12 Free Makeup Apps For Android And iPhone

We all want to look and feel our best, but it can be hard to find the time or budget for a professional makeup artist. Luckily there are some awesome apps that make getting ready easier than ever. From tutorials on how to apply your favorite products with step by step instructions, to using filters and editing tools. These 10 free best makeup apps for Android and iPhone will help you get your beauty routine in check without breaking the bank.

Free Makeup Apps

These are great because they give you quick access to all sorts of different features that are necessary in today’s world. The top 10 apps cover everything from finding new looks to enhancing your own natural beauty. What are you waiting for? Retouch your photos with these makeup & beauty apps that help turn any photo into the perfect selfie. From covering acne, hiding wrinkles or changing hair color. There’s an app out there just right for everyone.

Free Makeup Apps for Android And iPhone

If you’re struggling to find the perfect filter for your online profile, then rest assured knowing that there’s an app out there just waiting. In this article we take a look at some of our favorite makeup apps. Which can be used in order beautify ourselves on camera. The following list consists all sorts different types download them today and always remember. Beauty is not seemly where you fint it.

1: YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor

We all love to experiment with make-up, hairstyles and appearance. But sometimes it’s hard when you only have a few minutes (or less) for your session. YouCam Makeup has created this program that will give girls like us the opportunity of trying out new looks in seconds without having any complicated instructions or leave our homes. Simply pull up an app on whatever device we’re using at home, choose from over 1 million different shades and more every day. Then wait patiently as these beauty experts transform ourselves into something even better than before.

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The free makeup apps is simple, with a high degree of accuracy. It can recognize your face and then allow you to try different styles. For example if someone wants an idea about how their wedding makeup would look like before hand they could use this technology in real time. The idea behind this revolutionary new app may be pretty straightforward. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to map out an individual’s facial structure so they could accessorize accordingly.

The power of makeup is truly amazing. You can transform your face with just the click on some buttons, and you’ll be beautiful again. Or maybe it’s time for something new- why not try these fantastic techniques created by experts? The tools are available to anyone who wants them allowing every woman access. So they too may have her perfect features transformed into anything she desires.

2: Bestie – Camera360 Beauty Cam

Bestie app is like having your very own personal photographer to take pictures for you. By downloading this free photo editor, users can edit the images they upload on their phone with various stickers and effects that range from hearts or glitter. A unique touch of Bestiedoctor allows girls everywhere not only learn how to apply makeup. But also find new ways in which it should be applied thanks specifically designed brush tools available inside each application. So there are no worries about looking perfect every time because who wants perfection anyways?

Bestie is like having an expert makeup artist right at your side. With Bestie, you can regulate the intensity of any given look and when applying it. Making it quite natural on camera or editing features such as eyes to make them bigger or nose smaller without looking artificial.

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The Bestie app’s auto makeup function is a cool, innovative way to cover up your skin imperfections. Like magic! You can also remove wrinkles with it by simply adding some text on top of the photo you want cleaned up. There are dozens of different fonts available for this purpose too. So no matter what typeface suits your style best or mood that day. There will be an option perfect just for you.

I’ve never seen a beauty app that is so cleverly designed to conceal your flaws. Bestie uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology. Which makes it super easy for all ages – kids included. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore because this application will take care of everything in seconds without even being aware you were doing something wrong or embarrassing yourself on film with an unfortunate accident involving foundation melting before its time.

3: Photo Wonder

There is a new makeup app that has been racking up the hits on iPhone. It’s called Photo Wonder, and it just reached one million downloads in less than two months. Not only does this mean more people can try out some of their favorite looks from social media accounts or other photos they’ve taken with ease. But also because it won best app award last month at apple store worldwide HQs themselves. So you know its quality counts.

This photo wonder app is everything your phone should be. Photo wonder is an app that lets you edit your photos in various ways, like adding emojis and text (or even connecting them with other users). You can also get tips for using photo wonder step-by-step right from within the app itself.

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Make your eyes the center of attention with just a few clicks. With this free makeup apps, you can easily create long and luscious eyelashes that will make any eye shine bright. The user interface is simple enough for anyone to use it. Even those without much experience in photo editing apps on their phone or tablet device.

In addition to providing beautiful features such as bokeh effects (a blurred background), pigmentation adjustments so they pop against complexion better than ever before. There are even tools specifically designed towards correcting errors like misplaced spots from stray hairs during foundation application.

