8 Best Height Measure App For Android And iPhone

One of the best ways to track your height is by using a handheld measuring tool. These devices make it easy for you to measure and record your height in seconds, and they can be used at home or wherever you go. If you’re interested in learning more about these useful instruments, read this blog post below. You’ll discover 8 of the best height measure app on the market today that help people like you easily track their heights. After reading this article, we hope that you will find an app that works well with your needs.

Height Measure App

Use your phone to take perfect measurements with the touch of a button. You can measure distances, angles and more on any project. No tools required. The features built into smartphones are expanding every day. So you’ll be able use it for all sorts projects in no time at all. Get started by mastering photography basics like knowing how far away something is before framing up an image or taking advantage that comesbuilt. In flash when shooting indoors during low light hours.

Height Measure App For Android And iPhone

Height is a measure that’s important to many people. It can be used for medical reasons, such as when you’re trying to determine how tall your child will grow and what shoe size they need. For adults, it might help with determining the best suit or dress length for them. If you want an easy way of tracking your height at home or on-the-go without having to worry about whether you have a measuring tape handy. We’ve got 8 great apps and tools here. They all take different approaches (some track in inches, some in centimeters) but each one has advantages over the others depending on which features are most important for you.

After you measure your height, the app will help you calculate how much growth is left in your bones. It’s a quick and simple way to keep track of growth spurts and estimate when puberty will start. Once it does, we’ll be able to see if our prediction was accurate or not. Check out our list below and let us know if any of these work well for.

1: Ruler

The ruler is the best tool for measuring small objects that are right in front of you. It can be used for determining length, pitch measurements and more. It’s great tool, like calipers and length calculation among other things. The ruler app is a must-have for any diyer or professional contractor.

This handy tool allows you to measure anything in the house without having an expensive measuring tape, and there are even conversion functions that give measurements like mm/inch conversions. With this great feature set plus plenty others such as calculating lengths with straight lines and area calculation. It’s not hard see why we engineers love our rulers so much.

height measure app

The Ruler app is the perfect tool for all your measurement needs. You can measure objects in different units, including customizable measurements that you set yourself. There are also conversions and calculations built-in. So it’ll be like having an extra set of eyes on any project with answers at hand right when needed without lifting a finger or needing to unlock anything.

The electronic ruler is a great option for people who want to measure their toys with pinpoint accuracy. All you need are the measurements of two objects that have similar dimensions, and then it will calculate every other dimension accurately. There’s no more guessing about how far apart or high off ground an object might be. All this technology does under your instruction in only seconds flat.

The electronic ruler is a great option for people who want to measure their toys with pinpoint accuracy. All you need are the measurements of two objects that have similar dimensions, and then it will calculate every other dimension accurately. There’s no more guessing about how far apart or high off ground an object might be; all this technology does under your instruction in only seconds flat.


  • Easy to use
  • Set the units: cm, mm, inch
  • Stylish design
  • Accuracy of measurement
  • Simple calibration

2: GHeight: AR height meter ruler

I’ve always been curious of my height, but it is difficult to measure at home by myself. It would be really great if there was a way for me find out on the spot. I am stuck in this terrible place where I want someone else around who can help me figure things like “what size boot do you wear? How tall are your parents?” then suddenly realizing that they’re not here anymore and feeling very alone all over again. Because no one understands just how hard these questions make us feel.

You can’t always find the right tools to measure yourself, but luckily there are other ways. Let’s say your height is around 6 feet tall and you live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow for yardsticks or long measuring tapes. Don’t worry! You just need access between two walls for about 10-15 seconds before they see a friend over at all my mates who do have those items on hand from time to time as well as some boxes under their beds too if needed.

measure height app

The GHeight app is the easiest way to measure your own height. You can do this by simply inputting how tall you are and what size shoe you wear, then getting back a detailed report on exactly where it says height in centimeters. There’s no need for doctors offices when we’ve got technology like this at hand. All data will be compiled together with our proprietary algorithm. So there’s less chance of mistakes or confusion later down the line as well.

The Gheight platform is an easy-to-use suite that enables you to track your progress. Your height, weight and BMI are immediately shared on social networks for entertaining friends or keeping up with family members. Who might be concerned about you. The interface also makes it possible compare results in real time based off of other users’ profiles. There’s no need to worry about losing data because everything leads back into one simple profile.

3: MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape

The potential of augmented reality technology is endless. With its use, you can create or see things that actually do not exist in the real world with a phone screen and camera lens. Imagine if people had this ability from birth. MeasureKit is powerful and easy to use, so you can take measurements with your phone.

The height measure app requires access to a camera on the device – either through an onboard module or as part of another service such as Google Street View for example. It will then provide information about all possible sizes that could fit whatever object interests you most at any given moment.

height measuring app

Create your very own science experiments with the help of MeasureKit. It’s made up of 9 different tools that can be used to measure anything in any situation. From magnetometers and rulers, cameras for fixed point distances; everything is possible.  When you have these awesome measuring devices at hand plus they come complete with an app. So there are no more complicated instructions needed on how to get started.

