10 Personal Medical Records App For Android and iPhone

Hello friends in this post we are going to share with you personal medical records app for android and iPhone devices. Guys you all might have heard about famous phrase health is wealth. All should care about your health. Now it has become easy to carry your health records in your pockets. You just need to download the apps given.

Best Personal Medical Records App

Personal Medical Records App

1. Health Vault – Medical Record Apps

You can download this medical history app on your iPhone device. Health Vault helps you to keep your all medical reports together and save it forever. Being in regular contact with doctor through internet you can keep records. The users are provided with personal Microsoft health Vault account for accessing complete health account.

Various applications are there like blood pressure record, diet, weight, medication, health record, x-rays scans, lab results and many more. Personal medical records app also provide facility for keeping your medicine records. Emergency task also available.


MTBC PHR is another best app for medical records. This smart app help the patients to manage the appointments with doctor. Managing personal patient records is the best feature of the app. This app is necessary to record your lab reports, x-rays, weight, blood pressure and many other information.

Through MTBC PHR connects you to other health cares and health professionals. Your appointments are fixed through this app. A ring option can be set to fix the change. Notifications are sent to your phone whenever you get appointments to doctor and fixed.

[appbox googleplay com.phr&hl=en]

3. my PHR

All the present past and upcoming reports and records can be managed through my PHR tool. This also track and collect the information regarding your health carers. Public awareness is also generated by my PHR. You get to know about all the government scheme about health and medicine. One can save money and time by collecting records in this medical record apps. You need not to do tests again and again. Your routine can also be repeated so that the health professionals get all the things at once.

4. Capzule PHR – Medical Records

Capzule PHR creates best personal health records. Health templates help you to record the variations in health . Transferring the records through WiFi is also available. Your health records can be shared to other health professionals.

Safety and security provided by unique password that allows you to keep your records private. Personal sets of information can be created. You can make separate sets of records to avoid confusions. Now it has become very necessary to keep your health good. Download the app and maintain your health.

5. Medical Records

A modern form to avoid paper reports and records is personal medical records app. You can save all your report in your pocket. You gets pop message at the top whenever your appointment is fixed with doctor. Medicine remainder alarm is also available.

When you download this app you get to know about the features. You will never forget to take your medicine on time. All the lab test result, x-ray results, medicine schedule can be saved. It’s easy to use no complex procedure. Just tap at particular data options.

[appbox googleplay vladimir.yerokhin.medicalrecord&hl=en_US]

6. My medical

It is developed by Hyrax lnc. My medical is a cross app for all android and iOS. A software storing app that stores your medical records. This app is available for Mac users. Here patients can track their own medical chart. You can see when to visit doctor, can fix appointment.

Medicine remainder are also available. All medical reports blood report, MRI, CT scan, X Ray report can be saved. You can show to doctor through this app. Sending report online is also available. Family medical record can also be stored.

[appbox googleplay com.hyrax.mymedical]

7. Genex EHR

This app requires the registration first. When you register yourself then you can save your medical reports. This method of saving your reports as soft copy is best way. Having hard copies can be lost. Through this app all the reports are saved to your account. You need not to waste time as well as resources.

Your medical reports can be accessed at any place to any doctor you want to. If you install this app then you do not want to carry your all reports with you. Geriatric patients get much help through this because most of the time reports get lost. So now you need not to worry just download the app.

[appbox googleplay com.genexehr.patient]

8. Healthspek

Download the app to your android and iPhone and create account for free. This app store medical records online. It often happens that you forget the prescribed medicines. This app presents you the features to record everything so that you can’t forget anything. You can save all the medicine name, timing and doses.

Alarm for medicine timing can also be set. You can save all your records, treatments schedule, doctor visit and all. The advanced feature is inbox through which you can receive doctor’s advice regularly. You can also ask questions to doctor regarding your treatment plans.

9. Track my medical records

Developed by Degima LLC. You need to fill the personal and family medical information related to blood group and all. Then you can easily access the features of the app. You can manage your own medical terms and conditions.  Have access to your treatment history and plans. This contain emergency medical card that has all emergency numbers. Blood related information, BP, sugar level and many other information. Just download the medical note app and take advantage.

[appbox googleplay com.freehealthtrack.free.health.track]

10. Medfusion app

This personal medical records app sends notification to your email id and phone number to download the app. Download the app to your android and iPhone. You need to install the app and then save all your medical reports to your account. Information related health data can also be saved and shared. Doctors can suggest treatment and prescription online to your account.

[appbox googleplay com.medfusion.claire&referrer=af_tranid%3DzlVews_N-LKbMnpbjEkJoQ%26pid%3DAct-On%26c%3DMFplus.com%26utm_source%3DAct-On%26utm_campaign%3DMFplus.com]

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