February 27, 2024

12 Best Digital Scale Apps For Android and iPhone

In this post we are going to share with you free digital scale apps for iPhone and android. Digital world have changed everything in our daily life. You can turn your phones into scales. Things that are big can be converted into small packs according to your ease. Have you ever thought of a weighting machine that will fit into your Android and iPhone.

digital scale apps

Technology has changed the way we live our daily lives. Today, you can turn your phone into a scale app. I’m going to share some of my favorite free scale apps that allow users experience these benefits for their own use and enjoyment. There are new ways available today where technology will let us know just how much mass it takes up and convert those numbers back into pounds, kilograms, grams. Whatever units may be required from time-to-time.

Who would’ve thought that the application on your phone could be used to measure weight? Yes friends here we have 10 best digital weight scale apps for you. You can download these apps to your iPhone and Android and measure the weight of anything around. It is a great pleasure to have such apps. So just install the weight measuring app and amaze your friends too.

Digital Scale Apps For Android and iPhone

Digital scale apps are a handy way to measure weight right from your phone. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide on which app is best for you and what features they offer.

We’ve narrowed down the list of choices by providing some information about our favorite free iPhone and android scales below that will help you make an informed decision about which one might work best for your needs. Check out these 12 awesome digital scale apps today.

1. Smart Chef Smart Food Scale

Smart Chef is the essential kitchen companion for anyone who wants to get in shape and eat healthy. The Smart Food Scale and app work together as a smart tool that helps people create tasty, nutritious food while logging their intake with popular diet accounts like WW, Apple Health Fitbit or MyFitnessPal.

Smart Chef is not just a weight scale. Its 30-day memory function allows you to keep track of your diet and easily see the effects that food has on your health over time, like how much more energy you have after eating spinach as opposed to chocolate cake for dessert.

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The Smart Scale from Health o meter weighs anything up to 8 pounds with precision accuracy down to fractions of an ounce or gram by using its 4 high sensitivity GFX sensors, while being able measure both volume (in cubic centimeters) and mass simultaneously in metric units such as grams, kilograms or ounces. Including fluid measurements; thus making it easier if someone wants their bowl filleted without having any leftovers.

2. Right Weigh Load Scale App

Right Weigh Load Scale App

This great digital iPhone scales app has ruled the era. This is accurate iPhone scale app. It has great feature of Bluetooth connectivity.

You can connect through bluetooth and measure the weight of any object. You can even manage the load weight at any time any where. Just install the digital scales apps and set your own weight values.

The Right Weigh app is a great way to save time and maximize load capacity. With the help of your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to monitor weight at any given moment with this easy-to-use application. Downloading the app from iTunes or Google Play will provide you instant access for sharing, tracking and alerts whenever they are needed.

scale app free

The Right Weigh App is a handy app that will help you and your fellow drivers keep track of the weight they’ve transferred. You can log weights directly within this app, so there are no errors or omissions to worry about.

This data may include location information as well, which makes it easier for other drivers in joint logs with you at the time to know how much was transferred from one truck to another without any confusion.

3: Sensoscale Lite Digital Scale

Now you can get all your weighing needs with the sensodroid scale. It’s a real, digital bluetooth unit that will allow for precise measurements. You’ll be able to see how any changes in weight affect other applications running on it through demo mode and more importantly know exactly what is going down when using drop shipping as well thanks this amazing new tool from eon digital measurement solutions.

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This isn’t just another fun application like many others out there. Their scales work really accurately-a lot better than most people think possible even without having gone anywhere near high tech measuring equipment before now.

4. Truck Scale Calculator

Truck Scale Calculator

This app comes among one of the best digital scale apps for iPhone. It helps truck driver to know the weight of the axels. You can input the reading from long platform or short platform. This is the amazing app to measure the objects with great weight and volumes.

Truck Scale Calculator is a must-have app for any truck driver that wants to know the weight of their axles. This utility tool can accurately measure weights on 3 or 4 axle trucks ranging from steers, drives and tandems to drives with two different spread axles.

digital scale free

No matter what type of rig you have, this handy device will help you analyze your real world experience so it’s easier than ever before. Once the readings are entered, this app calculates and displays the weights on each axle set.

Weights that exceed predefined limits will be displayed in red with a warning sound to alert you. You can adjust these weight settings by adjusting any of the five wheels or axles accordingly to make it more balanced for your hauler needs.

5. Scale in Grams Simulator Joke

Scale in Grams

Vizzy games bought up with new app to measure the weights of objects. This app allows you to measure the weight of objects digitally. It also has bluetooth facility that helps you to measure weight. The measurements are in kg and gm. You can also set the values according to your choice and comfort.

