April 21, 2024

Text Message Background Apps For Android and iPhone

It’s always a great idea to spice up your text messages with some interesting backgrounds. Especially if you’re in the habit of sending long texts, it can be tedious reading from a plain background. For Android and iPhone users, there are plenty of text message background apps that will make your messaging experience more fun.

Text Message Background Apps

As you know, we can not set a background setting for the default messaging app of the Android and iPhone operating systems. We will have to either download the new cool, cute text background app or download additional programs and message theme apps in the default messaging app and set it up.

So in this post, we have provided a complete list of the Best text message background apps and SMS background themes for Android and iOS, which is set with your default messenger app and changes the texting backgrounds, so you do not have to download any other texting app.

How do I change my text message background on Android: In Android phones, you can easily change the SMS background. In the post below, a lot of the SMS wallpaper app given. Please select any of these apps and download them, and then you have got a lot of themes provided in the app. You can choose themes of your choice and put them in your default message app. 

Apps to Change Your Texting Background

This blog post is all about the best background apps for your text messages. There are many different ways to customize your texting, and this article will show you some of the most popular ones. Whether you want to change up your text with a new style or just get a break from plain blue bubbles, these apps have it covered.

1: Mood Messenger – SMS & MMS

Mood Messenger is the most beautiful and powerful SMS messaging app ever made. If you need a simple, effective, and fast app, then the mood messenger app will be the best. You get lots of customization options like colors and shapes of the message bubbles, size and style of each font, backgrounds, notification’s sound, and much more.

In this app you have provided many themes, and you can easily set text background from here. If you have to do private messaging and do not show it in the app, you can easily do it. And you’ll also get lots of emojis here to describe your mood.

Have you ever been trying to meet up with a friend and they didn’t seem to understand where you were? This app solves that problem. You can share your real-time location without having to explain it, then send the meeting place map directly from this app.

text messaging backgrounds for android

2: Textra SMS

If you need the best, super-fast, and highly customizable alternati ve app for your Stock Android Messaging app, then Textra SMS be the best for you. In this app, you have got 180+ material design beautiful themes. Just pick your preferred emoji style and express yourself.

You get lots of features like message blocking, pin-to-top, automatic video & picture compression, quick reply SMS popup, multi-select picture gallery, and much more. You got (2900+) Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis, including diversity in this app.

textra sms themes

3: Neon Messenger for SMS

Neon Messenger is the best SMS background theme apps for Android phones. It changes your SMS Texting Experience, which is a beautiful alternative to your default messaging app. Here you have been provided a great variety of themes. Choose your favorite SMS chat background, conversation bubbles, and set your favorite font.

You can set this app as the default app. You can choose a photo from the gallery and put it on a contact list. If you have to lock the text message app, you can do this easily with this app’s help. If you want to mute the message of contact, you can do it quickly. Customize conversation windows for individual contacts.

If you want to block the SMS of a particular contact, you can do this with just one click from this app. Download this fantastic Message App for SMS with many bubbles and background text messaging themes for free, and you won’t be disappointed.

message theme apps

4: Chomp SMS

If you need an ultra-customizable alternative app for your default message app, you can use it. In this app, you get lots of Amazing features like privacy options, scheduled SMS sender (Reminders, Birthday, Wishes), passcode lock, stop a text while sending, better MMS and group messaging much more.

You can also customize the screen color, font style, text size, and background wallpaper in chomp. In this app, you will find more than 2700+ emojis that you can use during testing and many themes. This app is best for you because it changes your massage experience.

cool text message backgrounds

5: GO Keyboard Lite

go sms background themes

If you need the latest app of 2021 then this app is the best for you. its cool background that will make you feel like going to beautiful pink and cherry blossom world. In this app you have got shiny beautiful pink cherry blossom background and other beautiful themes which looks very good in your phone.

You also get a keyboard in which you get full support of auto-correction and fast texting. If you like to use emoji when sending messages, you have been provided a lot of emoji in it. Do not forget to download this beautiful go sms background themes.

6: GO SMS Pro

sms background themes

This app is also a top-rated app. It has 100 Million+ downloads on Google Play Store. You will find many features like beautiful themes, lovely stickers, private Boxes, pop-up windows, GO chat (send free SMS & MMS), dual sim support, and much more in this app.

This app provides 100+ Beautiful Themes, and with the help of a private Box, your message is encrypted and protected. There is no threat to your privacy.

If a stranger sends you a message, then it is put in a separate category. If you get a message, it gives you the option to reply to it in a pop-up. This app identifies unique calls and blocks spam calls. So if you need a good app for a good experience of texts and messages, this app is best for you.

7: Colorful SMS Theme

If you need a colorful background app for your phone to get lots of themes, you should download it. This app is full of beautiful and colorful themes. You can choose any theme you like and put it on your phone. Get this theme and change the way you send text messaged with those beautiful vivid colors.

message background app

8: New SMS Theme

If you want to change the theme of your android text message app, So this free message themes is best for you because this text message themes look professionally designed one.

If you like to send a text message, then this theme will give you a nice experience for sending text messages. Start enjoying this fantastic new way to send text messages.

free message themes

9: Water Bubbles SMS Theme

text messaging backgrounds for android

If you are bored with your text message app then you can use this water bubble SMS which is very beautiful to look at. You get amazing font. Change the font for reading and writing text messages.

In this app you get features such as privacy protection and message encryption. This android text messaging theme gives a different look to your phone, so download this app and enjoy it while chatting with your friends and family.


QKSMS is like texting in the era of Snapchat and Instagram. This app makes it feel magical again to send messages, while being beautiful as well. QKSMS is arguably the best messaging app out there. It has millions of colors to theme your experience and per-contact notifications so you can prioritize messages with ease.

Manual or automatic night mode are great features that help cut down on too much screen time at bedtime. The QKSMS app gives you complete control over what the interface looks like, with millions of colors to choose from. You can theme your entire contact list and all individual conversations as well.

Do you like to make your messages or phone conversations more personal? The QKSMS app is the perfect tool for customization. You can change almost everything in dialogs, from avatars and fonts to size of text bubbles.

texting background apps


So Friends, Here we have provided a complete list of text message background apps. You can download app from this list according to your need. When you are looking for the best texting background app, we hope that our list helps. What do you think? Do these apps help with your text messaging needs? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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