February 28, 2024

7 Best Altimeter Elevation Apps For Android and iPhone

You don’t need to be an avid hiker or climber in order to enjoy the benefits of having a great altimeter on your phone. From tracking how much you climb each day while biking, running, hiking or walking your dog. There are many ways that owning one of these altimeter elevation apps can make your life easier and more fun.

Altimeter Elevation Apps

An altimeter measures the altitude of a place above sea level. These devices are often found in planes, but they can be used by hikers and mountain climbers too. With an altimeter app, you can measure your elevation on your smartphone or tablet. This article reviews some of the best altimeter apps available for Android phones and iPhone devices.

What is Altimeter?

An altimeter is a device used to measure the altitude, or height of an object above a fixed level. It can be found in airplanes, submarines and spacecrafts for measuring how high they are from the ground. The first known usage of this word was in 1593 when it was coined by Greek scholar Juan de Medina.

Altimeter Elevation Apps For Android and iPhone

The altimeter elevation apps are a great way to save money on traveling equipment. The high cost of hiking supplies can be replaced by technological advancements, which is very heartwarming. No matter what you need an altitude for from seeing your progress while hiking or controlling whether or not someone has altitude disease. These useful software programs will help make the necessary measurements.

1: My Altitude

My Altitude is a device that measures your current location, altitude (height from sea level) barometric pressure and water boiling point. It uses GPS signals for this information to determine when you are in mountainous terrain or near open bodies of water. Like oceans where there’s little groundmass giving off fewer electromagnetic radiation readings due to its higheraltitudes. All without having any physical activity on their end.

This application uses the device’s sensor to determine altitude. But you also have an option of using NOAA data files. Which can be accessed through your internet connection when outdoors. And is more accurate than what this app would give if used indoors on newer phones/tablets with advanced sensors.

altimeter app

The next time you feel like buying a new phone, think again. If your current device still works well and has plenty of battery life left in it- don’t worry about getting another one just yet. There are many apps out there which can provide accurate data without needing advanced sensors or cameras on smartphones. This means that even though they may not have all the bells & whistles associated with more expensive models. For most users this will be sufficient accuracy when needed most.

This altimeter elevation apps is a lifesaver. It’s amazing and has lots of features that make it easy to get anything done on your phone. If you’re an iOS user, I recommend downloading this one because there are other apps out there like it which may work better.

2: Altimeter Ler Live Gps Geotracker

Modern Altimeter GPS app is for folks who care about hiking and biking in mountainous terrain. The accuracy of this device’s distance indication makes it the perfect choice for those exploring new areas. As well as seasoned veterans alike. With both metric units available on-board you’ll be able to keep track no matter which system your friends use back home. Or if they don’t have any idea how far something actually weighs at all.

Modern altimeter gps plus application can assist avid outdoors enthusiasts like me with my exploration outside of city limits. Whether I’m traveling through more developed regions. The choice between unit systems can be made easily within this innovative application. Which also includes an easy-to-use map interface so you know when your next turn will arrive.

best altitude app for android

Altimeter Ler is a real-time orientation app that lets you know the magnetic North and vice versa. It also tracks your way as well as saving such parameters like distance, time average speed max speeds among others – altitude included of course. I’m sure we all enjoy going somewhere new or meeting up with old friends for coffee but there’s something special about finding those perfect spots deep in nature. Where nothing else exists except us and our surroundings. Well now thanks to Altimeter app on apple or android devices.

Have you ever wanted to know what the weather will be like on your next adventure? Well with this app, all of those wonders are at hand. The temperature info connected with sunsets and sunrises as well as wind speed makes it easy for anyone who love reading about new destinations or planning out their days accordingly.

3: My Elevation

My Elevation provides precise surface elevation data for any location. You can also get distance, direction and estimated time of arrival while using this service. The My Elevations app is designed with two simple functions in mind. Getting your current altitude at home or on the go.

Pinpointing exactly where you are so that others know too (ease of use). The more complex options allow users to explore what else they’re capable. Sometimes surprising discoveries await those who dig deeper into their surroundings through interactive maps. Along with stories related specifically around certain places throughout North America.

altitude of my location

Don’t worry, your location is always on. You can update the application to show where you are with pinpoint accuracy and more information. It doesn’t have an offline mode. Instead it relies on a data connection for map updates as well as rich statistics about yourself like elevation gained or lost since last track was created. Giving us all sorts of insights into what makes this person tick.

You can use My Elevation to find out about the weather and attractions in a destination all from your phone. With this altimeter elevation apps, you will be able explore places even more. My Elevation will tell you the weather there and let your explore Wikipedia articles about attractions nearby. If curious at all, this is a must-try.

4: Altimeter Offline

The app with the best altimeter is called Altitude Tracker. It doesn’t have an internet connection, so you can take your measurements even if there’s no signal. In order to use this amazing tool for altitude calculations on iPhone/iPad devices users need only download and open altitude tracker.

