April 21, 2024

10 Best Building Game Apps For Android And iPhone

The best building game apps for Android and iPhone will help you make your dream house come true. These games have beautiful houses that can be customized with different styles, from modern to traditional or shabby chic. You’ll love designing the interior as well. There are tons of furniture options in each one so feel free tinker until it suits what inspires you most. Many people want their homes filled with comfort. All they need now is some creativity and inspiration through these top 10 town building apps choices available today.

Building Game Apps

Developing a smart city is not just about providing the basic needs of people. It also requires attention to detail, like living styles and daily activities that need fulfilling in order for society. As well as its citizens live comfortably with their surroundings (i.e., parks). Games can help you make best use if your time while enjoying them too. By playing games such us this one here on our app store we’ll be able get rewarded by earning coins. Which then allow users access many rewards including decorations or new houses once they reach certain milestones throughout gameplay.

Building Game Apps For Android And iPhone

Who doesn’t love playing city building games? It’s easy to get distracted by the lure of your phone and spend hours on end focusing solely in front or you but what are we doing with our lives. If there is one thing that can help relieve stress after a long day at work. It would be spending some quality time bonding as friends over an enjoyable game. Below I have listed 10 best-rated mobile apps available now which offer tons of fun without having any physical components needed.

1. Townsmen

Townsmen is the top game developed by Handy games for Androids and iOS. It is medival city building apps that helps you to build a complete town under your control. Here you have to design a town or village under a fixed material provided that is in your budget.

You can build your own empire for free. You complete your dream through this game. By harvesting crops in lawn you can earn coins and take more rewards. Collecting taxes is the other way to make rewards. Through your better work and rewards you can secure to people of villagers so that they can live freely.


Townsmen is a building game app that helps you to develop your tiny village with an thriving economy and happy villagers. The medieval city-builder features different kinds of materials, including food items for sale at markets or livestock pens where farmers can go if they want more animals on their farms. There are also trading cards available in collectible card sets which come out periodically with new editions every few months so users always have something fresh waiting.

2. City Mania Building Game

A perfect population needs proper residential area to leave. This building game apps provides you to build best houses for a fixed number of population. City Mania is the perfect city building app games. All decisions can be taken by yourself and you are the owner of the town. Here you build the houses, reconstruct, customize, expand and other things to your city.

Various unique features are presented to you so that you can build up a perfect town. This is the perfect game to learn something new and show your creativity. You can also visit to new town that is build by your friend and collect ideas from there so that you can use them to your town.

Town Building Game

A town-building game app that lets you build your own city with perfect population. It’s fun and exciting. All decisions about the layout of our cities are in our hands, from building to customizing things like roadblocks, statues or parks for example. All this is possible because we have control over everything related to it. What do I want my citizens needs? How much money will be enough for them a day etc. And if somebody else wants one part just ask him/her as long he can afford price tag.

3. City Island

Sparking society developed this app for Android and iOS. This is another best building game apps that helps you to build town of your own. There are various best options and features provided to you. One of the awesome feature include providing option to unlock and build tourist paradise islands, volcano island, swamp, desert and many more options to create a city.

Building Sim Offline

City Island is a building simulator app that allows you to make your own city. One of the best features in this game are all different types of islands, including tourist paradise and vulcano as well. CityIsland lets players create their very own virtual locations for tourists with unique landmarks like volcanic sites or luxurious resorts on dry land. There truly is something for everyone here. With easy controls accessible from anywhere at anytime even while offline.

City Islands provides endless hours gameplay so users can explore new areas without having internet access available nearby. You get reward through people of city. They provide you feedback on the basis of your work. People also suggest you there opinion so that you work better. You are provided with more than 150 items that help you to decorate houses of City.

4. The Simpsons Building Game

Through The game building apps you can rule a town and build houses by your creativity. You creates your own lifestyle and own living. It is available for free as well as you can purchase it with different features. You can play this building game apps on your android and iOS and enjoy your own creativity.

building game app

The Simpsons is a city-building game that lets you create your own living in the style of Homer, Marge and all their friends. The free version offers limited features but with an app purchase for iOS or Android devices. It’s possible to have everything available at any time as well as play this interesting title on mobile. By using this game you can control the lifestyle of your citizens, people living in your area. You can also collect and choose favourite character of your city for feedback and suggestions. Rewards are provided to you through your work and citizens.

