10 Best WiFi Text Messaging Apps For Android And iPhone

WiFi text messaging apps are an ideal solution for those who want to stay connected with friends and family without the high cost of data plans. With WiFi text messaging apps, users can send messages and even make calls over their home or office WiFi connection, instead of using expensive cellular data plans.

WiFi text messaging apps

These days, there are many applications available which offer free or low-cost texting services over WiFi. Apps such as WhatsApp, Skype and WeChat allow users to enjoy real-time conversations with anyone in the world – at no extra cost. Additionally, these apps offer a variety of features that make it easy to share photos, videos and documents with friends and family members anywhere in the world. In addition to these conveniences, users can also take advantage of voice calls through their WiFI connection at far lower rates than those found on traditional cell phone carriers.

Pros and Cons of WiFi Messaging Apps

WiFi messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular among mobile users as an alternative to traditional text messaging. With the ability to send and receive messages without using cell phone service, WiFi messages offer convenience and cost savings. But from security risks to limited availability, there are some potential downsides of WiFi messengers that users should consider before downloading one.

For starters, sending messages over a public network can expose personal data such as passwords and other sensitive information to hackers. Additionally, since not all locations have access to free or even paid WiFi services, the features provided by these applications may be limited in certain areas. Furthermore, if your device isn’t connected to a wireless network when you receive a message, it won’t show up until later when you connect again – meaning you could miss important messages while being offline.

Best WiFi Text Messaging Apps

In this article, we’ll be exploring 10 popular WiFi texting apps in detail so you can make an informed decision about which app is right for you. We’ll discuss each app’s features and usability, as well as compare their user experiences side-by-side so you know exactly what to expect from each app. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to send texts without worrying about costly data charges or spotty cellular service, read on to find out which WiFi text messaging app is best suited for your needs.

1. Text Me – WiFi messenger

Guys can you imagine an app bearing used in more than 40 plus countries. Yes this WiFi text messaging app is being use in more than 40 plus countries. It has high ranking. Being the top most free WiFi texting app it has billions of viewers. By using this app you can send messages for free over a large range of people.

Text Me

This also helps you to Generate new numbers for texting messages. A large variety of amazing features are provided by the app. You can also have HD quality video call, and voice call, voice recording through this. This is the best texting app for android and iPhone.

2. Text Plus – WiFi messaging app

All the apps presented here have there own specific features. That make them unique and most wanting. Text plus free WiFi text messaging app is not less than any other app. You can install this to your iPhone and Android. Just download the app and install it to your phone.

Free Text & Calls

Here you will be presented with a screen where you need to fill the required details. The details required are just your valid email, you need to type your name, country and address email id. Next you can type the message and send it to your friends. This also provide you with a specific feature. Before sending message to the receipt it sends the notification then the receipt have to accept your request for sending message.

3. Android Messages

android message

The most professional wifi sms app that is used around the whole word. You will glad to know that this is used by more than 5 million users. It has maximum users. This app has its own status over the market. The special feature of the app is it keeps your message or MMS safe.

You can put privacy over your text messages. That will only be shown to you and your recipient. It also supports two Sims one contains your personal message and other public messages. The app can support messages in more than 50 languages.

It has highest speed of sending messages. The capability of blocking the fake messages is also provided. Most amazing thing is it blocks the viruses itself. This is the high level professional wifi sms app that will take your communication to new heights.

4. Whatsapp


Guys all of us know about WhatsApp. The app that is ruling over million of iPhone and Android. This wifi text messaging app helps us to do everything we want either it’s text message, MMS, video recording, audio recording anything you want.

You need to install the app and fill the details. Fill the name, sir name, your valid phone number. Next thing the app do is it update your contacts and the code. The mandatory thing to use this app is that both the users, sender and receiver should have smart phone and the app installed.

5. Signal Private Messenger

signal app

This is the next topmost running app of the era. It is most likely WhatsApp with some changed features. You can send messages to single person or a group of people at a time. After installing the app it will create your personal account with some details.

You need to just fill your full name, your valid phone number. You will receive OTP at your number which you have to type at required place. Next your Messenger is ready. You can send unlimited messages, MMS, voice note, voice recording and even make voice call to anyone.

6. Yaata  SMS

Yaata sms

This app is the most recent app of new generation. This provides you with variety of flexible settings that you can adjust according to you desires. It is multi functioning app with SMS and MMS. Many new features like blocking some users, sending files through message, sending document files, automatic response and many more. It also has option of resending the message as if due to some errors message was not sent. Being one of the free WiFi text messaging app it has million of users.

7. We Chat

This app is a combo pack. It provide you with all the features of sending and receiving messages. Not only messages can be sent but also lot of MMS, videos, files, document. You can send the messages around the world. The users can also share multimedia files likes videos, photos, MMS, audio files and many more. It provides you very good quality of connection.

8. Telegram – WiFi texting apps


This app has been downloaded by 100 million people around the world. This sends your messages very quickly within seconds. It also keep your message safe and secure. Through this app you can send your private and personal messages also.

This will maintain your privacy by keeping it up to sender and receiver only. It is fastest app over the internet with high processing speed. Your message are stored as cloud store. Through this you can exchange messages very quickly.

9. Mood Messenger – WiFi message app

Mood Mesenger

Guys text messages are not enough to have fun with your friend. How interesting it would be if some stickers and emojis help you to chat, mood messenger is the interesting app that helps you to send stickers and emojis.

This will make your conversation interesting and quite funny sometimes. This wifi text messaging app is very beneficial for the people who like to play with emojis and sticker. You can also play guess games with your friends. Next amazing feature is that you can chat with 200 people at a time. This is like group chat. It helps you to get or share information into a group.

10. Chomp SMS – Text over wifi app

Chomp SMS

This wifi text messaging app not only helps you to send messages but also customize the tunes. Select items for notification Panel and different pop up style, vibration and many more. You can set different pop up tone for different contacts so that you can find out who texted you.It has also a feature of speed. It delivers your message very fastly within seconds. This continues your communication and chat in a ease way.


At the end of the day, it comes down to finding the app that best fits your needs. There are countless WiFi text messaging apps available for both Android and iPhone users, but some have more features than others. By taking into consideration factors such as user reviews, cost, customer support and data usage, you can narrow down your options to find an app that is reliable and tailored to your texting needs.

With a little bit of research and thoughtfulness when selecting an app, you will be able to confidently choose one that meets all of your requirements without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a basic text messaging service or something with more customization options, there is sure to be a WiFi text messaging app out there that works perfectly for you.

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