4: Facetune2 – Makeup Editor & Magical Photo Tools

This app is another best makeup picture app for both android or iPhone devices. With Facetune2 app you can experiment with new and creative looks for your photos. There are tons of features that make it an excellent photo editing app including collages created by people all over the world. Try out this free fun tool today on either iphone or android devices.

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If you want to look like a celebrity in your photos, just download the makeup apps. The beauty tools include skin tone tool that changes colors according what makeup they are wearing on screen. Multiple types of facial makeovers options including one with bright eyeshadow and blush for when it’s Valentine’s Day. There is also teeth whitener option so everyone can show off their pearly whites at any time of year without feeling self-conscious about imperfections around there mouth area.

5: AirBrush – Best Photo Editor

Air Brush is the best photo editing app in this world. It provides a range of tools to edit and especially for face. It’s impressively great. Moreover, because after doing complex manipulations on pictures saved quality will also not be altered or changed which rare with other apps out there.

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Do you feel like your picture is lacking in the makeup department? AirBrush has a section for people who need to add some extra touches of color. You can use their toolset and make sure that they camera doesn’t wash away all intensity with what little there was.

The airbrush has everything to make you look and feel your best. Not only makeup, but also skin editing tools like dark undereye circle remover or facial feature corrector can be found in this one stop shop. You’ll find pimple treatment as well if we missed it out the first time around. No worries because they have teeth whitener too. So don’t worry about anything when looking for excellent quality beauty products here.

6: Snapchat

Snapchat was one of the first companies to create virtual masks, and though it had a promising future ahead at one point in time. Instagram quickly stole their technology. Nowadays many people don’t even know what this means anymore because they’re too busy capturing memories with an app called Instagram.

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Advanced makeup apps can be really convenient and time-saving. The best thing about them is that you don’t need any pesky tools or equipment, just your phone. You’ll find tons of different AR mask variations where the application process has been taken out for good. So all it takes now are eye arrows drawn in by a computer screen using augmented reality technology. Which immediately gives life to whatever design you’re looking at while also making sure everything looks perfect from every angle. No matter how many times we try on this new way these days.

7: Makeup

You can retouch your photos easily on the go with this free makeup apps. Which is available for free in both Google Play store and iOS App store. With its amazing features you’ll be able to make any picture look like it was taken by an photographer. If you are tired of the way your photos look, this app will save time and give better results. It has great features that make it easy for anyone to retouch their pictures on any device.

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This may be one of the best makeup apps for all you selfie lovers out there. It has live effects that apply to your video or photo when shot with a camera on Instagram, Snapchat etc. Like an instantly recognizable bob style called vintage hair. Which is great if you want something more natural looking than what came in default mode. There are 6 different face paint styles (including Christmas) plus 12 eye shadow colors. So no matter who’s behind bars this year it will look perfect fit even better than any narsissist powder could hope too.

8: Cymera

Cymera is the perfect app for transforming your everyday photos with tons of filters, effects and stickers. It will help you take that boring selfie-to something stylish in seconds. Now you can take your photos to the next level with Cymera. This fast and innovative photo editor is perfect for transforming any type of day-to-day shots.

It has an array or filters, effects stickers that will help make selfie’s look stylish as well as atmospheric images like those taken in nature or on city streets where there are more opportunities to explore interesting perspectives. Which give them their own unique style. With built -in algorithm these tools allow users control over skin smoothing, nose shape adjustment etc. Giving yourself primarily cosmetic adjustments without having post production skills required when using other applications available today.

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Get ready for an amazing time with your friends. You can always find new filters and settings in the special section of this makeup apps. There are more than 200 elements that will make you look gorgeous, no matter what type or style is best suited to you- big eyes, slimness just one click away. Smile mode so everyone gets their perfect picture taken right now or even smart selfie camera function. Where they get beauty shots and preferences applied all at once by opening up my cymera.

9: Visage Lab: Face Retouch

The Visage Lab is an upmarket beauty salon for your facial photos. Remove acne and wrinkles, outline the eyes to make them pop even more than they already do, whiten teeth. So you can show off in front of all those social media friends who are constantly commenting on how perfect everything looks with their glowing comments. It’s something worth celebrating.