5. SimCity Buildlt

SimCity Build is the modern game that helps you to build smart and extraordinary houses that will surely make your town look awesome. Here  you can show your creativity. This app provides you chance to create town of your own choice and houses of your design. You can easily increase the population of town by providing beautiful houses and building. If number of visitors comes to your town then they try to own a house you can sell and earn reward. It is easy to play and provided for free.

build your city

With SimCity BuildIt, you can build your own city and be the hero of it. Your task as mayor? Designing a beautiful bustling metropolis that’s not only functional but also fun. With this game app for Android or iOS devices there are no limits on how large of an area people will visit when their in need for beauty & entertainment.

Allowing them to stay longer than before making sure everything runs smoothly including traffic patterns between neighborhoods. So everyone feels safe while having some good old fashioned elbow grease going down during development time away from work (the most rewarding part).

6. Designer City Building Apps

If you want to create your own world app then designer city app is the best city building app. The aim of the game is to increase the population of city by providing best facilities, buildings to people. The best feature of the game is that it has different levels. By building on house you get task to build much better house with better facilities.

 Designer City: building game

This feature will increase the enthusiasm in you. People visit to your town and gives you reward, they will also pay for the houses they buy and you need to show your creativity and ideas over here. Your innovative ideas get developed here and also you will enjoy playing the game.

This is one of those build city app where you build houses and try to balance income from rent with expenses from utilities like water and electricity. Kids will love it because it has a story line as well as creative elements like designing furniture for your buildings or adding decorations. Parents will love it because it teaches valuable.

7. The Battle of Polytopia


This is another best building app games for Android and iOS devices. This is based in ruling the area, fighting the evil tribes, discovering new lands to build houses, using new ideas technology and creativity to build town.

You can play this game with your friends and family member or with online players. This app provide you generated maps that will guide you find new lands to build houses. This is the best two player game app so that you can compete.

8. Mega city HD

This is another paid game for Android and iOS. To earn points in the game you need to build house in area provided in the game. The need is you have to full fill all the requirements of visitors. The aim of the game is to know your best planning and thinking to build a town. This is a level based game that allows you to unlock the higher level when you pass at lower levels. You show your ideas to build houses and you get rewards.

9. Suburbia

City Building Game

Bezier developed suburbia. This building game apps is provided after paying for it. Then you can enjoy the game for long time. It is interesting as well as amazing game to play. You can also play it with two or more than two players building up a competitive spirit.

Using strategies, tactics and ideas you can build up beautiful building. You can play this with great joy so just install the app and enjoy it with your ideas and creativity.

10. Megapolis

The game based on laws of market is Megapolis. It is based on the economy and played by millions of players. It is available for both android and iOS. The unique feature is build the best building, skyscraper, expand empire, collect material resources. You can make use of game as a competition. It provides you with 3D graphics and pleasant landscape.


Megapolis is a city building game with economic themes. Featuring unique features like build houses as well skyscrapers to expand your territory in the free version of Megapolises. Collect resources that are needed by other players or take part when they hold competitions. You can even design your own buildings.

The Megaopolis app provides an immersive experience where creativity meets competition because it offers something different from what we’ve seen before. Creative freedom without limitations on how far one wants their imagination go. Which will allow them more than just playing games but becoming actual entrepreneurs while still having fun at it.


Now you can make your dream house come true with the best building game apps for Android and iPhone. These games allow players to create their own home, starting from scratch or based on a blueprint provided by the developer. The result is an attractive abode that reflects your personal style preferences.

If you’re looking for something more specific like country chic, modern farmhouse, rustic cabin, Tudor manor house we’ve got it. Whether you want to play solo or invite friends over to share in the design process (which is often faster this way). These games are sure to keep everyone entertained while they learn about interior design. Do any of these sound interesting? What has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below so we can check them out too.

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