April 21, 2024

11 Free Room Measure App For Android And iPhone

A lot of people find themselves in a situation where they need to know how much rug or furniture will fit into their space but don’t want to go through the hassle of measuring every inch. Luckily for you, we found some free room measure app that can help you figure out what size rug or furniture would work best with your desired measurements and needs.

Room Measure App

You might think that this is something only an architect needs, but it isn’t. There are plenty of reasons why someone would need to measure their room. Maybe you’re in the process of moving and want to know how much space you have left for furniture. Perhaps your landlord wants to make sure you aren’t taking up too much space, or maybe there’s a leak in the ceiling and you want to find out where it is.

I’ll tell you all about which room measure app is right for your needs and then show you step-by-step instructions on how to use it so there’s no confusion. Which room measure app have been using? What has been working well for your home decorating projects?

Room Measure App For Android And iPhone

These apps will allow you to measure the length and width of any given room with just one click. Some may be able to even tell you how much carpeting would fit in the space. It doesn’t matter if it’s bedroom, living room, or kitchen. These house measurement app can help you find out what size rug or furniture piece would best suit your needs.

1: AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

AR Ruler is a new app that allows you to measure things in your own home without having any tools or equipment. Simply aim the ruler at what needs measuring, and tap on screen when ready for measurement. AR rulers use augmented reality technology (AR) so they always know where their target plane is located.

All from within camera viewfinder of course. Once targeting begins it will automatically start taping then gauge distance between two points along side edge as well anything else needed just by swiping left/right. With augmented reality, you can measure absolutely anything with your smartphone. It’s an easy-to-use service that allows users to take measurements on different materials and objects in their environment without ever having to get out a ruler or tape measure.

room measure app

Augmented reality technologies are used to determine your height, weight and body mass index (BMI) through the app. All you need do is aim at a specific plane with camera on your smartphone. When it’s turned on in order for these measurements be taken accurately.

AR is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images onto your surroundings. In this process, all you have to do while turning on the camera through an app and aiming at specific plane with both eyes open from 10 feet away without glasses.

2: ImageMeter – Photo Measure

The ImageMeter app is a game changer for architects and designers. This easy-to use photo measurer will allow you to take photos in buildings that can be later edited with text notes, measurements or angles then export them directly onto your phone.

With ImageMeter you can take photos of different parts and measurements in a building to plan construction work. This is much easier than drawing sketches because it’s self-explanatory with this room measure app. You’ll be able to organize all your images on one device or export them for use elsewhere too – perfect if other people need access as well.

app for measuring rooms

You can determine the size of your room just by looking at a photo and ImageMeter is here to help. With this program, you will be able to accurately measure any space in less than 30 seconds. With ImageMeter, you can measure distances up to a whopping 400 meters with just one device. This software supports the widest range of Bluetooth laser distance measurement devices and brand names.

This measurement calculator app is a powerful tool that lets you measure within the images once calibrated with a reference object. This feature also enables easy access to measuring places that are too difficult for other reasons, making it an ideal choice in cases where accuracy matters most.

3: Magicplan

It’s no secret that field workers make up a big part of our industry, and much like many other industries they need tools to be more efficient when it comes time for them do their jobs. magicplan provides just such an app which can help you create estimates in minutes with ease from anywhere.

The best part about using this? You don’t even have leave home today because we’ve got everything right here at headquarters ready-to go. So there will never again be any excuses as why not having something on hand isn’t possible or weren’t aware enough beforehand.

app to measure a room

Magicplan is an application that allows the user to sketch out their house plan in minutes with all of its rooms, sizes, and distances between them. It uses modern technology which automatically creates sketches for both 2D or 3d models depending on what needs are needed at any given moment during the planning process.

Magicplan provides highly efficient ways in which architects may take care of their needs without having to spend hours doing tedious paperwork such as inputting measurements manually onto spreadsheet templates over again. Instead using digital tools like those found within this software allows designers a great amount of flexibility throughout designs stages from initial ideation through final approval at closing escrow on property purchase contracts.

The free version is lacking in many ways. You are only able to create 2 projects at once and some features are limited, which means if you want an extended use of this app or plan on working with it often then buy the subscription.

4: Floor Plan AR : Room Measurement

floor plan AR offers a new way to draw and record room geometries. With the innovative technology, augmented reality it is easy for you to quickly measure your space in both calculated values such as lengths or volumes without having any math skills.

Floor Plan AR is a free app that can be used to make reports about the layout and features of any room. It’s easy for those who work with houses as well as apartments, since it provides all necessary information such dimensions.

app to measure rooms

Measure your living room with Floor Plan AR to see how much space it actually takes up. You can use the camera mode, which automatically measures length and width as well as area and volume measurements that will give you a better idea of how big this is for an individual room in their house/apartment etc. Especially if they’re trying to negotiate rent or buy something new without knowing exactly what size home its going into first hand.

5: Quick Measure

Samsung is not afraid to compete with big names like Google and has its own application that allows you to take measurements in virtual reality. The QuickMeasure will recognize any size object, person, room etc. As well as provide an accurate 3D representation of what’s being measured.

room measuring app

In order words, they have created this device so that we don’t need tools anymore when trying out different designs or materials during construction projects. Instead, all those tasks become much simpler since everything has been possible within reach right there at home. From figuring out how big your living room needs through checking whether someone else’s wall could be transformed.

