February 28, 2024

12 Best Anonymous Texting Apps and Websites

We all know that sometimes it feels like we’re missing out on life because of our phone addiction. That’s why this blog post is about the best anonymous texting apps and websites to use when you want to text without anyone knowing your name or number. These are some of the most popular ones, but there might be others out there. There are many ways to have fun but from all times being fake and talking to someone have been the best one. Everyone likes to have fun with there colleagues.

Anonymous Texting Apps

We all know about the benefits of texting, and it’s a lot of fun to use. However, sometimes we want to chat anonymously with people we don’t know or can’t talk to for whatever reason. There are many reasons why you might want to chat anonymously.

You’re looking for love in a new city but don’t want your current friends knowing. You’re trying to get feedback on your business idea without revealing what it is. You’re working on an anonymous project and would like some advice from other people who work in similar fields. If this sounds like you, then read on.

Fake Anonymous Texting Apps and Websites

10 best spoof anoynmous SMS sending apps You can install these fake texting app on your Android and iPhone devices. Guys having fun is part of life, but don’t use them for illegal purpose. Just prank with friends – have some laughs while you’re at it; after all we do want to be happy right?

1: Txtemnow.com

Being one of the best fake anonymous texting apps and website it provides you with various features. You need to just dial your virtual business phone number in desired area and type the message you want to send. Hit the send message. Your friend will receive the message.

This is the best and easiest way to have fun. There’s no longer procedure or any complex process, so just go on their site for an hour of entertainment. This website will help you anonymously send a SMS bomb without knowing who sent it in return. Giving your friend lots more time with them than they would otherwise get if someone else were taking responsibility.

anonymous sms bomber

With this tool, you can now have unlimited amounts of fun and entertainment. All it takes is one simple click to start sending messages from an anonymous account right into someone’s phone – without them knowing who sent it. Plus with no membership fees or other strings attached. There are really no reasons not too enjoy yourself while pranking your friends in every which way imaginable.

This site provides everything anyone would need for some good old fashioned mischief. An easy interface so everyone feels comfortable using SMS bombing funnel sites like Facebook & Twitter where users post links/content etc. Allowing others access based on interest levels anonymous sms bomb.

2: Send Anonymous SMS

free fake texting app

This is the other fake sms prank call website that you can use easily to have prank with your family members and friends. You need just to click to the website and then type the number of recipient.

Then you can type the message which has a limit of 145 characters. Then hit send to send it out into cyberspace where no one will know about your dirty little secret. Just for confirmation, just fill in some basic information like country and area address. Nothing too personal though because that would take up way too many spaces. Once done with these simple steps, enjoy unlimited fun times on chat without caring what other people think.

3: Texttem

anonymous texting apps

This website helps you to have prank through email also. You can also send the prank mails to your friends and family members. All you need is to click to the website. Then type the number of receiver. Next you have to do is type message you want to send.

You can also see your sent message into sent option. It consists of all records of your message. You can check the message you have sent and the replies at the same time. So must use this anonymous texting apps and website.

4: Fake text Message

prank text message app

Text Message Creator is a chat conversation maker used by over 5 Million people around the globe. It lets you create story-driven conversations with anyone, anytime. With multiple themes to choose from your SMS messages will always look super realistic. No matter where they’re sent or who’s on them – as long as there are words in it (and that includes emoticons).

One of the best anonymous text bomb app available at google play store. You can send prank message to anyone through this app. This helps you to send and receive message without the recover knowing about you. You can enjoy unlimited through this. With the help of this app you can send fake sms from any number.

Text Message Creator is the perfect app for anyone who wants to have a little fun with their friends. You can create and share hilarious conversations using just an image or text, which means that even if you don’t know what’s funny anymore these are sure going be good times.

It has all sorts of features like drawing on someone else’s conversation in order make it more interesting; choosing whether they replied to themselves (and how), changing words here&there. So everything always works out perfectly. The possibilities really do seem endless when you start playing around inside text messaging creator.

5: Textforfree

fake sms

It is also the good free fake texting app to have prank with your friends for free. Just visit to site type the message. Then type the recipient’s number. You will again get confirmation message for the message you have typed.

Now you can hit the send option as the final step. This provides you complete assurance that the recipient will never get to know about the sender. So you need not to worry about your real identity. You can have prank with your friends freely.

6: Textdrop

fake sms

This website provides you widget which you can download on your window. When you visit the site you will see a simple page where you have to enter the information required.

That simply consist of your email and number of the recipient. Then you can type the prank message and send it to the receipt. Finally when the message is received by the recipient you will get a pop up message received. You can enjoy it to great extent.

7: Smsanonymous

anonymous texting apps

This is specially for Australian users. You can easily have prank with your Australian friends with there concern. You have to just type the message and number of receiver.

Then type the prank message and hit the send button. You can  have lot of fun through this. It is nice to have prank with the known people. You can spend time having such kind of fun. So this is the best way that provides you fun.

8: Seasms

send fake text app

This app provide a you the better feature and options. Through this you can also send the MMS to your friends. Having prank with known once has great level of excitement. You need to just type number of recipient and also the prank message you want to send.

Don’t wait for anything more and just hit the send option. There are more prank facility you can enjoy through this. You are also provided with an option of typing fake number that will be showed to the receipt.

9: Smsflick

prank text message app

This is the free anonymous SMS sending site. You need just to click the site. You will be pro vided with an empty message box. Here you have to type the prank message that you want to send. You need to type the number of receiver at the required place and then click the send option. Have fun guys!

10: Anontext.com

anonymous texting app

This is the last website of anonymous texting apps list. Here is the fastest prank messenger for you. You need to send message to the desired receipt. As soon as the message is received you will get a pop up message that will show that receiver have read your message. You need not to wait for the prank bomb blast.

11: Smiley Private Texting SM‪S‬

send fake text app

You can download this spoof text apps on your iPhone. If you need an app with the help of which you hide your private number and send a message to someone from the new number, then this app will be best for you. You can send text and picture to anyone by hiding your real number.

If you send a text message to another iPhone user by locking your text, they will need to enter a passcode and touch ID to see the message. This app also supports MMS picture image messaging. You can use your permanent or temporary phone numbers for your privacy at any time.

12: Whisper

Wishper is another best prank text message app. You can download this app on both your Android and iPhone devices. People from all over the world share their thoughts, trade advice and get the inside scoop in this app. You can also easily do private chat with another wishper user. The app values privacy so much that you can trust them and the fact that your messages are kept securely. You will not get to see much ads in this app.

sending prank text messages


Anonymous texting apps and websites are the best way to send messages without anyone knowing your name or number. If you’re looking for a way to text anonymously, we’ve compiled some of them. There might be others out there that aren’t listed here. So if you know more about any other good ones please let us know in the comments.

All of these make it easy to get rid of social anxiety when sending texts because no one will find out who they came from. A lot of people suffer from phone addiction and this is just one solution on how to break free with anonymity. Remember not all phones have an app store installed but many can still use Wi-Fi internet and web browsers like Google Chrome which has extensions that allow.

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