April 21, 2024

7 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps and Website

In this post we are going to share with you best virtual phone number apps and websites. Managing your own privacy is a big deal. Weather it is about personal things or your phone number. Many times it becomes disappointing when your number get accessed to everyone. Business mans have to make call to various dealers. It is not necessary to appoint assistants for making calls. Now it has become easy to make calls without showing your personal phone number.

virtual business phone service

Many of the business owners use virtual business phone number apps to make calls. A virtual phone number allows you to make calls, record calls, send messages as well as record voice notes. It also works in similar way with your laptop, computer and other gadgets. You can easily generate your own virtual number without any complex process. You need to just download the virtual business phone number apps and get started.

Why do You Need a Virtual Phone Number

Guys if you run a small business and deal with lot of customers than you need a virtual number. This helps you to make call to your customers. You can preserve your privacy. This virtual number helps you in various ways. Texting messages, sending voice notes, recording and many more. This acts as a communication tool in your business.

How Do I Get a Business Phone Number

To get the business phone number you have to first visit the website given below. After that you can buy any virtual number from here according to your budget. Here you will find any best virtual phone system for small business.

Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps

Guys here we present you with 7 best virtual business phone number apps and websites.

1: Nextiva

business phone number app

It is the topmost best virtual phone number app for your business purpose. Nextiva app is most demanding and running app in the market. It is preferred by all the businessman. This app can be easily used in your laptops, tablets  and computer. Nextiva provides you HD features. You can easily record the calls, make calls and send voice messages. You can also make calls to other local numbers.

This app also allows you to find out other virtual phone numbers of people from all over the world. Here you save your privacy. Only people with business deals and your customers can place a call. The powerful attractive features consists of call forwarding, call queuing, unlimited calls, voice mails and call analytics. You can choose number of your own choice Nextiva provides all the facilities to run your business in ease way. Guys you can download this app to your phones.

Pricing: Nextiva plans starting from $20 per user each month.

[appbox googleplay com.nextiva.nextivaapp.android]

2: Ring Central

business phone number app

For small businessman Ring central is the best app to use. You can generate virtual business phone number through this. This offers its services for people living in Canada and US. Ring Central app makes it quite easy for you to make various business calls. You can also send message, mail, call record, voice mail etc. Although it provides you with variety of features it is very easy to use. You need to follow simple steps.

Follow the steps as instructed. You can share number to team members, make group calls, conference call. Along with all these call facilities Ring central app also allows you to make video call to customers. You can also make group video calls with free call minutes. It has connection with Dropbox, Microsoft and amazon cloud services. Just download the Ring central app which is one of the best virtual business phone number app and secure your privacy.

[appbox googleplay com.glip.mobile]

3: Grass hopper

free virtual phone number

If you are a beginner in your business and starter now then Grasshopper app is the best one for you. At very initial beginning you might have customers that you don’t know very closely. Here you want to secure your privacy of phone number. You can have virtual business phone number through this app. This app provides you a phone number that you can use for business purpose. They offer you vanity numbers, local numbers, 800 toll-free numbers to choose from.

You can keep your two numbers separate business and personal. Grasshopper app is the complete package of features that helps you in all the ways. You can make calls, video calls, group chats, generate mails, business texting, automated greeting and WiFi calling. Grasshopper app is the package that presents you all the features. Your calls from private numbers will be secure. You won’t the calls from your personal number. Just download the Grasshopper app and safe you privacy.

Pricing: Grass hopper Plans Starting from $26 per month for 1 number and 3 extensions.

4: Phone.com

free virtual number

To get a virtual phone number for business purpose Phone.com is a great option. Here you are provided with services under affordable limits. If you have small business or you are stater then Phone.com provides you features in best range. Cheaper call rates are provided to European countries like Canada. Based on your usage you are charged for per minute.

Features provided are call making, text messaging, mail message, group call, group message and fax. This is the small but complete feature system at cheaper rate. Phone.com app is downloaded by beginners because it doesn’t cost much. As your business increase then it stays increasing rates. Initially you will charged less. Among best virtual phone number apps it is one of the most affordable one.

Pricing: Pay per minute plans starting from $13 per month and Unlimited plans starting from $30/month.

5: e Voice

virtual phone number

This app provides international service. Most of the users are in United Kingdom. This provides business phone system, virtual numbers, toll- free numbers for different areas. The features include call management tools, virtual receptionist, conference calling, messaging, mail, fax and many more.

You can also get specific custom number for UK, EU, Canada, USA and other countries. Many plans are offered to you. You can make choices according to your will. Call rates are according to timing and the place, range you makes call.

Pricing: e Voice plans starting from $9.79 per month for 1 user.

6: Google voice

free virtual phone number

Many of you might be looking forward for free virtual business phone number apps. Google voice app is provided free for you. This could be one of the best choice that you would make out. You can integrate it with other Google apps like G-suit. For Us and Canada users it is provided free.

Individual business person, or solo person can use it with ease. Downloading and using this for your business is quite easy. You can skip long and complex procedure to save your time. Though it is free app it might not provide you with all the required features like auto attendant, desk support etc.

Pricing: Google voice is free for personal use. Paid plans start from $10 per user/per month.

7. Fresh caller

business phone number app

For small businessman and starters budget is the big deal. They need all the things at reasonable price. Fresh caller app provides the necessary featured at reasonable rate. The app provides you international virtual business phone number, tool free numbers, vanity numbers and many more.

You can also hide your number or mask any old number through this. Fresh caller app include all required features like call making, call waiting, mobile apps, shared lines, business hours, SIP connections and many more. It makes your business better. You can hide your privacy. Having safe business will help you to grow faster and easier.

Pricing: Pay Per Minute or $19 per agent per month

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