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The portrait photography program is designed to improve the quality of portraits and allows you eliminate cosmetic defects in images (for example skin shine or pimples) as well as shooting errors. The one stop solution that helps your pictures be impeccably framed, crystal clear with no glare.

The app comes with an automatic mode and a large set of tools that can be used for editing photos. In addition, there are various effects such as antique styling or black-and-white shots which makes the images more interesting by giving them new life through innovative techniques like HDR lighting processing options in color correction. So you don’t have to worry about colors mixing up when trying out different looks on your own.

10: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best beauty camera & selfie photo editing app with over 300 million downloads and counting. Edit pictures to share on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. This app easy-to use mobile editor will make your photos stand out among everyone else’s in no time at all. We know because our users are constantly sharing their amazing edits online using this amazing tool of ours.

The YouCam Perfect app is a mini photo studio that lets you turn any picture into an incredible masterpiece. There are so many options for editing features, including applying the HDR effect and vignetting! With this tool at home or on your phone there’s no reason why anyone should take bad pictures anymore. Download it now to start transforming those dull moments in life with high-quality artistry from one simple click of a button.

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Bokeh Matic HD is a new and exciting app for all you selfie lovers. With this handy duddy, your face will be the star of any photo or video as it automatically filters in some bokeh style effects that make every smile stand out like never before. This program also lets you choose who gets their portrait made into an adorable holiday card. You don’t need to worry about getting anyone else involved because we got ‘em covered here at bokehmatic HQ.

Try to use one-touch effects, crop images, rotate them and apply blusher to remove shine or add freckles. You can also make perfect eyebrows with the help of Photoshop tools that will hide dark circles under your eyes in an instant. Create light spots where none existed before by painting out some parts using white paint (you could try different colors too). Adjust highlights so they stand out better against any shadows casted beneath it. Just keep editing until everything seems right.

11: Perfect365

From dark and heavy to natural skin, we have you covered with our extensive library of makeup. You can find your perfect look in moments thanks only to the power of a selfie or photo. That’s why this makeup apps is so popular among girls all over. From professionals who want something fresh for work (and not just another muddy lip) like Kim Kardashian West. Aspiring models curious about how different products will transform them into iconic stars such as Gigi Hadid. Everyday women looking forward.

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Perfect365 is a program that can create virtual makeovers, as well as retouch photos. The editor has all of the features needed for simply processing images without having to leave your computer screen. A beauty tool can be used to remove any skin imperfections and change facial features like bags under the eyes, tone of face and teeth. It will also allow you touch ups with makeup such as removing pimples or whitening one’s smile.

The application is easy to use, because of the user-friendly interface. The buttons have a modern look and can do what you need them for without any hassle. It’s also conveniently located at your fingertips in one place with all functions available from here or anywhere else on screen. As well by pressing hotkeys if needed which we’ll talk about later. The toolbar sits right below these virtual goods which are always there when access needs arise. Making sure everyone has quick access no matter where they happen be looking through this program.

12: LOOKS – Real Makeup Camera

If you want an app that can only apply makeup for your face, then loks is a good choice. It has a user-friendly interface and high quality workmanship. Making it unlikely to diminish photos or crash while using the application. If I had one piece of advice about which mobile device apps should be installed on every girl’s phone.

You will not just find any old makeup in this store. You’ll get to try out different looks and tones on yourself, with all the tools of your trade. From eyeliner and mascara for adding dramatic lashes. Highlighter which can be used as eyeshadow or vice versa if applied correctly. There is something here that everyone needs.

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You won’t have difficulty finding what you need at Makeup mall because we offer such detailed products for every type of skin imaginable. From light-colored complexions needing extra ease when applying green eye shadow without making them look too orange by dialing it down slightly.

For those who are feeling lazy or just don’t want the hassle of making their own makeup. There is a separate category on this site where you can find different sets from popular brands. If they strike your fancy try them out until something catches your eye. You can try different makeup by famous brands. There are pre-made sets for both full face and lipsticks at the bottom of this screen. Experiment until find something suitable.


If you’re looking for a way to save time and money on your beauty routine, these 10 free makeup apps might be just what you need. Whether it’s tutorials with step-by-step instructions or editing tools that help perfect your look, there are plenty of options here at the ready. You could even use them as an opportunity to try new products without spending any extra cash. Which app do you think will work best for you? What other tips would make getting ready easier? Let us know in the comments below.

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