February 28, 2024

Top 10 Best Call Forwarding Apps For Android And iPhone

Hey guys in this post we are going to provide you best call forwarding apps for android and iPhone devices. Call forwarding is the innovation to communication technology. Now it has become very necessary to forward any call or message. Whenever you gets some information through message and you want to inform your other colleagues then it becomes helpful.

Call Forwarding Apps

Jut forwarding it to all the desired contacts. Same do the call forwarding works. If you gets a call you can forward it to other number. By using this option you can forward the call to third party. This feature get its importance from business companies or large production companies where thousands of people work.

Here you gets a call and if you don’t have the information being asked you can forward the call to the third person who can do it for you. This feature is so amazing that it saves your time, clients time. It is also helpful in reducing your efforts. This feature has reduced the extra effort that the employee do.

Call forwarding is the most efficient way to deal with the information related things. This is the most easiest way to forward your calls and messages to another number. Here we are providing you with top 10 call forwarding apps for Android and iPhone. You can download these apps to your androids and make your work more efficient and time conserving.

Best Call Forwarding Apps For Android

1. Simple call forwarding

This is the best call forwarding apps designed for your android phones. This is available as widget at your android. You can easily use it throughout. What makes it simple is you can easily activate it and also deactivate it in a single click. There is no long procedure to used this app.

It follows very simple and quick steps. It supports all call forwarding options. Once you use the app the calls are automatically set. You just need to keep the settings according to your desired choice. The calls that are not of you are directed to forward to third person.

Simple Call Forwarding

2. Forward My Calls

Forward My Calls

This is the other call forwarding apps. It is quite easy to use. You can install and uninstall it very quickly. You need not follow very long and hectic process. It doesn’t matter if you are using android widget or starting this application from starting that is home screen.

Just enter the phone number and choose the delay time for the coming call. The current call can be delayed for the fixed time you want. You can directly forward and redirect the call to other number.

3. Call Divert – Forward or Divert Calls

Remote call forward is one of the most demanding app in the market. This is the best call forwarding apps across the internet. You just need to select the message and forward it to required numbers. For forwarding any call just select the number the call will directly forwarded to desired one.

The best option for cancelling is also available. If in any case you select the wrong number or buy any mistake you can cancel it by one click. Install the app and make your work easier and comfortable.

Forward or Divert Calls with Ease.

4. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

It often happens that your phone get discharged and calls get disconnected. Most of the time you forget your charger. Then this app can help you to transfer your call quickly. Last call forward helps you to transfer call to another number.

Whenever your phone’s battery is about to die you can forward call to another number. It also have a smart feature of monitoring your phone’s battery. This app regularly monitor your phone’s battery and forward call automatically. It is the ideal call forwarding apps that is used across the world.

5. Call Forwarding

The name of app suggest the top feature of the app. Sprint refers to fast work. You can forward your call to other number by a single click. By pressing one button you can directly transfer the call to another number. This saves your time as well as easy task for you.

You need to type number at the quick forward application and it will transfer your call to desired number. The next option provided is to create shortcut. You can click at particular space to create a shortcut. It also helps you to create custom name for each profile.

Call Forwarding

6. GV Connect

call forwarding

When there is any network error it interrupt with your important calls. Here you need to transfer your calls to another number. In another case when you get many calls at your one number and it becomes quite difficult for you to manage calls. Then you can forward call to another number.

Quick call forward apps is very helpful in all the cases. Three different types of home screen are presented. Activation, cancellation, easy to create forward message at any place either home screen or assigned place. It provides you with four call forwarding types all calls, when call busy when there is no answer and when no call reachable.

7. Voipfone Mobile

forward your calls and messages

This app forward your calls and messages without users intervention. You just need to fix the calls that you want to forward. This is the easiest app that helps you to transfer the calls.

It consists of easiest feature available till date. Your work becomes quite easier while using this app. Just install this app and make your work easier and faster.

8. Call and SMS forwarding lite

	 Call Forwarding

Guys here we present you the free version of call SMS forwarding. Call and SMS forwarding lite is free version Premium that allows you transfer call to another number.

The requirement is just your email id. You need to fill your valid email id at desired place. After that the app starts and forward the calls and SMS to another number whenever required.

9. Call Forwarding Lite

This app works similar to call and SMS forwarding app. It is helpful in most of the required cases. It often happens when you forget your phone at home but your important calls and SMS could be missed.

In this case you can transfer your calls and messages to any another number. This is very useful and helpful app. By Installing this app you can never ever miss your important calls and messages.

Call Forwarding Lite

10. Divert Calls

When your phone do not provide complete service or if there is any network issue this app helps you to forward call to another number. Fast forward app quickly transfer the call and message to another number within seconds.

Your work becomes very easy and quick. You need not to worry about missing messages and calls when your phone is showing any error. Just install the app and be tension free about missing important calls.

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