10 Best Hairstyle Apps For Android and iPhone

Whether you want to change up your look for a special occasion or are just looking for some inspiration, there are plenty of hairstyle app out there to help. From simple features like showing you how to style your hair in a certain way, to more complex apps that allow you to try on virtual haircuts. We’ve rounded up the 10 best hairstyle apps for Android and iPhone users. Check them out below.

Best Hairstyle Apps

There’s no need to visit the hair salon every time you want to try a new hairstyle. These 10 free hairstyle apps for Android and iPhone can help you style your hair like a pro. Whether you’re looking for a new way to wear your curls or want to get that sleek straight look, these apps have you covered. So discover the latest trends in hair styling and get ready to experiment with your locks.

Best Hairstyle Apps For Android and iPhone

As more people are seeking out the latest hairstyle to match their personal style, app developers have been working hard on introducing innovative apps that help you find a trendy cut for any occasion. Whether it be short hair or long locks. These tools will guide your decision with videos and step by step guides. So there’s no need to worry about what type of Hairstyler isn’t sure which option suits them best.

1: Hairstyle makeover

hairstyle app android

Here’s a great application for when you want to change up your look. This hairstyle app is perfect and does not discriminate against either men or women. There are different categories like undercut, which allows the user to choose from many stylish cuts, such as bowl-shaped layers at front hairline with longer length on top 1/2 of head covered by sideburns or chin-length.

This smartphone game features a variety of options for men to choose from. You can change your hairstyle, moustache and beard style in seconds with all the styles available. The possibilities are endless as you adjust size or placement on any given setting before choosing what look suits best. Be it long hair flipped over one shoulder; short spikes fronting up into an undercut cheekbone style combover or even both.

2: Cute girls hairstyles

Cute girls hairstyle app is an amazing way to find the perfect style for your face shape. With so many different options, you’ll be able change up how you look in seconds. You can try out some new looks on one of India’s most beautiful daughters – Sonam Kapoor- or a celebrity favorite like Kim Kardashian and stay looking fresh all day long because these trendy short styles require little maintenance time. Which means less hassle when it comes down right before bedtime.

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Now, you can enjoy the latest and trending hairstyle videos on your phone. No need to go anywhere with all those old magazines or watch fashion shows when this app has everything imaginable in one place. Whether it’s just for fun or as an inspiration piece of work; here at shared hairdos. Here you can find the latest and trendiest hairstyles for all occasions. Whether it’s a special event or just everyday life, these hair styles will help to spice up your look with some new inspiration.

3: Hairstyle magic

Hair styler

The Magic Mirror app is like a magic mirror for your phone. It has tons of cool features and lets you experiment with different hairstyles, colors or even makeup. You can take pictures to share on social media if desired too making this fun new trend an easy way that anyone could try out these trendy looks without all the hassle from going into town just looking good or getting dressed up.

It is said that in recent years the color of hairs has become a new trend. So here comes an app to give you this amazing feature and allow people with different hair types can enjoy editing their locks. With these wonderful colors, they will look perfect on anyone’s head no matter what ethnicity or gender may be linked with them giving everyone access to better-looking tresses without any effort whatsoever.

The colour challenge is a fun way to meet your creativity, and test how well you can see the colours. In this game for iPhone or Android users are presented with list of colors that shoot at them. It’s up choose which color they’d like. Installing only takes seconds. So download today you won’t regret giving these puzzles an attempt.

4: Women’s Hairstyles

Women's Hairstyles

I’m always looking for new makeup apps to try and this one is great. It has a ton of different hairstyles, you can use it anywhere because there’s no membership fee like some other ones out there. Plus the user interface makes applying your own personal style easy as pie. Even on days when my hair looks more preppy than polished (which seems like all day long). The best part? You get access without paying extra dough too.

You can change your appearance to any type of look you want. Try out different makeup, hairstyles and clothes for an exciting new style. It’s never been easier with the many options that are available in this app including changing lip colour or eye shadow color according to preference just by clicking on one photo from gallery. There is truly something for everyone- be it a casual day at home where you might wear some lighthearted make up while fixing dinner after work.

5: Style my hair

This is best hairstyle apps to change haircut which  lets you to try different hairstyles. It’s developed by top brand L’Oreal you can easily check your hairstyle, colour, length etc. One of the best feature is that you can try every  style step by step by seeing tutorials. You can also use dress up apps to look more attractive.

