April 21, 2024

16 Best Free Girl Game Apps For Android and iPhone

Are you a girl and searching for the best free girl game apps then you are at the right place. There are many games that are specially developed and designed for girls. Here we have come up with top 15 girls game apps that are free and you can easily download them to your android and iPhone.

Girl Game Apps

Through these games you can not only kill your time but also learn a lot. You can learn art from these free famous girl game apps. Other creative things that you can learn through these apps are cooking, painting, modelling and many more.

Girl Game Apps Free For Android and iPhone

1: Cheerleader champion

This is the best app that spots the girl’s interest. Here you can learn how to dress up yourself and how you will look in particular getup. This girl phone games provides you with a Barbie which you can dress up from head to toe. Using a variety of fabulous dresses and footwears.

You can also apply makeup and many more. For getting relaxed you can take a bath and massage this will make you feel relaxed and good. The app is provided free for both android and iPhone. You can easily download and enjoy this game on your devices.

free girls apps

2: Fitness Girl

This game is developed by coco play specially for girls. This girl game apps focuses on gym and dance. This game starts as you enter a gym and start doing exercises of your own choices. It will help you to be health conscious and you will learn a lot of dance steps and exercises that will make you fit.

Along with all these you will also learn to prepare and manage a healthy diet. The app guides you in all possible ways. You can also dress up in a sporty way. Dress up like a gym girl and learn a lot.

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3: Paris Girls

free game apps for girls

This is the best fashion app that will help you to decorate girls in Paris. You will get the opportunity to shop in Paris for a variety of items. Yah the app presents to the market of Paris where you can find out anything that you want for dressing up your Barbie’s.

The fashion consists of changing the dress, hair style, footwears as well as your eye colours. You will learn a lot through the app about fashion. If you have worked with great enthusiasm for fashion designing then you can download this app and enjoy it.

4: Supermarket Grocery Store Girl

Developed by Bean sprites LLC. This is the free girl game apps that you can easily download. The best feature of this app is that you can also play this offline. You don’t need any WiFi or internet connection to play this. This game is very easy to play. You can act as a grocery keeper and help people to get a variety of items. You can act as a guide and explore new items. Help out people and enjoy yourself. You will get experience through this game.

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5: Unicorn Dress Up

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This app is specially designed for girls who love to decorate their pets and love them alot. The apps provided for free without any subscription or payment in you can also play without connecting to Wi-Fi or any internet connection. You can name your pet anything as Tommy, Romi or whatever and then dress and decorate the pet as the app provides you lots of options and designer dresses as well as makeup items. You will enjoy this game.

Free Game Apps For Girls

6: My Room

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In this game you have to decorate a room according to your choice. You can shift your bed, your table chair and all the furniture of the room according to your comfort. Next you can also set your wardrobe accordingly. You can also change the colour of your walls and also the design that is printed on the walls.

If you need something extra then you can go to the option of extra material which will provide you with some stickers, some mirrors and some fairy lights which you can use to make your room more attractive.

7: Masha and the Bear

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This is the popular game which is all about cooking food. Indus 13 variety of animals and you are supposed to feed these animals by cooking a variety of food. Limited number of ingredients are provided to you and you have to prepare the delicious food out of it.

Both quality and quantity are run by the animals and as the level goes up your difficulty level also increases. This will boost up your cooking proficiency and also guide you in a better way.

8: Save the Girl

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this is quite a different game from the others here it is not about the make-up or any cooking or any designing it’s all about showing your bravery and saving the girl who is at risk. Search games are developed to boost up your confidence so that you can handle situations on your own.

In this game you are the savior and protector who is going to save a girl who is in a problem. By completing the task you will be rewarded and as you complete the lower task the level will increase.

9: Frippa Games for Girls

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This is the easy cooking puzzle game that girls can play and enjoy. Here the app presents you a good puzzle that is a bit tricky that you can easily play. This will boost up your intelligence level. This is a very interesting game that contains a variety of sections.

Here you can play According to your choice. If you want makeup puzzles or dress puzzles you can go for that. The app is provided for free and you can also play it without any WiFi or internet connection.

10: My Baby

play store games for girls

If you are a baby lover and you like to play with babies then this is the best game for you. You can download this app for Android and iPhone for free. The game provides you with babies with whom you can play. This baby will repeat whatever you will say and also respond to your touch.

You will feel like you are playing with a real baby. You can also dress the baby and do whatever you want. The best feature is that you can click 3D pictures of babies after dressing them well. Along with all these you can also use this as a future baby generator app.

11: Wedding Planner

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wedding planner is the app that is freely downloaded in iOS and Android. This game is all about the wedding where you have to plan everything and act as a wedding planner. The perspective is that you will be from bridge side and plan everything that is needed. This is a very interesting game that will show your weaknesses and strengths.

12: Cosmetic Box Cake Game

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This is a very famous game that is played by almost all the kids and girls who are cake lovers. You will get the opportunity to make and design the cake with beautiful cream and colours. This will make you a chef and also a better cook. Small kids also enjoy this game a lot and especially girls.

You can also play this game as a competition has many people around the world play this game. You are supposed to prepare your cake with all your creativity using the colours and cream provided by the app then you will be round and about it according to your cake.

13: Star Girl Calculator

This game is developed by Animoca for girls. The app helps you to do everything on the basis of calculators. Whatever you buy in the market all will be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided by the calculator.

You can also erase the previous amounts and calculations. It is provided to you so that you can learn and experience how to maintain and manage your expenditures. This is a learning app also.

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14: Stylish Girl Make me Gorgeous

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This game will teach you how to become stylish and modern by just changing your dress up and your hairstyles. This game provide you variety of dresses that you can pick up and also footwears. It’s all about making yourself stylish and gorgeous so you can try all the possible ways according to your choice and make yourself look quite smart.

Here the Barbie’s are provided over which you can try variety of items and then see which looks the best. This will help you to try something before as a trial and then you can try it in real life. This is a very interesting game that worldwide girls like to play.

15: Makeup Girls

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This is a very easy and standard app for girls which you can easily download for Android and iPhone. It is all about makeup which you can put over the Barbie’s that have been provided by the app. You can also look for the tutorials and then you can start up with the makeup parlour.

Here you can learn how to make new types of hairstyles and also a variety of makeups. You will get an opportunity to learn a lot through this app and also enjoy this. This girl game apps provides you a makeup salon where you will work as a makeup artist and your work will be ranked.

16: Im-A-Puzzle


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