Do you need a screen dimmer app that the brightness of your phone’s screen can be dark so in this post we are providing the best screen dimmer apps for Android and iPhone. As you know today everyone has a mobile phone with more than half the time everybody spends on their phone in which they playing games, watching movie, surfing internet and much more.

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All of these problems are caused by the blue light that emitted from the phone screen. Which will bring you eye strain and vision loss if you looked at the screen for a long time without rest. The main reason behind having eye problems is this. With the setting of your phone you can reduce the brightness level but this will not benefit you anymore lower light mode may also harm you.

If you want to protect your eyes from the unwanted problems and pains. We are providing you the best screen dimmer apps that you can use to darken the screen of your phone. Which will help in you low light and keep your eyes safe.

Screen Dimmer Apps for Android and iPhone

If you often feel like your device’s screen brightness is too bright and wants to dim it. The best thing you can do is download a Screen Dimmer app. We have compiled a list of some apps that might work for you below.

1: Lower Brightness

Great app for reducing overall brightness in your android and iphone screen dimmer app. Have you ever set your brightness level zero but your brightness still remains high? This screen dimmer app is best for you to overcome this problem.

If you feel that the brightness of the phone screen is not less then you can minimize your screen with the help of this app. This reduces the screen of your phone from the default brightness level in the Android phone, which does not let your phone’s battery over and does not harm your eyes.

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2: Dimmer

This is the best app for reducing the brightness level of Android phones and preventing harmful rays. With this app you can further reduce the default brightness level of Android phone and block light harmful to your eyes. It is very important to use this app at night when the light is very low. If you use your phone for Gaming/Reading or other general activities at night in low light surroundings then you must use this dim light app.

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Now we will tell about some special features of this app: Display back-light dimming. Blue light filtering , Shake to restore brightness, Auto stop timer, This app is a simple user interface that you can use easily, Customizable minimum and maximum brightness levels. The app is only 1 MB which will not take much storage of your phone.

3: Screen Filter

Dim your display with one shade. This app is far more powerful than Android’s built-in brightness setting, which can be too bright for low light settings like gaming and web browsing. You’ll love it even if you have an amoled screen because the backlight will never shut off while this dimmer is in use.

This app is also the best screen dimer app for Android devices, it reduces the brightness of your phone’s screen and prevents your battery from getting over quickly. By using this app you can take care of your eyes properly, there is a harmful ray on our eyes in low light which causes pain in our eyes. To avoid this, you must use this app which reduces your brightness level to prevent harmful rays.

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4: Twilight: Blue light filter

Twilight is an app that makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. It filters out blue light, which protects you eyes from harmful rays when it’s dark outside. Twilight will also adjust its intensity based on sun cycle times and local sunset/sunrise times.

If you use your phone more in the night then you must use the app. Use of the phone in the night time will be very harmful to you because the harmful rays coming out of the phone screen will be in your eyes, which will damage your eyes. With the help of this app you can prevent those harmful rays from reaching your eyes. This app filters these rays. The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day.

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5: Bluelight Filter – Night Mode

Do you think your phone’s screen is more brighter so you can not see your phone’s screen for more time. So you must use this app to avoid this problem. because of which our eyes remain on the phone’s screen all the time which keeps the phone’s brightness constant on our eyes, which is harmful to the eyes.

With the help of this app you can easily get rid of the blue light. This app protects the eyes by reducing your phone’s blue light. In this app you will find 5 different colors which you can set on your screen: nature, red, brown, dark, yellow.

android brightness app

6: Blue Light Filter

This is best app that dim your screen. Blue rays coming out of our mobile phone screens are very harmful for our eyes. This app changes the color of the screen of your phone to protect your eyes, so that the blue rays does not reach the eyes and your eyes stay well. This app is light-weighted and stable, cost very little memory and CPU resources. In this dimly app you will find five colors that you can set on your screen.

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7: Night screen

The main goal of this application is to reduce the brightness of your screen. This screen dimmer apps android automatically manages the brightness level of your screen which you do not need to do anything. Amazing blue light filter to help you have a better sleep. This darken screen app has more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store.

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8: Dimmer

This app also has a very nice screen dimmer app. It dims and brightens automatically brightness according to the environment. From your phone’s home screen, you can dim and brighten the brightness by tapping the icon of this app. You can also set the timer in this app, at the time you set it, it will dim the brightness of your phone.

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9: Night Owl

When you see your phone in the night, your eyes are painful or you do not see the phone’s screen clean. This is the reason that the brightness of the phone is spoiling your eyes. Night Owl app may be the solution for you. You can reduce the brightness of your phone and eliminate the pain in your eyes. You can also filter out blue light which causes eye strain, inability to sleep and headaches.

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10: Screen Dimmer

This is another best screen dimmer apps for android devices. With the help of this app, you can easily dim the screen and notifications drawer. You can adjust opacity, intensity and transparency from the notification bar of this app. You can adjust the screen filter tint color as per your choice. If you want to keep it by Sun Scheduler, then you can use this feature so that you can turn the screen on/off at specific time or at sunrise or sunset.

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Here we have provided a complete list of best screen dimmer apps. if you have to stop the pain of your eyes, then you must use these dim light app. With the help of these apps, you can stop the pain of your eyes. I hope you enjoy all these dim screen app for android and iPhone don’t forget to share this post with your friends. If you like this post then definitely tell us by commenting.

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