10 Best Whiter Teeth App For Android And iPhone

In this article we present a list of the best whiter teeth app that will help you whiten your teeth instead of going straight for an expensive trip to see your local dentist. As your smile mean a lot, but if the teeth are not snow white your confidence goes down. Everyone cares for their teeth. Many times it becomes very tough to make your teeth shiny and white.

Whiter Teeth App

Your pictures may home very perfect but teeth may make it dull. So here we present you with teeth whitening photo editor app. You can download these app in your android and iOS. This photo editor helps you to make your teeth shine and perfect. This app to make your teeth white.

How To Whiten Teeth in Pictures

Do you want to have a whiter smile? You don’t need to spend money on expensive professional treatments. There are many apps for your iPhone and Android that can help whiten your teeth in minutes, at home. The 10 best apps will be discussed below so you know which ones work the best.

Free Teeth Whitening Photo Editor

As you can see, the market is full of different teeth whitening solutions. If you want to remove stains and make your smile brighter, check out the list below for some recommendations on how to do it with a few clicks. And if this doesn’t work out for you or there are other areas in need of editing.

Don’t be shy! We offer professional photo retouching services that will help you achieve any desired effect. You may also contact us through our email address or phone number to learn more about what we have to offer.

Best Whiter Teeth App For Android & iPhone

1. Facetune

free teeth whitening app

The award-winning Facetune selfie editor app provides a wide array of fun beauty retouching filters that can be used to enhance your selfies. It also has amazing tools like teeth whitening, blemish removal, and skin smoothing so you don’t have to worry about any pesky details when choosing your snaps for Instagram.

By using this app you can edit your photos. This allows you to whiten your teeth in photos. Whenever you upload a photo to social media you can edit the photo through face tune app. This app provides you surprising features for improving faces. You can edit the picture in the way you want. All the tools to edit picture are located at the bottom of the screen.

The tooth brush tool helps you to make your teeth white. Patch tool removes the scars and moles. One more option is reshape which helps you to shape the face. Adding frame is also a good option. You can add a photo frame and get the best finish touch. Just download the whiter teeth app and make your picture look perfect.

best teeth whitening app

2. Air Brush

whiter teeth app

AirBrush is the perfect tool to edit photos with a natural, easy-to-use touch. Got blemishes or wrinkles? It’s no problem! Airbrush away your skin troubles and give yourself an even complexion with just one tap of this photo editing app. Want whiter teeth instead? With amazing results in seconds. You can have that extra bright smile without any trips to the dentist office.

Guys are you selfie lover. If yes, then this is the best teeth whitening photo editor app for you. Any normal photo can be turned into the glossy one. You can edit your selfie with various tools provided by the app. It smoothen your skin, remove scars and acne and other unnecessary things.

The popular feature is teeth whitening option, red eye removal, makeup adjustment and many more. There are many more filters that you can use to beautify your picture. You are offered with various options more like brightness managing, colour, contrast adjustment modes and many more.

3. Visage voir

Visage Lab has your back when it comes to taking the perfect selfie. With a few clicks of their app, you can remove unwanted pimples and wrinkles from pictures that were taken in less than ideal lighting conditions. You can also whiten teeth with one click.

Other than Photoshop options you also have variety of apps to edit photo. You can make your photo flawless by removing all the scars, acne, pimples and moles. It gives your face a healthy shine. You can also change your skin tone. By selecting the option of glamour located at the bottom of screen you can edit your picture.

Making white is not the big deal but visage voir app provides you qualitative whitening option. You gets first class offers through this whiter teeth app. Your eyes colour also changes through this. When all the editing is done it presents you a photo with best finishing touch.

teeth whitening apps for pictures

4. Beauty plus

This app is downloaded by millions of people to edit their photos and videos. This includes the most powerful features to edit your photos. Various visual effects with AR effects is provided. You can also try free anime features  over your photos. By using this app you can make your photo unique.

With Beauty Plus, you can take the best selfies and have them edited in one place. This beauty camera comes with professional editing tools like blemish removers to retouch your skin tone as well as a variety of filters that allow you to add different effects.

