The ancient form of games has always been popular. The most popular offline strategy games are games that are very interesting like chess and cards. These strategy games were basically based on use of the brain and your statistics on how you defeat the opponent.

android turn based strategy games

These are very interesting games that boost up your brain capacity and also make your brain more sharper. As time passed many new strategy games were developed and here we have come up with top 15 free offline strategy games that you can play on your android phone.

Free Offline Strategy Games for Android

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1: Bad north: Jotunn Edition

offline strategy war games

This is the popular offline strategy games of 2018 that is developed as a strategy game for Android users. Basically this game is all about playing a role of a hero who will defeat bad guys and conquer his place.

There are many islands which you have to conquer by using your strategies. You have to play this in two ways one is you have to defeat others and conquer the islands and next is you have to play strong strategies to save your palace.

2: Plague Inc

In this game a disease named plague will be spreading among the human beings and you have to stop this pandemic. By this all humans will be transforming into monkeys you have to stop all this by your strategies. You will act as a hero and save the humans by showing humanity.

The game has excellent graphics that will attract the players. You can easily download this game and play this offline for free without any internet connection.

empire building games offline

3. Card Thief

The game is all about using your brain to escape and skip from the area. In this game you act as a thief and you need to escape out from the area. The most important aspect is that you have to escape by avoiding guards who will be monitoring your activities.

Here you need to use cards and strategies to escape the situation. While playing game you can use your brain and sharpen your mind by imagining yourself in the particular situation.

empire games offline

4: Machines at war 3

offline android strategy games

You have to play this war game as a savior, a hero who will save some scientists who are stuck at a place. You have to complete a total of 21 missions and then save the scientists. In this game you will get many problems but you have to defeat all to overcome the problems in your way.

The level of problems increases as you complete the previous task in the game. You will also be provided with a variety of items that will help you to survive and upgrade your energy level. This is best war games for android offline.

5: The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

In this offline war games you play the role of a prisoner who is struggling to run out of prison. You have to collect various items first so that you can use them to escape out. In level 1 it is easy to escape as the number of police and guards are less.

But at the next level the security is much tighter and you have to escape out of prison without coming on their own. The game is very interesting as you also feel the reality in this game. You can also play this game using Google Play pass free.

offline strategy games for android

6: Heroes of Flatlandia

This offline strategy games is filled with enthusiasm and glory. Here you play the role of army coops where you are a leader of a unit. One unit costs 8 heroes whom you have to lead in a mission. You can use your strategies to defeat opponents who have entered your area.

At last all the members die and you have to alone continue the game by defeating the opponents. To become a real hero you have to continue the game till the last moment.

kingdom games offline

7: Chess Free

offline rts games

You might be aware of chess game. This is the similar chess game that is somewhat a new and better version where you can enjoy it with multiplayers. The game consists of 12 difficulty levels. When You win one standard level then you can move to another level. This chess game is best multiplayer sports game for android.

Multi Features are available like Chess tutor, Save the game, Record the the game which makes your game more interesting. If you are beginners then you can learn how to play by clicking at chess tutor option.

8: Bloons TD 6

The game is all about saving yourself from bad guys. Here you play the role of monkey and you have to save yourself by defeating bad guys. There are several updates of the game that get updated automatically as you play the game.

Various levels are marked that you can cross by completing previous level. The game can be played offline without using internet or WiFi connection. But for the updates and level upgrade you need to connect to internet.

best offline strategy games for android

9: Kingdom Rush

In this game you have to build your own town by creating buildings. The enemies will destroy your building, you have to save yours and destroy their building. You get a set of missions in which you have to complete the missions by defeating your opponents.

When you get the points then your weapons also get upgraded. By these weapons you can easily defeat the monsters and enemies. You will face various difficulties but you have to come up to save the human community.

offline strategy war games

10: Bio Inc

offline strategy games

This game is quite different from the other games. In this you play a role and then you perform your task.  Basically you play a role of a doctor who is in a negative role and your task is to kill the people by your logic and techniques. You will be called a doctor of death and you have to kill people before any other doctor arrives.

In this game your work is to change the physiology and medicines of the patient by which the complete treatment will be changed and it will lead to the patient’s death. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to be quite smart and your speed should be much higher than the other doctors.

11: Defence Zone 3 HD

This game is a war game in which you are placed in a battlefield where you have to defeat the enemy by using your weapons. In this game you have to fight against zombies and monsters who are building Earth. You have to stop this by fighting with them and saving your planet from the invention of aliens.

This game has excellent graphics that will attract players. The more interesting thing is that you will never get bored while playing this battle game that has 25 levels that increases gradually.

offline strategy

12: Galaxy Legend

offline android strategy games

This strategy game is a space-based mission in which you play the role of a leader under whom you are planning a satellite to go to space. You have to complete several mission send tasks so that your satellite becomes successful.

There will be time where you will feel by your small mistake so you have to use your scientific brain techniques and strategies so that your mission could not fail.

This is a very interesting game that attracts people with a scientific brain. If you are a beginner you can train your brain by playing this game. This game is provided for free.

13: Mushroom Wars: Space

free strategy game for android

Mushroom words is a game in which you have to go through Renu maths where you have to find new areas and then complete your mission there are 15 missions which you have to complete with your followers. In this you will reach a new planet where everything will be new for you.

The adventure is that you have to explore the new items, new land and new items. The challenging thing in this game is that along with this you have to survive by upgrading your energy which will be upgraded only if you play well.

14: The Battle of Polytopia

offline strategy games free

Here comes the game that is very different from others. In this strategy game you play the role of leader of a tribal group. You and your team come to the ancient community where you have to survive. You will face a lot of problems in all aspects. We can put this game in the list of best survival game.

The challenges will be difficult which you have to face. The people of ancient communities will not accept you and you have to face all the problems and survive. You have to invent new items so that you could survive in the community.

15: Star Command

Star command is the newly developed strategy game that is specially developed for those who have brilliant brains. You have to follow the commands of stars and complete your task.

The challenging  thing is that you should know how to interpret the signals and how to follow them. The game provides you with more than 50 tasks that you have to finish. You can play this battle game for free on you android phone.

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