Top 10 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Android and iPhone

Hello Friends, in this post we are going to share with you best wifi analyzer apps for android and iPhone. All these wifi analyzer app provides best wifi network for you by analyzing all wifi signal connected to your phone. Apart from this, it scans the WiFi channel and analyzes the speed and network of the WiFi. You can also use this app as a wifi tester.

WiFi Analyzer Apps

If there are many WiFi networks available around you, then you can analyze all the WiFi networks through these apps and connect with the best network. You can install any of the wifi checker apps given in the post below on your Android or iPhone device.

Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For Android and iPhone

1: Wifi Analyzer

This is best wifi analyzer app for android phones. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store. The size of this app is only 1.8 MB. You can install this app in your phone and make your phone a WiFi analyzer. This app analyzes all Wi-Fi channels around you and find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

[appbox googleplay com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en_IN]

2: IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer

This is another awesome wifi analyzer app android. More than 10 million people have downloaded this app from the play store. This easily fixes all the network problems of your WiFi network and optimizes your network. This app is a powerful network toolkit that helps you a lot in speed up and setup of the network. It allows quick detecting any computer network problems, ip address detection and boosting network performance. You can also use this app as LAN, Port and DNS Scanner. If you are IT specialists and network administrators then you must install this app in your phone.

[appbox googleplay com.ddm.iptools]

3: Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is best wifi analyzer apps for iPhone. This app developed by Techet. This app avoids all wifi problems in your iPhone like network setup and Internet connectivity. It shows all the information related to your WiFi connection on your screen with full details. The rating of this app on the app store is also very good. So must download this ios wifi analyzer.

4: Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security

If you need Wifi Analyzer along with Wifi Security app then this app is best for you. This is the most impressive router network app on the play store. With this app you can check signal info, block unwanted connections, diagnose your wireless speed and strength and professional graphic display of this app you can understand it easily. It displays all the networks connected to your device in your phone including established foreign connections, listening IP interfaces, and closed connections.

[appbox googleplay info.lamatricexiste.networksearch]

5: WiFi Analyzer

This app is developed by Abdelrahman M. Sid and It has more than 1 million downloads on play store. In this app you will get a completely different experience of analyzing WiFi. This WiFi Analyzer app recommends the best channel and place for your network with which you can easily use the fastest WiFi around you. This wifi analyzer apps provides you the best optimization information of Wifi. With this information, you decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability. This app provides you with real time data and you can use it as a distance measurement app.

[appbox googleplay abdelrahman.wifianalyzerpro]

6: WiFi Analyser & Heatmap

This is another best wifi analyzer android. If you have wireless signals around your house this app provides all its information. This app is also used as a WiFi scanner. This helps you a lot in finding optimal placement of wifi and it shows the signal strength of wifi in the history graph. If you want to create a heat map of WiFi signal quality then you can easily create with this wifi analyzer apps.

[appbox googleplay cz.webprovider.wifianalyzer]

7: WiFi Monitor: analyzer of Wi-Fi networks

Wifi monitor is powerful app for analyze wifi signal and strength. This app has more then 1 million downloads on play store and its size is only 3MB. This app track the all parameters of wifi networks. It is useful for setting up a wireless router, Wi-Fi usage monitoring. It provides the IP and MAC address information of the device.

8: WiFi Router Master

Wifi router master easily manage your wifi networks. In this app you will get WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Speed Test, WiFi Signal Strength Meter, WiFi Security and many more features. If you want to block any WiFi network, then you can do it with this wifi analyzer apps. It also shows your internet speed. You can also use it as a wifi signal booster app.

[appbox googleplay com.wifianalyzer.speedtest.wifirouter.wifibooster]

9: WiFi Analyzer

This app is very useful for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections. Through this app you can increase network performance by analyzing and monitoring wifi. You can also increase the performance of Wifi by checking analytics. This wifi analyzer android app provide detailed information about your network and your access point including the vendor of the Access Point, channel width, frequency etc.

[appbox googleplay com.pzolee.wifiinfo]

10: WiFi Analyzer – Network Analyzer

This is another best wifi analyzer app for android. This is the last app on this list so that you can optimize wifi networks by scanning signal strength. It helps you find all the wifi channels around you. It provides the best advice by analyzing the network how to increase the connection speed and stability of the network.

[appbox googleplay com.wifianalyzer.networktools.networkanalyzer]

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