In addition to measuring tools, you can also try out the Face Mesh feature that exports a 3D model of your face. With just one tap on this export button and in less than 30 seconds time-frame for each person measured using their camera. MeasureKit has made it easier than ever before. All thanks to its innovative features such as these two specifically designed with convenience at heart. So wearers won’t have any hassle during use either which makes taking accurate height measurements easy peasy lemon squeezy.

4: Moasure – The smart tape measure

The Moasure app not only measures the physical dimensions of any room you are in, but also calculates how much space there is between each object. With this information at your fingertips it will become easier than ever before to make decisions about where furniture should go and what decorations would look best.

Height measure app can measure your phone’s dimensions in different ways. This includes the length, width and height of an object as well as internal room dimensions or inter-room distances between two points within a given space with its accelerometers and gyroscopes technologies that are found on modern day smartphones.

app for measuring height

Sewing can be a complicated process, especially when it comes time to measure things. But the good news is that with modern technology you don’t need tapes anymore because your measurements are right at your fingertips. All data will immediately transfer through RAM and onto an email or SMS for easy access no matter where they’re needed.

Even if there’s only 1% accuracy in each result (it varies depending on smartphone models). You’ll never have trouble measuring precisely enough again. All thanks to this amazing new innovation by companies like Apple who make sure their products work together seamlessly without any problems whatsoever.

5: Height Meter – AR Measure App

An app called height meter is available in the App Store. It lets you measure how tall someone else’s feet are by using AR Kit smart capabilities. It has all sorts of bells and whistles to make sure that your measurements stay accurate. The interface includes:
The ability to change meters (meters can also represent their height). Press X next time we’re measuring them again.

It can be fascinating to measure yourself and see how you compare with everyone else. It also gives a good idea of what clothes may work best for your size. Which might make other aspects in life easier. How do you measure the height of something without a ruler? With an app like height meter, it’s easier than ever.

app to measure height

This is because this free iPhone application will help find out all data about someone or something in just one tap. Simply open up your phone and type what kind of object that needs measuring with – be it human or animal. Then choose if they’re standing on their own two feet (standing), sitting down. The height meter is an app that takes advantage of the ARKit’s smart features. All you have to do it touch your screen and out comes a ruler or other type of metrical instrument, telling us about our current stature.

6: 3-in-1 Ruler

The 3-in1 ruler is a staple of any artist’s kit. It can measure in three ways: on screen, with an included spirit level and as a straightedge that curves into itself for aligning lines or objects perfectly vertical against walls without relying upon gravity. The measurements are always accurate because it uses the electronic distance readout system which eliminates human errors caused by trying to eyeball distances between two points very close together. So no more guessing whether you got 20cm or 25 cm when all other tools I’ve used before required me just estimate one way.

height checker app

Augmented reality actions are an easy, cost-effective way to measure on your screen. You can place a virtual measuring tape that will snap into position and give you accurate measurements in real time. Plus if accuracy is what’s needed then there’s also printing options for those who don’t want any extra equipment or fuss with their office supplies. Augmenting reality teaches measurements with a virtual tool.

The 3-in-1 ruler is a useful tool for any household. It’s easy and straightforward to use, with bright colors that make it simple enough even when measured up close or in low lighting conditions such as during night time operations. Where measurements are taken without special tools needed.

7: CamToPlan – AR measurement/Tape measure

What do you use to measure things in your house? Usually, it’s a ruler. Now with CamToPlan, that can be done without holding anything. Use the virtual rulers and tape measures on an augmented reality enabled phone like Samsung S7 or Google Pixel 3 for accurate measurements of objects no matter how big they are.

With CamToPlan, you can measure anything with AR horizontally and vertically. Measure distances in length or width to see if your house is the right size for a new addition. It’s also perfect for measuring areas of surfaces like roofs when selling homes so that agents know what they’ll need on their side.

measure app height

CamToPlan is a simple and intuitive AR measuring app that makes it easy for you to measure anything in your home. You can take measurements while standing on the same level as what needs measurement, without having any tools or equipment necessary. All of this happens through just one camera. No laser meters required anymore thanks CamToPlan.

8: Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

Ruler is the only tool you need for any measuring task. Whether it’s marking up your clothes or getting an idea of how big something actually is. This app has what every home handyman needs on both phone and tablet. With Ruler, you can measure anything from objects around your house to how tall people are. With a simple tap on screen or press and hold for measured distances up close in real-time with different units of measurement: inches (in), centimeters(cm).

measure your height app

Choose between two intuitive interfaces inches standard measuring system. Centimeters metric indicating length across only as width is included also. Awards will be rewarded if creative use cases such as home schooling. The app is designed with a fast and responsive interface that looks great on phone as well as tablet.

The modern design of the site makes it an attractive choice for users who want their content accessible from anywhere at any time. Whether they’re sitting in front on their computer or traveling light-weight but not without power source thanks to its built-in battery.


Height is an important aspect of your health, and it’s one that you should be tracking. One way to measure height at home or on the go is with a handheld measuring tool like these great apps. These mobile applications make it easy for people to track their heights without any hassle whatsoever.

You can use them in your own home or wherever you want, which makes them perfect if you travel often for work or pleasure. They’re always there when you need them. Have you tried any of these height measure app? Which one do you think will work best for your needs?

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