April 21, 2024

15 Best Logic Game Apps For Android & iPhone

Logic game are the top trending games that are played by the people all over the world. Sometimes it’s like wasting time while playing games. But there are several logic game apps that you can play to sharpen your brain. You can play these games to make your brain skills stronger and sharper. These games also act as refreshing games that are really very helpful. You can download this app in both your Android and iPhone devices.

Logic Game Apps

You can play these logic games once or twice in a week that will make your brain faster to act and use strategies. These game are worth of using your skills and logic. As you use it you will win. Slowly you can build up your strong strategies that will really make you enthusiastic. Guys here we have collected top 15 logic game apps for you. Get them downloaded to your Android and iPhone.

Best Logic Game Apps For Android & iPhone

These brain-teasing games not only provide hours of entertainment but also help in sharpening cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and memory retention. Whether you prefer puzzle-based challenges or strategy-oriented gameplay, there is a wide range of logic game apps available on both platforms.

1. Skillz

Here comes the first logic game apps for android and iPhone. Skillz is the top most app that will make your memory sharper. This game will make your brain skills stronger. The game also check your accuracy skills. It is all about improving your memory, accuracy, matching skills and many more mind strategies.

skillz app

Guys this is provided for both android and iOS users.  This will improve your speed to take actions very instantly. Distinction between colour can also be faster. It is designed for all age groups. All children and old people can play this game.

2. Brain it on

Brain it on is the other best choice among the logic games. This logic game is available for both android and iPhone users. This is challenging physics puzzle game that will challenge you to use the tricks and win. You need to make the figures and win the game. Through making shapes you can solve the puzzle. There is a large collection of brain trick puzzles that will really make your memory sharper. Use it to solve the levels after winning one you are challenged with higher level.

brain it on game

3. Logic dots

This game is very easy to play for beginners. You have to find out the number through the dots. The game contain the colour dots that are hidden you have to use brain and find the same number through these dots. You need to find the same numbers for same row and column. By using your smartness and brain you can solve the puzzle. It will sharpen your memory and make your brain act faster and accurate. Get it downloaded and use your time to make your brain perfect.

Logic Dots

4. Math and logic

Here is the mathematical game that you can play easily. You can use this app for both Android and iPhone devices. The game is developed for age group 2 to 10. Children or School going students can play these games to make there brain skills sharper. This is available for both either to purchase or use it for free. You can use it without connecting to internet. This is scientific logic game that will improve your child brain performance. The game include arithmetic, logic, counting and other games.

5. 100 Logic Games

This logic game apps is a huge collection of puzzle games. You can choose the game according to your level. The app consists of all types of puzzle easy as well as higher level. It consists of around 1000  puzzle games. Of you are beginner then you can choose easy puzzle. After getting practiced you can get to higher level and then solve the puzzle. You can also choose two player game mode that will provide you to add one more player. You can either play with your friends or family.

6. Rebus

Rebus is a absored logic game. It is developed by jutiful for both android and iOS users. The game has great graphics to make it look real. It is great mind game that will help you to use your brain strategy to solve the puzzles. Actually it is a game association where you get variety of games. It is available for both free and also to purchase. The game has no limit. You can play it for an hour also. It depends on you how long you take to solve out the puzzles.

7. Lumosity

This app is developed by lumous labs for both android and iPhone users. This logic game apps is very nice to become an expert. You can Train your brain to solve the puzzles and make it sharper. It is the best way to make yourself skillful, active and interactive. After playing this game the action reaction also increases. You become very active to take croons very quickly and smartly. You will get challenge for memory, speed logic, problem solving, math and many more.

8. River Crossing

Here comes the next app that is highly developed to increase your IQ level. You can play this game as logic puzzle. Here you are provided with nice graphics where the colourful environment will make you happy and joyful to play the game and solve the puzzles. Here you have to follow the rules and cross the river. Mathematics problems are provided to you. The game provide you calculator to solve mathematical problems. Guys get it downloaded. It is provided for both android and iOS.

9. You Must Escape

Here is the app that will provide you something new. You will enjoy this game. Here you have to escape out of the room by solving the puzzle. Logic game apps is provided for both android and iPhone users. The app is collection of several brain teasers. You can use your Varun to escape out of the room by unlocking the door by solving the given task. When you cross one level you are provided with other higher difficulty level that will really train your brain.

10. Blendoku 2

This game is quite different. It is very colourful game. Here pallets and layouts are provided. The game consist craft and many drawing to test colour based skills. You can use this game to learn Colour therapy. It includes more around 500 levels. You need to solve and learn to solve the puzzle. Guys here the puzzles are presented according to your level. You can choose the level to solve the puzzle. Get it downloaded to your system and make your brain more sharper.

11. That Level Again 2

Here comes the other game that is a difficult game to play. The trained puzzle solver can play this game. This game has 50 different levels that are quite difficult. You can play the game as a brain teaser. It will train your brain to become very quick to take decision. Accurate actions will make you very rapid to take actions at exact time. You can play this game either alone or with other player. Guys get it downloaded and make your brain skillful.

12. Flow Free

Flow free is the brain relaxing game. It can be played by elder age group. People who are tired whole day working can download this to relax their mind. Here you need to match all the boxes of same colour and them make a pipe. Here basically you need to pair the colours. The game has 100 levels that are ranked according to difficulty level. This game is time limited you need to complete task within the time allotted.

13. Gears Logic Puzzles

Gears logic puzzles is a high level addictive puzzle game that is developed by Sergey trophin for both android and iOS users. Guys the rules of game are very easy. Here you have to pair light gears with red gears do that everything rotates. This have several levels. You can play this game anywhere and anytime. It can be played by all group of people. You can also use this best free logic game apps for exam preparation and also education games.

14. Trainyard Express

Trainyard express game is the puzzle game that provide you several mathematical and other amazing puzzle to solve. Solving these puzzle make your brain active. When you solve the puzzle your brain becomes active and participate in a productive manner. Guys you can use this to become very active in action taking. It acts as a brain teaser and brain trainer. Get it downloaded to your Android and iPhone.

15. Linedoku

This is a collection of several logic game apps. The puzzles provides here can be solvers by using the brain strategies. It provides games for all age groups. You need to solve the puzzle online within the time limit. It also have several games like mathematics questions and line games that needed to be solved. The games are provided for both android and iOS users. Linedoku is the most popular app that is downloaded by maximum users.


Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, there are plenty of exciting logic game apps available that cater to different preferences and skill levels. These games not only offer entertainment but also serve as excellent exercises for enhancing cognitive abilities like problem-solving and critical thinking.

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