This application was developed by the contribution of famous makeup artist and photographer. You can change the makeup of your face, remove scars, acne over your face. Eyes can also be made more expressive in a single touch. By just moving your fingers you can remove dark circles of your eyes. Teeth can be made shine more.

app to make your teeth white

5. BeFunky photo editor

BeFunky Photo Editor is a free online photo editor that comes with amazing tools, such as collage maker and great frames. It’s perfect for creating unique images to share on social media. This application presents you with a number of tools that help you to make your picture look best. You can apply variety of filters like teeth whitening, skin glow, flawless skin and many more. You can also control the brightness of photo, image parameters, crop and rotate.

teeth whitening app android

The best feature of BeFunky photo editor app is that it provides you with more than 30 tools to edit the picture. It presents you very easy steps. You just need to move your fingers from right to left. Adding moustache and fake glasses is also presented. You can balance the whiteness of photo. This whiter teeth app is the excellent one to edit your photo.

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6. Pixlr

app that makes your teeth whiter

Pixlr is the professional photo editor app. Here you can change the background of your photo. Use the app to remove all the defects from your photo. If you want to blur the background you can do it on a single touch. You can also create collages, different layouts and automatic correction feature.

Variety of tools are provided to make your picture best. The ability to combine the features, eliminating red eye effect are best options. Features of the Pixlr include more than 20 tools for makeup like lipstick, eye makeup and much more. You also gets unique blending features.

This editor provides a wide range of tools for customizing your photos. Despite its huge functionality, even beginners can use it. With a little imagination and creativity you can make your own works of art with Draw A Stickman. You have the option to save, share or e-mail finished drawings on Facebook, Twitter as well send them via email.

7. Perfect365

Perfect365 makes it easy for users to experiment with a variety of looks. With styles created weekly by their expert partners and in-house artists, this app has become the go-to place for selfie, makeup and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

This whitening app is best application for creating a perfect picture by using virtual make-up. Around 80 million people have joined this app. By few taps you can change the picture like whitening your teeth, changing your hairstyle, lip colour and many more. Tips are also provided by the app for variety of parties.

If you only want light makeup or glamorous face. You can also share your experiences to your friends on social media. It is easy to use application with pretty good results. When you use the app you can save your money that you spend at parlour. Just Install the app and spread glamour over your photos.

skin whitening app

8. Sweet selfie

app that fixes teeth

Sweet selfie is best photo editing apps for whitening teeth. This app is installed by millions of users across 40 countries. Sweet selfie helps you to make your photo look glamorous. You just need to click the picture and tap at desired effect.

You can change the brightness, colour of the face, hair colour and many more. This transform your picture to great extent. Teeth whitening is also the best feature. Express your mood on photo by using funny or angry stickers. AR filters are also available. Turn your background into modern shot by using sweet selfie app.

9. Photoshop Fix

What could make a picture look more pleasant? Photoshop Fix lets you adjust brightness, brush on effects and even use the extended color palette to enhance your photos. If you’ve ever used Adobe’s flagship photo editor for creatives like digital artists or designers (Photoshop), then this app seems familiar. It has many of its same features including brushes, darkening, lightening tools and an expanded color picker.

Guys if you don’t like makeup and only wants to look pleasant the Photoshop fix is the best app for you. This app provides you with various brushes, darkening and lightening colours, light effect and many more. Photoshop fix app is the best for modern people.

Advance professional app of era is Photoshop fix. This is very flexible app with unlimited options. To get accurate results you can make various changes throughout your picture. The final result will be amazing and advanced.

white out app for iphone

10. Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie

photo whitener

Are you fond of selfies. If yes then this app helps you to fulfill your desires. You can take selfies and perfectly edit it. Just click the picture and change your background. Each feature gives the picture perfect finish. You can make the masterpiece through this app.

Stickers are also available according to season and moods. It is easy editor app that can be used by following simple steps. This whiter teeth app creates beautiful photos by using multi functional tools. Photo editor and perfect selfie provide you with variety of filters and beautifying features.


So, you’ve read through the list of apps that can help whiten your teeth. You don’t have to worry about covering up any imperfections in photos anymore-just use one of these photo editing applications for a quick fix. Which app do you think will work best? Let us know by commenting below.

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