Once inside it is very easy as all one needs do is tap once where they want their location displayed in regards either feet or meters from ground level. Then wait until enough data has been collected before pressing quit which will store these coordinates within a database located deep within Apple.

apps for altitude

Altimeter is a program that can measure and track your progress. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, Altindeavor has got it covered with an offline mode for those who want to go beyond just hiking or trekking. The measurements sometimes aren’t exact because eventually this software won’t have access to the internet. But its still decent enough as long as something goes wrong during use so don’t stress out too much about accuracy when using Alotimetor.

There are many activities one can do in the great outdoors, but what about when you want to take your measurements? Altimeter Offline provides an accurate way of measuring height without relying on calculations or accessing Wi-Fi. The need forinternet access doesn’t mean that our tools have given up on working hard just because they’re offline. It means we’ve done all possible research into being able to get high quality data. While still remaining compact enough not require constant connection throughout use.

5: Altimeter free

Altimeter is a beautiful and useful app that can be used to measure your altitude. The one disadvantage of this program is the inclusion ads, but otherwise it’s great. You also get graphs for tracking how high you’ve gone with both barometer sensors (if installed) or GPS information if available on device. It’s free so there really isn’t anything stopping people from downloading this amazing tool into their phone today.

You can take pictures and post real-time updates from your adventures. You don’t even need to be at the top of a mountain. The app is so easy. It’s almost embarrassing how many people I know who have never used one before now. Because they’re just an instagram junkie. In summation: Astrapowered’s Mount Everest app allows you to follow other climbers as they ascend towards their goal. Whether that means reaching base camp or simply making summmit IE VE.

best altimeter app

This is a great altimeter that has all of the features you need to get accurate results. If an advertisement or two from time-to-time is alright with you, then this beauty will be free for your usage. Otherwise it can be purchased in order thank developer who made this awesome tool available ad free on google play store.

You can see the altitude in meters or feet and calibrate it from your settings panel. You’ll also be able to monitor how atmospheric pressure has changed over time, as well as view a histogram graph of forecasted weather conditions based on barometric readings with relative accuracy. You can even choose what type of graph best suits your needs. Whether its histogram with vertical bars showing relative change over time like frequent fliers may prefer.

6: Travel Altimeter & Elevation

The app is a must-have for any traveler. It helps you keep track of your altitude and pressure changes while traveling. So that’s no worries at all. This one only works on iOS devices but don’t worry because its sensors are considered very accurate thanks to how sensitive they are. You’ll never get anything wrong with this device in use again.

Altitude is a key ingredient for any successful adventure and this altimeter elevation apps will help you keep track of your altitude while hiking, climbing or flying. To use it simply enter in the reference pressure ( normally above sea level) and select an option from below. Mountains; ocean surface waves; sky cave explorer.

elevation app iphone

Which offers detailed information about stars at night rocks far beneath earth’s surface where volcanoes exist. The accuracy depends on whether there’s something wrong with sensors used. But even if they aren’t accurate enough they should give good estimates depending how fast changes occur during activity.

In the app, there is a compass as well. This means that you can always have your orientation in real time and if needed it will be easy to find with just one glance at the screen. In addition to this awesome feature for altitude monitoring they took care not only about accuracy but also style so all of their backgrounds are beautiful too like these colorful ones here.

The main function or what makes this awesome? It offers several unique aspects such as being able monitor both digital numbers along with barometric pressure simultaneously. Which gives users much better insight into weather conditions than ever before possible without investing hundreds.

7: Barometer & Altimeter Pro

We may not have any optional or unnecessary features, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. You can rest assured knowing Barometer & Altimeter Pro only includes the essentials. A barometer and an altimeter for accurate readings on both height above sea level. As well as atmospheric pressure fluctuations in either altitude and GPS coordinates. So you know exactly where your exact location is.

altimeter apps for iphone

With this free altimeter elevation apps, you can be your own weather forecast. The pressure changes and so does the temperature. You don’t need internet access because it gets its information from GPS. This means that with only one tap of a button on an iPhone5 or newer model running iOS7+. All forecasting will happen right there at home without having to go outside into fierce sun light where phones usually fail due power struggles between ios8 & gps.

It’s time to get fit. With this app, you’ll never be lost for words when someone asks what your measurements are. It doesn’t matter if there is no internet connection or any ads popping up on the screen. Because it has everything that person needs accurate dimensions of their body in both inches and centimeters. So they can finally feel confident about themselves once again.


If you’re not already using one of these altimeter apps, the time has come to make a change. Whether you own an iPhone or Android phone, there is something for everyone in this list. We’ve explored what each app offers and how it can help your life become easier and more fun by providing helpful information about your day-to-day activities that are close to home. No need to be hiking Mount Everest or climbing Kilimanjaro. Which specific features does your favorite altimeter elevation app offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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