Style My Hair Pro

Now you don’t have to go out and get your hair done in a salon. With this new app, the possibilities of what hairstyles are available for any occasion or style is at home. You just do some editing on photo galleries with different styles that match your personal sense of fashion and voila. Instantaneous updates without leaving the comfort zone between sofa cushions. A few clicks away from getting ready like Marie Antoinette herself would be proud over.

6: Hair Zapp

If you’re looking to try new hairstyles, this is the app for you. You can compare different styles and choose which one looks best on your head. It often happens that we find ourselves in an awkward position trying to decide what style of hair cut would suit our face shape or personality. But now there’s no more confusion because with just a tap away from each other all these questions are answered by simply hair stylin.

Hair Zapp

Regardless of your hair type, this app has the perfect hairstyle for you. All it takes is one click and 10 minutes to create an avatar with virtual hairdos that look as good in real life as they do on your phone. Morden’s Makeup Studio offers more than 20 pre-made styles from short bangs to long flowing tresses. If a simple change isn’t enough then try converting yourself into someone else by downloading any other 25+ person skins pack available too.

7: Beautylish

haircut app

This is another best hairstyle apps for the iPhone. Developed by beautylish, this app provides you with new and very unique beauty products that will shoot at your face from all sides of a photo. The options are vast ranging in fashion items such as dresses or skirts.

So there’s always something perfect just waiting to be put together on yourself right now and it can even give suggestions based off what other people have worn before too. If we want some outside inspiration since they’ve got tons stored up ready to go when needed.

The variety of makeup arts is endless with the many products you can choose from. Whether it’s a hairstyle, nail art or beauty tips. All fashion related things are available in this site. Videos provide tutorials that will help uninitiated users learn how they work and what results different techniques produce. So there has never been an easier time for beginners looking to get into make up as well veterans too because this app videos cover everything including removing stains on clothes caused by wine, lipstick smudging before date night etc.

8: African women hairstyle

African women hairstyle is very popular app developed for Android. By using this haircut app you can change your hairstyle within seconds virtually. You can use this app by just clicking your pic and using different styles at your pic that will give you idea of your look which shoots you the best.

New African Women Hairstyle

With the multitude of options, you can now find your perfect style with this app. You will be surprised by how beautifully it adapts to different hair textures and types. The best part about these styles? There’s something for everyone curly or straight, long hairs or short ones. Whatever look might suit you at that moment in time.

With just one click on shoot me, they’ll provide us an idea as well as show off their cool features such personalize filters which adjust automatically depending upon what face personality type we have currently selected from among many other great.

9: Crazy hair salon

 Crazy Hair Salon-Girl Makeover

This is the perfect way to change up your look in a snap. It’s easy, it only takes 2 minutes and best of all you can do it anywhere. You will be able capture photos from any angle or perspective using this application as well.

So there are no limits on where people might see what they have done with their new style. You can choose from a variety of styles, like wavy or straight hair with different colors in it. All before converting back at any time. A really unique new application has been released today by the creators over at funny App.

There are many outfits to choose from and you can change your hair style in every single one. You might be a short-haired person, or maybe want something more dramatic like loose curls whatever suits you best. The possibilities are endless with these apps so just install any hairstyle that catches your eye today for an amazing selfie experience without compare. You can do anything over your hairs according to the choice that will shoot you best. Just install some beauty hairstyle apps and enjoy yourself as it’s important for us also in this life-time.

10: Fabby look

The Hair app is the best way to try new hairstyles. With this free mobile application, users can find what color suits their personality in just seconds on any smartphone. The fun and addictive game features more than 10 colors for women with different hair types like blonde or brunette. There’s also pink if you’re feeling colorful today.

hair color changer & style effects

You can change your hairstyle on the fly with this awesome app. You get to choose from a variety of edits and share them in real time. It’s perfect for any situation where you need an updated photo, like when applying for jobs or just want something new out there looking at people who are more interesting than what we see every day.

The online shopping website lets you choose from a number of different hairstyles and then it will allow real time changes to your desired look. You can edit photos before or after upload with some new features that make sharing easier than ever.


Whether you want to change up your look for a special occasion or are just looking for some inspiration, there are plenty of hairstyle apps out there to help. From simple features like showing you how to style your hair in a certain way, to more complex apps that allow you to try on virtual haircuts. We’ve rounded up the 10 best hairstyle apps for Android and iPhone users so all our readers can find what they need. Whether it be an app with only one function or something more robust. What is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below.

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