This is a new app that makes it easy to weigh any item on your phone. Simply load the Jokeyl application, place an object in front of you and press down for as long or little as desired. From there, quickly check your weight measurements with ease.

The best part about this scale simulator? The fact that not only can you use it anywhere but if someone else walks up while using the device, they won’t be able to see what’s being weighed because all calculations are done within the app itself – giving users ultimate privacy.

weigh scales for phone

6: Scale App For Android

There are a number of apps that you can use to determine the weight of an object. One such app is the Scale estimator. This app is easy to use and can be used with a plastic bag to get accurate results. You can weigh an object like a piece of jewelry, clothing, or even a toy. The Scale estimator has a weighing capacity of 2 kg and is accurate to within 0.2 kg.

scale app for android

For those who are looking for a coin weight app that can be customized to their needs, Scale App can be a great option. The app has a settings section where different users can set their own preferences for how heavy or light their coins should be. This makes it easy to find the right weight for your coins and avoids having to guess.

7. Digital Scale

This app converts your Android into a digital weighing machine. With volume and weight input, the program estimates the value of things like sugar, salt or pepper that are left on hand in pounds or kilograms. The user can also measure ingredients for recipes such as flour to make anything from breads to cakes with ease.

scales app for android

This app is perfect for the amateur chef who wants to come up with new and exciting recipes at home. You can easily measure ingredients, learn about recipe conversions (e.g ounces, cups), or even save a favorite dish. So it’s always on hand when you need it most.

8. IQ Digital scale simulator

If you need to weigh anything, but don’t have access to a traditional scale (or it doesn’t work), then this is the app for you. This digital scale simulator lets you measure any weight by using your phone as a weighing device.

mobile digital scale

You can also use it as an interesting prank or joke on friends and family. Just set their desired weight value and watch them get all excited when they see that number pop up on their screen.

Taking advantage of the accelerometer, Shake Weight allows you to weigh any object simply by placing it on top. For now this weight is approximated but accuracy depends also how gently you place your objects on the device.

9. Super Scale Free Digital Scales

Digital Scales

Sulaysa’s IT created the most amazing app. This is an incredible way to measure any object weight. And it comes with a simple interface that lets you track everything in real time. The thing about Sulayasa’s mobile application isn’t just how convenient it can be for measuring small items like jewelry or other possessions.

What makes this really special is its ability to convert those measurements into kilograms (or grams) immediately upon tilting the device towards yourself. No need for any complicated calculations here.

10. Digital Scale Simulator

Digital Scale Simulator

Carrie app presents you with new variety app which helps you to measure the weight. You can surprise your friends by measuring weight of object around by your mobile phone. Small things can be easily measured by this app. The weights are in kg and gm.

11. 3 Grams Digital Scale App and Weight Convertor

Kitchen Scale

RizBit app created this great digital app that helps you to measure anything. This measures the accurate digits having digital converter. You have to keep your phone in curved or straight position and put the object at the bottom. The app will measure the accurate weight the object.

When calibrated the results shows that the app measured  very precise values. For measuring the weight of larger objects you can just open the camera and capture size of object. Then press the weight button it will show the weight of the object.

12: Digital Bluetooth scale S5000

Sensodroid’s new wireless phone scale app, the Sensodio WT800 weighs 2kg and has an interface that is very fast Bluetooth 4.0 with bi-directional communication for all your devices needs. The sensordio wt 800 connects automatically when powered on or connected through Wi-Fi so there are no buttons needed in order to start using this advanced weighing technology right away.

digital scale app for iphone

Sensodroid wireless digital scale with a maximum load of 5000g and accuracy to 1mg? Now you can measure anything from your kitchen cupboards to large amounts on food without ever having anXLR cable sticking out. This sleek new bluetooth model uses strain gauge technology, meaning it has very precise readings which make sure all weights are accurate.

It also works seamlessly across devices using 4 different types: iOS (iPad/iPhone), Windows Phone 8 & 10; Android Jelly Bean 3G+4GPAD sufficiently making this device perfect for anyone who needs quick access at any time.

13. Precision Digital Scale

Precision digital scale

This app uses the best technology of accelerometer. You can measure the weight of any object by placing the object gently over your phone or tablet and it will show the exact weight. In terms of calibration it is proved that the app shoes very precise measurements.

Your precision also depends on how you use the scale. You need to know proper settings and gently place the object over the device.

If you’re wondering how heavy your favorite book is or the weight of a new purchase, this app can help. Simply place it in top and with the use of an accelerometer, get approximated measurements for any object that’s up to 5 pounds. Accuracy depends on how gently you lay objects onto device.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found a few digital scale apps that might work for your needs. If there are any others we didn’t mention, please share them in the comments below. Which of these free digital scales do you think will be best for our lifestyle.

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