WhatsApp Messenger

Guys you might be knowing about WhatsApp Messenger. This is the mostly used up around the World. It provides extraordinary features that include stickers emojis video call voice call international calls and many more. As it has been upgraded you can put up your story any song photo status so that people could know what’s going on in your life. This is one of the most fascinating feature of WhatsApp Messenger. New game download this app for free e and add all your friends and family. It also allows you to create groups and start up group video call.

text via wifi android

4. Text plus

This app is available for free through which you can make international calls to your friends or any close ones. By using text plus you can use your real number to call anyone around The World start video chat video call free emojis pictorial stickers and many more.one of the most important feature of this text over wifi app is it allows you to create customized stickers and videos. It can be quite funny if you want to reply someone in your own way by creating your own Avatar, stickers and funny videos.

text using wifi android


This is the most powerful wifi text app for android and iPhone. It is famous for its speed of sending and receiving the messages. You can send your messages very quickly through YAATA. Sending pictures videos emojis funny videos gifs are the most advanced feature of this app. Other feature of the app achieving the messages, blacklisting, auto forwarding, auto receiving copy paste and many more. It also provide you 3 quick reply options through notification. A simple blink light will denote the message.

send text over wifi android

6. Signal Private Messenger

This is the unique text over wifi android app that will help you to talk to someone very secretly. Signal private messenger is used all around the world to chat with each other. It has many features that will allow you to say your any secret. Whispering in the night is the feature that will translate your wishper to text. It will transfer your message very quickly to the receiver. This text over wifi app is free of cost you do not need to recharge separately for using signal private messenger. It also has an advanced feature of detecting and separating the noise from messages.

android text via wifi

7. We chat

This sms over wifi android app is mostly useful for cloning the apps. It often happens that you want to continue your work but at the same time you also want to chat with your friends. In this situation we chat is the best option. Through this app you can easily make clone of other apps and use them whenever needed. Other features are it is easily compatible with Android, easy to use and switch accounts. You can have great fun with this android wifi texting app by switching into different accounts simultaneously.

8. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the beautiful app that provides you extraordinary features. You gets free design themes, multiple bubble style and auto night mode. It is customized app that will act according to your choice. You can easily send SMS, MMS to your  friends with extra features. You will get all kind of emojis and stickers. It is updated from time to time so that the app is enriched with all the new features. The new upcoming feature is copy the text within the bubble at means that you can send similar text to many people by doing little editing.

text through wifi android

9. Mood Messenger

There are many Messenger app that are provided by Android itself. It is quite obvious that you people might be bored of all these apps. Here is the newly developed texting apps that use wifi that is fully customized. It is full of new features that will make you more excited. It presents you all the emojis, stickers, GIFs, background and bubble typing. There is also a newly activated keyboard that will help you to type messages. This keyboard is fully customized it contains all the funny stickers that will depict your feelings and expressions.

how to text via wifi android

10. Text free

Here comes the newly developed app that is downloaded by thousands of people. It acts as a general messenger that won’t cost you anything. You can easily send messages through this app. You can also use emojis and stickers provided by the app to Conversate  with your friends and family. Guys you can easily download this app and it’s really easy to use.

can androids text over wifi

11. Go SMS Pro

Along with the feature of sending and receiving messages this text over wifi app provides some extraordinary thing. GO SMS Pro app is famous for counting the number of messages that have been sent through your account. By downloading this app you will easily get to know that how many messages have been received and sent by you. This is also represented beautifully by the pie chart and  the graph that will show you everything. This shows you all the statistics of the messages. It also send you the notification as a reminder to know that what is the status of your messages.

12. Ding tone

This text over wifi app is mostly designed for those who want to make international calls everyday. You can easily make a call or message through this app at very low cost. The app is highly appreciable because it is full of extraordinary features. The features are cheap and free international calls, crystal clear calls, walkie talkie inverter, amazing premium features, variety of ringtones, pop up message facility, fast action and easy to use. You can also do group conference call joining 8 people. Here you can also create group of more than hundred people for messaging.

apps to talk over wifi


Text over WiFi apps for android is a great way to save on your monthly data usage while still maintaining the ability to be contacted in case of emergency. By using these app, you can message your friends and family over WiFi, but still use any data on your plan for other needs such as browsing or games. If you are looking for a safer, more economical option, then text over WiFi apps are your answer.

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