April 21, 2024

Best Fake iPhone Text Generator Websites & Apps 2022

There are so many fake iPhone text generator online tools in the market these days that it is difficult to choose which one will best suit your needs. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what kind of message you want to send and then find a fake iPhone text generator that can provide the appropriate messages for you. Read on for an overview of some important features offered by various tools out there.

iPhone Text Generator Online Tools 2019

In the age of smartphones, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to be able to text on-the-go. One way people can do this is by using a fake iPhone text generator online tool. These tools allow you to create your own custom messages for friends and family without ever having to actually send them yourself.

In today’s time, everybody uses social media and chatting online with their friends, so the fun of online pranking is something different. You can create your own Fake iPhone message and send it to your other friends. It looks like a real screenshot to appear and you can fool your friends by doing this. So friends, let me tell you what we can do to make iOS 10 fake text.

For those of us who are bored or have nothing to do, there is a fun way to entertain yourself: create fake iPhone text messages. This can be done with the help of an website called “text message generator”. For instance, say you want your friend’s phone number so you could prank them by sending texts from their own account?

Well this will give it to ya! With this free online generator tool that lets users make cool and realistic looking text message templates for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage in just seconds without any cost at all. You’re able use different fonts and colors as well as add images like emojis & photos into the template too before sharing on social media via Instagram stories Snapchat etc.

Fake iPhone Text Generator Online Tools 2021

Here we are providing a list of all the iMessage generator that can help you create fake ios text conversations. You can use any of these fake text screenshot according to your need.

1: ios7text

This is one of the best options to generate text conversations that look, sound and feel exactly like they would in real life. The website offers a zero-frills user interface so you can get right down into your business. Impress your friends with realistic text messages that are just a click away. This website is very good for creating fake iPhone conversation. Here you will find Virtual iPhone 7 in which you will create your fake conversation. The left side of this website will give you all the tools to create fake conversation.

fake text generator

  • First of all you have to click on the setting. You have to fill here the Name, Operator, Clock, Messages, Contact, Text Message and Send Option.
  • Now click on the battery and set battery percentage.
  • You have to click the connection option and from here you can select 3G, 4G, WiFi option.
  • Click on the messages choose color of messages you also upload pic on it
  • Final step just type the message and click on add message button.
  • Enjoy… your iPhone fake text message is ready. Download it and send to your friends.

There’s no need to pay for this tool. It is completely free and the website does not show any ads or irrelevant content during customization process, so downloading your customized screenshot will be easy as pie.

2: ios.foxsash.com

To create fake iPhone message screenshots, you can use the website Foxsash. Firstly, change your version of iOS to a different one and then take screenshots in the app store on it with whatever device that has been set as default before making any purchases or downloading anything important like pictures from Snapchat stories.

text message generator

The website has a slider to change the battery percentage that shows up on your phone, and toggle it between values. They also provide an emoji list for easy addition into messages or social media posts from anywhere. The new version of this app is way better than ever before with all these features like changing what kind of icons show up when you make texts bigger (you’ll be able see more colours). As well adding some custom ones we made ourselves- just click ‘add’ under each category section at top if needed.

  • This website is similar to the one used on the above website. Here you have to first choose the type option, after that fill the setting, battery, connection and the message option.
  • Within the message option, you can set the chat color and also upload the image and you can set this image to any place left or right.
  • And in the last click on the add message button to fake iPhone text.
  • Congo you successfully create a fake iPhone text chat now prank your friends and family members.

3: fakephonetext

Fakephonetext website is also a great website for generating Fake iphone text. Which is very simple to look, you can use it very easily below we are going to tell you how you can make fake text from here.

  • First of all, Visit the website.
  • Then you see all setting option in left side of screen.
  • Now choose conversation type sender and receiver then type your message.
  • Choose Name, Operator, Clock, Message, Edit, Connection and Battery Status.
  • Your fake iPhone text is ready you can download it from there.

4: iFake Text Message

fake ios textiFake Text Message allows you to create fake text messages. Create a screenshot that looks exactly like a real iPhone text. This is the best fake iPhone text generator App on the Android market for creating fake text messages.

With dozens of options and limitless capabilities, this app allows you to use your creativity and create fun and exciting ways to prank your friends and generate any text message image that you can imagine. Let your creativity run wild and create your awesome Fake Text Message conversations now.

