February 3, 2023

6 Best Pupillary Distance App for Android & iPhone

There are several pupillary distance app for the Android and iOS operating systems. These apps allow you to measure your pupillary distance to get glasses that fit your face best. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are probably the most common vision problems. Not only do we all face these challenges over time but their effects can be seen in many people’s lives today. Take a look at our list of these six before deciding on which one is best for you.

Pupillary Distance App

Do not forget that before you buy your first pair of glasses, there are some steps to take. One is the procedure for measuring interpupillary distances. This will be done by an optical specialist in most cases but can also be measured on a daily basis at any store. If they have access to tools like laser scanners or cameras. These measurements help determine what frame works best with each person’s face shape and size. So it doesn’t feel overwhelming when buying them.

Pupillary Distance App for Android & iPhone

There’s no need to go without measuring tools when you don’t have a special ruler at home. A smartphone can be equipped with one of these apps and measure your interpupillary distance more accurately than any classical tool ever could. We provide the 6 Best pupillary distance app for android & iPhone. That we think will help find just the right fit in this article.

1: PD Pupil Distance for Eyeglasses

The PD Meter App by GlassifyMe is the perfect tool to measure your pupillary distance (PD) quickly and accurately. The app can be used with both iPhone or Android devices. So you don’t need an expensive meter. What are some of its features? This application provides two ways for people who wear glasses like me.

  • 1: Determine whether they’re wearing their correction too tight.
  • 2: Check how thick lenses affect vision in terms on near-and faraway objects.

pupillary distance app

PD Pupil Distance suggests taking a picture with this card so you don’t need to worry about someone reading your bank details. Simply turn the magnetic side of it facing away from any cameras and they will not see its number or other sensitive information.

PD Pupil Distance is the only app that provides accurate information about eye-sight. The data can be used for ordering new prescription glasses, adjusting virtual reality (VR) googles or anything else your mind may come up with.

2: GlassesOn

GlassesOn uses cutting-edge computer vision and sensors to scan your glasses for their optical parameters, providing you with a full prescription including sphere (power), cylinder (astigmatism), axis. The algorithm also provides data on pupillary distance or PD which tells us how far apart our eyes need to be open to keep them focused correctly without having any problems such as nearsightedness.

GlassesOn is making the glasses buying process more convenient by taking into account your prescription preferences and eye movement. They use computer vision to determine where you are looking, adjust for it. So that all parameters can be shown onscreen in real-time. No need to go back and forth between laptop or tablet screen.

measure pupillary distance app

This app innovative artificial intelligence (AI) Eyecare technology accurately reads your face and draws on-screen accurate measurements to create lenses that fit perfectly. While also accounting for any astigmatism or multifocality in order make sure you get perfect vision every time. Even without sophisticated equipment.

3: EyeQue PDCheck

EyeQue is the only company that makes it possible to measure your pupillary distance with just one quick measurement, without any guessing or wasting time. PDCheck frames are required for access to apps like Netflix and YouTube so you can enjoy them to their full potential.

EyeQue is the leading brand in eye care technology. With Eyeque, you can quickly and easily measure your pupillary distance to order glasses or enjoy a virtual reality headset without any hassle whatsoever. The PD Check lets users know if they need corrective lenses for nearsightedness/farsightedness from just one quick measurement on their phone screen.

pd ruler app

Get your new glasses on the cheap with just a quick and simple app! With Eyeque PDCheck, you can measure how far away from the pupil of an eye is without visiting an optician or going through all those hassles at the Eyeglasses store.

The latest trends in eyeglasses are VR headsets and prescription levels that make virtual reality feel more natural than ever before. But if they’re too far away or don’t fit properly there’s not much chance of enjoying them because our eyesight isn’t perfect anymore.

4: Pupillary Distance Meter | PD Camera Measure

Pupil Distance Meter is an app that can be used to measure the pupillary distance or Inter-pupillary. Which are important measurements when selecting the right eyeglasses. This tool also works with most camera phones on iPhone and Android devices.

To measure your pupil distance, you will need a plastic card and the device that can read it. This includes any type of ID cards or credit cards to get started with! The size is set internationally depending on what they are using in different countries so there’s no need for worry here. Just make sure whatever object has this measurement across all borders matches up perfectly against our pupillary distance app.

pupil distance app

To measure your pupil distance, you will need a plastic card and a device that can read it. This includes any type of ID card or credit card to get started with. The size is set internationally depending on what they are using in different countries. So there’s no need for worry here. Just make sure whatever object has this measurement across all borders matches up perfectly against our pupillary distance meter app.

5: Pupil Distance Meter Pro

Pupil Distance Meter Pro is a useful application that will allow you to measure the distance between your pupils with just one tap. All it takes are pictures of eyes and this amazing tool can calculate precisely how far apart they were from each other for users to know if their glasses fit correctly or not.

eye measure app

Pupil distance meter pro also offers you to apply different shapes of eyeglass frames. So that in advance how they will look on your photo. This way when finding new glasses is easy and fun. The pupillary distance app will allow you to order new glasses without going to an optical store. You might even find a frame that looks better and is more stylish.

6: Pupillary Distance Measure

Pupillary Distance Measure is a tool that takes the hassle out of accurately measuring your pupillary distance. It uses just a camera, size card (gift, store credit/ID), and vertical mirror for an easy three-step process. It’s so easy to measure your eyes with this free app.

You just need a smartphone camera, and the instructions will help. The interface is intuitive too-you’ll know exactly what steps are needed for accurate results in no time at all.

pd measurement app

One of the best ways to measure your pupillary distance is with a vertical mirror, smartphone camera, and standard size card. The process should be done while standing in front or holding up against an eye-level object. So that you can take pictures from all angles.

This tool not only gives you a precise measure of your pupillary distance but also saves the data for future use. With this information in hand and VR headsets becoming more popularized. it’s important to know how far those lenses magnify our vision. So we can make sure things look as intended when wearing them.


If you wear glasses, then this post is for you. The average person wears their eyeglasses for about 12 hours a day and might not know that they’re wearing the wrong prescription or even worse. They may be wearing lenses that are too strong. Even if your vision seems fine with regular eye exams. There may be still an underlying issue like nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Don’t wait until your eyesight starts to worsen before making changes. Use one of these pupillary distance apps today so you can identify any potential problems early on and get proper prescriptions as soon as possible.

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