11 Best Emoticons Apps For Android – Free Emoji Apps

Sending messages by typing is an old version of talking to anyone. Now it’s the era of emojis. Express all your feelings through just a smiley. Guys there are lot of apps that gives you best emojis. Here we have come up with top eleven emoticons apps to get best emojis for Android.

Emoticons Apps For Android

These free emoji apps contain huge gallery of emojis and also customized emojis that you want to make it by yourself. You can easily download this emoticons apps to your android and have great fun that will really save your time rather than typing the texts.


Emoticons Apps For Android 

1. Bitmoji

This is the most trending android emoji app that is provided for free. This app contain a huge gallery of emojis of every type. It contains around more than 100 emojis for expressing every kind of emotion and feeling. Rather than emojis you will also get free stickers and Gifs to use in your chats.

You can use these emojis either in your snapchat or any other chatting or messenger app. It also provides you customized emojis. You can create your own faces that will represent your emotions.

free emoticons apps

2. Kika Keyboard Emoji Keyboard

This this is the different kind of keyboard that will provide you the updated emojis. Latest emojis and GIF are provided by this emoticons apps. Rather than emoji this emoji app also provide you stickers that are trending nowadays. It is the funniest way to talk to anyone that will include a new trend in your chats.

There are lot of funny stickers, GIFs and emojis that are provided for free. It is a kind of personal keyboard that will work according to your choice. You can create your own customized emojis and stickers over here. The most amazing feature of this keyboard is it is very fast in action. It also support bilingual keyboard along with 60 plus languages.

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3. Ginger keyboard

This is the most advanced keyboard that is installed by everyone all around the world. Advanced features make it most demanding born. The amazing features of this Ginger keyboard are grammar check and spell check, that will provide you a hint and assistant for correcting your mistakes.

Another feature is world prediction whenever you type something it will give you a hint or prediction which you can click directly. Many themes or provided for this keyboard that will give you a positive vibes. Also presents you with smart bar which you can use by swiping it the left or right. Translator is also provided so that you can translate one language to another.

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4. What smiley

This emoticons apps is full of smiles. You will get numerous smiley under this. You can use this smiley over any social site either it Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Exclusive package of emojis contain the cool smileys, also the respected smileys related to game, food, dance and many more.

The amazing feature of this app is that you can use it very easily. Smileys and images from this app can be used in your text messages also. This will provide you the unique smileys and emojis that are most trending now a days.

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5. Emoji keyboard cute emoticons

Emoji keyboard cute importance contain all types of cute emojis that are very beautifully designed. It is a customized app which will help you to design your own kind of emoji and stickers. You can also add dialogues to the stickers from any movie for serial.

Fast typing is one of the most advanced feature of this emoticons apps for android. Voice recording and voice conservationist another advanced feature of the Sahab which will automatically convert your voice to the text message.

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6. Emoji keyboard

This emoticons apps is almost full of everything that is required to chat with your friends. Typing messages is sometimes very boring. Now you can just click at the emoji that will represent your feeling at that moment. This will save your time and also so wont bore you.

This is the complete package of cute emojis, GIF and stickers. Get everything from this app very easily by installing it to your Android phone. The app is also updated time to time when new stickers are released. There are many funny stickers that contain the dialogues from movies.

free emoticons for android phone

7. Keyboard

Guys as the name suggests that it is a keyboard that help you to type messages. There are many advanced features of this app that I liked by people all around the world. This app not only help you to type the messages but also help you tu to correct your spelling and grammar mistake by it’s amazing features.

It also has option of auto correct and prediction that will automatically correct your mistake and also predict the upcoming World which you want to type. It is an amazing app that is updated time to time by the developers so that new features are inbuilt in it.

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8. Touch pal emojis keyboard

emoji keyboard

Message the latest app that is developed in 2020. Most advanced feature of the app are auto correct, prediction and glide typing. New keyboard full of fun and entertainment. Besides all the app also contain swipe typing , typing that makes your typing faster.

Many personalized features are available that contain touch correct, today prediction, error correction many more. This is a multilingual keyboard which contain typing in more than 15 languages. along with multilingual it also has translator which easily convert one language to another.

9. Free emoji keyboard

Guys if you want a faster and accurate keyboard then this is the best app for you. Who is the smartest and most personalized keyboard. It is used by more than 40 million people around the world. Most advanced feature include thousands  of free themes, design and share your own theme, how to suggest emoji and many more.

There are lot of emojis that will help you the conversate faster. The advanced feature is voice narration you can just dictate whatever you want to type and it will be automatically typed on your screen.

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10. Emojis 3D Gravity Keyboard Theme

Emoticons Apps For Android

Guys if you’re looking for something new for your phone then install flash keyboard and themes app. This will make sure android almost new. This is provided for free you can install it very quickly and use it easily. Along with the emojis, smileys and GIF for your android it also provide you collection of themes.

Guys if you are phone of themes then you can install this app. It is very easy to use you can use it in just 3 steps. First click on the button enable keyboard then click to set keyboard button. Next you can use this keyboard at your any messenger or chatting app.

11. Emojidom stickers for texting

This is the special kind of app that is designed for the social sites. You can easily use the stickers and images from this app to the social sites. It contains many stickers that are trending nowadays. There are many advanced features like additional theme.

Traditional theme real give your keyboard and new look. There are many things butter updated timely. Gas you can use this emoticons apps easily and take advantage of this amazing app.

Best Emoticons Apps For Android

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