5: Text Message Creator

This app is a popular chat conversation maker app used by more than 5 million people all over the world. This allows you to create a chat story and any type of conversation with anyone. You can make your conversation super real.

text message generator

With this app, you can create a conversation of any type and take a screenshot and share it with your friends. You can make everyone laugh by making your creativity the most fun chat conversation. With this app you can take your friendly prank to the next level.

6: iPhonefaketext

First of all you have to go to this website. After that you will see the iPhone message box on the screen. Here you will see all the details that you will fill. The website offers almost all the options needed to personalize your fake iPhone messages and other parameters related with this phone. The only thing left for you are customizable messages and other parameters related with this phone.

iphone text generator

  • Now you have to set the theme operator, network, signal level, Battery level and GPS option by clicking on phone status.
  • After that you have to select the contact name, date & time and message and choose the send and receive option. You can easily do this if you have to upload photos to this fake conversation.
  • And in the last, you have to download this iPhone fake conversation by clicking on the Download Image button.

7: Fakeimess

fake ios 7 text

From this website you can easily generate iPhone text. This website is also simple to display, so you can easily create a fake text. So let us know how we can create fake text from here.

You can change every details of a iMessage message with fake text Generator: Time, delivery status and many more. Just set your options and you get a fake iMessage Chat to download as image. It’s almost impossible to notice the difference between a real chat and a fake iMessage chat.

8: ifaketext

This website is a cool ios fake text maker. It has an intuitive interface and you can fill up the details on your phone with ease, just by visiting this site! First of all visit us at iphonefakerappcom. Then wait for the device to load in front of you. Once loaded go ahead and select what type or model number do want as well as enter some personal information like first name (or screenname) before clicking continue which leads into another page where there’s even more options available including font types & colors.

iphone text maker

When you are finished customizing your messages, just tap on ‘Submit’ to generate the final image. You can also share this landmark with multiple social media and image hosting platforms by using their respective options for sharing. After clicking on the submit button, you will see a fake text screenshot on the next page, you can easily download it from here.

9: iOS8Text


This is another best and popular fake iOS 8 text chat generator tool online. From where you can create fake iPhone text and prank it with your friend.

In this tool you get all the settings that you find in all the above tools like battery, clock, network, contact, name e.t.c. After this you can type your message below and take a screenshot and share it to your friends and prank them.

10: iFake SMS

ios 10 fake text

iFake SMS allows you to create fake text message that look exactly like a real iPhone text. This is the first App on the Android market for creating fake text message virtually with your android phone without internet connection.

This app is created to use for generating iPhone 7 messaging screenshot to create memes and to prank with your friends.


  • Easy UI, Simple to use, Simple to control.
  • No watermark (It’s all free).
  • Ads won’t disturb you on screenshot.
  • Share screenshot with friends via Bluetooth, facebook, twitter, etc (free to use).
  • Auto saves screenshot in iScreenShot folder.

11: MeMiMessage – Fake Text Stories

MemeiMessage allows you to create fake chat message conversations. You can easily create a screenshot that resembles a real iPhone conversation. This is the best app on the play store to create fake text messages. This app allows you to make any type of fake iPhone sms conversation, which you can prank with your friends. So download this app and create your conversation now.

fake text maker

12: Fakenger Pro

Fakenger pro is another iphone text generator app for android. This app is also used to create fake chat. When you make fake chat with it, it will look absolutely realistic, so that you can cheat or prank anyone. There are many features given in this app like fake contact, Fake groups, Image and fake video support, Dark Mode etc.

texting story online

13: Fake Chat Conversation – prank

The fake chat app is a great tool for creating hilarious jokes, memes and stories. With just one tap you can craft an impressive fake chat that will fool your friends without any effort. What it lacks in authenticity this app makes up with its convenience and the endless opportunities to make people laugh out loud.

Fake Chat features:

  • Unlimited messages
  • Minimal storage usage
  • You can edit every detail
  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple to use
  • One-click chat Screenshot
  • Photos to make it look real Stickers
  • Available Up to date features and layouts

create fake chat


So Friends, this is the complete list of the iPhone text generator. You can create conversation from these websites and apps according to your need and you can fool your friends and family members. If you create a fake iPhone conversation from any of these websites and send it to your friends, then what are the reactions of your friends after that, you can tell us through the comments.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If so, please share with your friends. Did we miss any of the best iPhone text message generators? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. Until next time, have fun pranking people and stay safe out there.

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