QuickMeasure’s Measure function will automatically save your measurements for you in the history of this app. So that if it is needed they can just go back and get them. The best way to work with QuickMeasurue using its depth vision camera which has more accurate results than other types like LiDAR or radar guns used by law enforcement officers.

6: Moasure – The smart tape measure

If you have ever found yourself wondering how much a certain piece of furniture should weigh or if your floor is level, then Moasure might be for you. It’s an application designed to measure everything from distances and angles all the way down to foot traffic patterns in order to give individuals insight into their environment without needing anything other than themselves as equipment.

The program can work on most modern smartphones because it requires sensors that detect length measurements through triangulation technology. No more carrying around bulky tools like rulers or laser gauges anymore when we’re able just use our phones instead.

apps for measuring rooms

Well, you’re probably wondering how to take a measurement. To get the accurate information that will help with your home improvement project, it’s important for us to move our smartphones into different places in order for themto give off some data. As opposed to guessing, using Moasure is more scientific. The accelerometer and gyroscope will calculate the size for you with an almost negligible margin of error.

For example- let’s say I want find out what size rug would look best at my living room wall. Well here are 3 easy ways on getting this done: Place one end near wherever there is furniture present right now (like if they have an area rug) then slowly walk away from yourself while still keeping eye contact until reaching opposite side without turning around.

7: AR measure – Automatic augmented reality measuring

With AR measure, you can carry out a quick and easy measurement for any object without having to go through the hassle of carrying around a metre ruler. By simply taking your smart phone into an environment that has been scanned with 3D sensors such as home or office settings.

It will automatically allow this room measurement tool access so all measurements are accurate from every angle. Plus once finished scanning just send in photo showing dimensions via chat app favorite. No need printing off forms at inconvenient times when they’re needed most.

house measurement app

What’s more? The companion chat has seamless integration so once they receive their reading there will already be instructions available where needed including sending over images too if desired by sender. This particular nifty piece comes equipped not just as being able.

Do you want to measure anything? AR is the tool for your needs. It can do it all with just a few clicks on the screen and an easy interface that is designed. So anyone who has ever used a measuring tape will know what they’re doing in no time flat.

8: SizeUp – A Smart Tape Measure

SizeUp is a digital tape measure that allows users to measure anything with just one tap. Its easy and intuitive interface makes this tool perfect for measuring surfaces such as walls, floors, or even your ceiling. The accuracy of SizeUp is 2 centimeters. So you can be confident in the data obtained and not worry about it being inaccurate because this margin was taken into account during calculations.

room measuring app android

Sizeup measures length (in feet), width – both straight sides as well as curved ones. So you can be sure it will work accurately on any shape; height too. You can also choose between Metric system which uses millimeters instead pounds/inches Americans use inches: select ‘Inches’.

The SizeUp App is designed to be the most accurate and correct digital measurement tool. It has been said that not all smartphone measuring apps have this level of precision, but with sizeup you can expect nothing less than perfection. Not only does it provide measurements in centimeters or inches (depending on preference). Its features also make sure every detail gets accounted for – like weight loss goals as well as clothing sizes.

9: SimplAR Measure

The SimplAR Measure app is the perfect way to ensure that you’re staying on top of your measurements. The measuring tape will be there in augmented reality, and a 3D floor plan can help visualize what’s going down with every room.

SimplAR Measure is a virtual ruler in your pocket. Point, shoot and measure anything around you instantly with this room measure app. It’s easy to use on any device – simply point the camera for measurements up close or take an expansive view of what it can see from afar.

room measurements app

How big is that table? Will this couch fit into my bedroom am I able enough space left over after moving out etc. With simplar measure answer these questions quickly so there are never struggles when living life as usual.

With a virtual tape measure, you can now calculate the dimensions and distance of your home without ever having to lay down on ground. It’s as simple as placing one point in front or behind yourself. So it extends from there until reaching another point on flat surface. You will be able use this ability any time for quick reference when designing rooms around our new house.

10: AR measure ruler meter GRuler

When it comes to attracting attention, the only thing that GRuler has found is an ordinary giraffe. This simple and innovative design was enough for them as their unique way of getting people’s focus on what they offer in this world. Having a unique approach to design, GRuler wanted their product to stand out above the rest. They created an ordinary giraffe and used it as tool of attraction for all customers on google search engine results pages.

With this room size calculator app, you can take measurements of any kind and the virtual tape measure will calculate all of your calculations for you. The best part is that he’s with on the go. Without even having to get out a ruler or pencil (he carries those too), just point him in any direction. No need for people who don’t like doing the math here at all.

room size calculator app

The GRuler app uses ARKit to measure the size and shape of objects. It can be used for measuring anything, not just rectangle-shaped things like before. With this new technology your measurements will cover up any area on a floor. So you don’t have to worry about getting an inaccurate reading from certain angles or distances away with old fashioned rulers.

The newest innovation in our industry has been developed using augmented reality (AR). This allows us as consumers access information such as dimensions without having three dimensional models available at hand which helps save time when planning out projects.


We found a free room measure app that helps figure out the size of rugs or furniture based on your desired measurements. With so many different types of sizes and styles, it can be difficult to know what will work best with your space. The Room Measure App may help you find just what you need. We hope this article has been helpful if it wasn’t already obvious. We’re here to make sure all your questions are answered before making any decisions.

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