Check out details about the best games to play over facetime. Nowadays, everyone is so busy with their hectic schedule that they are not having time to meet their friends or close persons more often. In such a situation it very happens that it becomes quite difficult to maintain the gold or relationship.

Games to Play Over Facetime

Sometimes communications become boring or irritating. In order to make the conversations fun and interesting, you should add some gaming factors. Now you must be thinking that how we can play games over video calls. Well, now there are several amazing games to play over facetime. Yes, here we are going to provide you details about some of the best games to play over face time. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Games to Play Over Facetime or Skype calls

This game is also called video call game and you can play it with your boyfriend and girlfriend. This is fun phone games to play with friends. All these skype games are fun, cute, good, cool, long distance relationship games. Try one of the games in this list once.

The best games to play over a whatsapp or skype call are ones that can be played from the convenience of your own home. The hardest thing about being away from home is not being able to have access to all of your favorite things, so these games will help remind you of the good times you had at home.

Coin Master

This is a free mobile game that does not require much attention, thinking or strategy. Due to its engaging design and easiness to play it can be an absolute time killer for those who are getting bored during their skype calls. The game is all about upgrading your village and acquiring stars to pass levels. This all is doable due to a huge slot machine, which gives you coins, spins, shields, raids, and attacks. The coins and spins are limited but you can get coin Master free spins from daily updated sources. This way you will not have to quit and wait to get free spins, instead, you can have a lot of spins, put the machine on auto-spin mode and enjoy your game.

1: Read my lips

This is the first skype games that you can play with the one with whom you are in a long-distance relationship. Usually when we communicate then we speak and the other person listens. In this game, you need to do lipsing of any word or song. Just turn off the mic and then say something. Another player needs to understand what you have said.

Turn by turn, the rules get changed. At the end, there is one winner. You can also add some time limits in the game to make it more interesting. At that time the particular player needs to guess more and more words. This is one of the best games that you can play on Face Time or Skype.

calling people games

2: Ludo

Ludo is one of the most interesting games to play over facetime that usually every second user loves. If you are willing to have some fun over your face time then you can play Ludo. Yes, Ludo is a game that will not only add fun to your face time but also you will be able to spend more time with your partner without having any boring conversations.

talking on the phone games

3: Guess The Word

This is a fun game that most people know how to play. It’s quick and easy, too! You need to think of anything (such as the name of your favorite film, person, subject, character etc.) without telling them what it is. Then when they ask you questions about whatever word you’re thinking, answer with only Yes or No answers so they’ll never have any clues on where this person might be going with their guessing question-game thingy.

4: Truth and Dare

It is one of the classic games that usually the couples play. First of all, 1 contender needs to choose from Truth or Dare. If the person has chosen truth then he or she has to answer a question truly. In case he chose there then he has to perform a task. This is best games to play while talking on the phone.

It is one of the best fun games that you can play over face time or skype calls. The best part about this skype games is that through this you get to know more about your friends, close person or relatives as well. This game is also popular among adults and children.

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5: Play puzzles

This is another best games for couples to play over the phone. Puzzle is one of those games that any person of any age can play. All you need to do is to purchase two identical puzzles and solve them over Face Time or Skype. If you and your companion are having the same puzzles then you can easily solve them.

Additionally, you can easily talk while solving the puzzles. You can either be helping each other or can be a competitor as well. Along with having great communication, the puzzle will also help you in developing your physical, emotional and cognitive skills as well.

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6: Movie Lines

Do you remember the line “I’ll be back?” There are so many iconic lines from movies that everyone can quote. But do your friends know them all? We’re going to play a game called Guess That Movie Catchphrase, where I will give clues about an old movie and if someone guesses it within two minutes then they get another person’s turn. One last thing: we won’t start with this one on purpose because people might not even guess what film is being referred to in Just Do It.

Games to Play While Talking on The Phone

When you’ve exhausted all the topics and want to avoid saying goodbye, what do you turn to? Playing online games together on Facetime or Skype is a great idea when neither of us has anything else in mind. Here are some fun ideas for your next video call:

7: I have never ever

facetime games

It is also an amazing phone calling games that is popular among adults. If you are willing to know your friend better than you must play this game over face time or skype calls. First of all one person needs to declare that you have never ever done something.

Then the other person needs to answer that he has done or not. This phone calling games can easily be played on Face Time or Skype. The best part about this game is that it is a multiplayer game. So if you are having more than one person on Face Time then you can easily consider this game.

Never have I ever questions example..

  • Never have I ever ridden an animal.
  • Never have I ever texted for four hours straight.
  • Never have I ever tried to cut my own hair.
  • Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.
  • Never have I ever had a crush on a friend’s parent.

8: Last letter

This phone calling games can prove to be the best time to pass for your face time for Skype calls. In this game, one person needs to utter the word for example Paris. Now the last letter of Paris is s, now the second person needs to utter a letter starts from.

For example the second person has said Singapore then the first person again needs to utter a word from the letter e and the games go on. It is also an amazing game that you can play on face time for a skype video call. The major rule of this game is that you cannot repeat the words.

9: To truth and one lie

This is another popular games to play over the phone. You get to know a lot about your friends as are a close person. While playing the game, a person needs to tell three facts about himself. From these three facts, two facts must be the truth and one fact must be a lie. The lie factor adds fun to this game. You can easily play this game every day and you will not even notice how the time passes.

10: Chess

fun games to play over skype

Chess is also an amazing application game that you can easily play with your partner while having face time or skype video calls. Will this game is amazing and it is available on Skype so it can easily be played by both Android as well as the iOS users. It is a two players game. If you and your partner uh love yes then you can easily spend your time while playing it.

11: 21 questions

In this game, both of the partners ask each other a list of 21 questions. For example, ram and Shayam are playing this game. Now ram will ask 21 questions about him to Shayam and then Shayam will ask 21 questions about him to ram.

Both the contenders need to answer the question. This game proves that how much a person knows other. It is also one of the amazing and interesting games that one can easily play over Skype or Face Time.

12: Kiss marry or kill

It is also an amazing and tricky game that you can play over skype with friends. In this game one partner gives another partner three names of any other person. Now, the second person needs to decide whom he wants to kiss, with whom you want to marry and whom he wants to kill.

13: Song Lyrics

This is superb games to play with friends on phone. For those who are passionate about music, this game is perfect for you. It’s a turn based game where one player sings the melody of a song without words and then their opponent must guess what the name of that particular song was along with who it sung by them.

The person with more points at the end wins and takes all glory home to show off in front of friends. The high score can go both ways: if your friend gets too good you may feel pressured into providing better melodies or just give up altogether; on other hand, they might not know anything from popular songs so an easy win could.

14: Have A Debate

It’s always fun to have a debate with your friends on Facetime and WhatsApp. You can pick any topic at random, then discuss the pros or cons for each side of that argument before choosing sides yourself. Whether you want an intense discussion in person or just chat about things from home safely without worry. This app makes sure everyone has their say while also keeping them safe by using FaceTime virtual reality technology. So they’re never too far away from those who need them most.

15: Play Drawing Games

Many of the best drawing games allow you to play with your friends via WhatsApp or Facetime. You can also make your own game by using draw mode on a chat screen.

16: Play Hearts

Try out the classic trick-taking and evasion game! Suitable for single or multiplayer online, Hearts has a simple objective. The player with the least amount of points wins. The online version offers players helpful guides and strategic tips, making it ideal for all ages and skill levels.Try playing on


These are the popular games to play over facetime for both iOS and Android devices. You can install these applications on your mobile phone and play games over skype. Hope you enjoy this phone calling games post then tell us to do comments and do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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