April 21, 2024

Top 10 Best Crossword Apps For Android And iPhone

Hello friends in this post we are going to share with you best crossword apps, the source of entertainment that helps everyone to refresh their moods. Now days everyone uses Android or iPhone and there are lot of games available for both devices but friends just think what if entertainment and brain trainer are mixed. The game which presents entertainment and memory sharpening will be a great block buster.

Best Crossword Apps

There are lot of crossword game app available that helps to train your brain. Isn’t it interesting if get profit from a game. These games are with various of puzzle solving games that helps you to train your mind and also to sharpen your memory. These are very top class games that are played by mind. Here we are presenting you top 10 best crossword apps for Androids and iPhone.

Best Crossword Apps For Androids And iPhone

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1: Crossword by App Nation

Among words biggest crossword apps it is the best one with more than 100 puzzles. These puzzles are provided with approx 10,000 ques that help you to solve the puzzles throughout. These ques are also unique that will definitely train your brain at Apex level. You can win the trophies by solving the puzzles and also you are provided with several task, the need is just to complete the task and win the super titles.

best crossword app

2: Little crossword puzzles

Solving a puzzle within time period is much more interesting and enthusiastic. When the limited time is provided you get more energy and encouragement to solve the task. Little crossword puzzles provided limited time that’s of 5 min so you have to solve the puzzle within 5 minutes and other feature of the app is it presents the hierarchy of difficulty level. That boost up your competitive spirit.

Here after solving each level the task raises it difficulty level. One of the best feature is that you can skip out of the app if you feel it’s not being solved.

best free crossword app

3: Crossword light

crossword app iphone

This is the other most played best crossword apps. The unique feature of the crossword light is you can play it online. This is presented for all androids and iPhone. Here you have to solve the puzzles of your limit using the keyword at your best level.

You can also see your level either you are improving or not and also what is the rate of improvement. This will surely boost up your spirit. This app provide you with new puzzles that are more than 40 levels so these new puzzles will give your brain new surprises.

4: Wordscapes Crossword Apps

It’s nice to go with modernization. This app is the modern app presented for androids and iPhone. It starts with easy level and then the difficulty level increases. The best combination of words is presented here, that will make you happy. You can also play the puzzles online. The special feature is mixing up the words and separating them out. There are more than 3700 puzzles.

best crossword puzzle app

5: Clean crossword

offline crossword puzzles

This crossword apps designed for android and iPhone. It is one of the best rates app. It’s free and easy to use. This is more challenging than other apps and limits the time and increases the difficulty level which will surely built the strength of brain as well as memory.

Many clues and hints are also provided to help you and this app can be easily download at your android and iPhone. Need is just to install the app and enjoy playing with intelligence.

6: Word brain

This app will train your brain with words. This game has 700 levels that attract the users very quickly and you can imagine the level of difficulty that is going to train your mind. This also provides you with different languages.

You can enjoy this in more than 15 languages it’s very easy to play and you need just to slide your finger at the screen of android and match the words. You gets all rewards after solving the tasks.

best crossword app for android

7: Crossword US

word puzzles apps

Crossword US is the most powerful app and best crossword apps for Android and iPhone that will surely increase your memory. Teazel developed it for free. You get the special feature of zooming the word so that you can solve it very easily and gets lot of hints and codes throughout the game to solve the tasks. You also have another feature to check your answers. This gives you confidence to play throughout.

8: Bible crossword Apps

shortyz crosswords iphone

It is free Christian app for androids and iPhone. You can play this game with friends, family members at home because this app provides words related to bible and different levels are also presented easy, hard medium.

This is the easiest puzzle game that you can solve easily so amazing thing about it is that this provides surprise puzzle weekly and if you win you gets bonus.

9: Penny dell crossword

download crossword puzzle games

This is the app presented free for android and iOS devices. Penny dell app provides 3 levels of game easy, medium and hard. If you are new player you can start it from easy level but if you are well in solving puzzles you can directly go to next level medium or hard.

The best feature of the app is it provides extra pen paper to solve the puzzle and this will makes it easier while solving the task.

10: Cody cross

This is the newest crossword apps for android and iPhone devices. It provides you unlimited puzzles to solve. This app has both options to play free or with subscription. During your subscription you can play unlimited free puzzle games. The new feature is it provides new twist and turn puzzles that will exercise your brain.

best crossword app

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