February 28, 2024

10 Best Free Walking App for Android and iPhone

This blog post is about the best free walking app that are currently available to download on your smartphone or tablet device. There are a lot of great options out there, but these are some of our favorites. Read more below to see what they have in common, what makes them different from one another, and why they’re worth downloading if you need an app to motivate yourself to walk more frequently.

Free Walking App

The morning is a time for getting creative and being more productive, but it’s often hard to get out of bed. There are many ways that you can motivate yourself in order reach your goals including using an app on your phone. Walking up early each day just so happens not only feel great after-the fact. But will also make sure this never becomes routine again because we all need some motivation now and then.

Best Free Walking App for Android and iPhone

I’m sure it’s no surprise that most people spend their time sitting down at work, driving around town in cars, or even just lounging. There are many apps for walking and running that can help you stay on track. This blog post will cover 10 of the best walking tracker app available for Android and iPhone devices.

1: Pacer Pedometer: Free Walking Step Tracker App

This walking app is the perfect way to track your steps, weight loss and calories burned. It can sync with Fitbit or MyFitnessPal so that you always have an accurate count of how much activity it took for each day. The walking tracker app is a great way for you to keep up with your friends and family’s exercise goals. You can create groups, invite members into them or find new ones through social media connections like Facebook.

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Additionally the software provides calorie burning guided fitness plans that will help motivate everyone in this virtual community of fit folks who are all striving towards better health together. What could be more motivating than competition. Just download, open and start walking. This app free step counter app will track your steps automatically if your phone is with you.

2: Fitbit

Fitbit is a great way to keep up with your daily steps and progress. No matter what device you use, the free app will help motivate as it tracks everything from exercise routines & challenges through meditation techniques. You can also connect Fitbit accounts together for family members or friends so they all have access too.

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This gives everyone an opportunity not only feel healthier but stay connected within our digital world without really talking much at all (or even meeting face-to-face). Mentioning “inspiring community” seems like one more thing worth mentioning here. There are tons of people just waiting in line behind me eager try out new fitness trends before anyone else has heard about.

Fitbit Features: 

  • Work out from home
  • Sleep better
  • Manage Stress
  • Eat Smarter
  • Track heart rate

3:  Map My Run by Under Armour

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned runner, this app has all of the tools needed to stay on track and motivated. Get customizable Training Plans with personalized coaching tips that will make running feel easier for even more beginners than before.

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And don’t forget about amazing community where 60 million other athletes support each person’s commitment towards health & wellness by sharing their stories. It makes hitting goals much simpler when there is company at least some days.

This app is a step up from just walking and can also track your routes. It helps you keep track of all the data that’s important to runners, such as time spent running or calories burned for each route walked in this application. This application can be connected to other health apps and wearables like the Apple or Samsung Watch.

4: Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

This pedometer is so easy to use. With the built-in sensor, it will keep track of all your steps. You can also view stats like how far you walked in miles or kilometers and burned calories while on a walk during one day with this cool gadget from Junk Mail Order Catalog Company Ltd.

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You’ll be able see how many times per week/day we should be going for walks based off our goals. Whether that’s just 10 minutes every few hours or an hour straight through twice per week without stopping at least once along the way. It’ll show up on graphs whether it’s day-to-day walking around town for work purposes or during longer distance walks like thru hilly parklands. Where there may be some hills to climb and others.

This step counter app is perfect for anyone who wants to track their steps without the hassle or expense of a GPS tracker. This simple, easy-to use tool uses just one built in sensor. So it’s super lightweight and doesn’t drain your phone battery like other apps do when they need constant access to cell service.

5: Walk with Map My Walk

Do you need a little push to get back on track? Fitness can be tough, but it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task. Training for Fitness has everything from customizable training plans and personalized coaching tips for runners who want their runs easier or more enjoyable. With the ability of 60 million other athletes to support your shared commitment towards health & fitness.

The walking app is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities like running and biking. This easy to manage mobile app has been designed by MapMyFitness. which specializes in creating cutting-edge apps that give people access everything they could need while out on the go.

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Once you download the app, it will provide easy-to-read graphs and charts that allow for tracking your performance. Additionally, there’s a feature where users can create their routes in addition to following old ones as well as adding friends through this platform. Which would further motivate them if they were feeling underperforming at any point during training or competition season.

This app has many features that are designed to help runners improve their performance. The accuracy of your statistics can be improved by connecting it with Under Armour running shoes. This will provide more personalized information on how far you’ve run in certain amounts of time or calories burned. While also giving an estimate based on stride length measurements taken from other people who have similar foot sizes as yours.

6: StepsApp Pedometer & Step Counter

StepsApp is a unique fitness app for Android and iPhone that tracks your steps, distance walked and calories burned. It does this with the help of an integrated pedometer in most iPhones but also has compatibility with Android devices. A lot can happen throughout our day; between work meetings, coffee runs on lunch breaks or after dinner walks around town.

There are plenty more opportunities to take some extra action StepsKit makes sure you don’t forget anything by recording everything through. Its sleek interface where goals progress towards completion become visible at each milestone reached.

When you’re on your next workout, don’t leave behind a GPS tracker that’s not only accurate and reliable but also one with all the bells and whistles. The Fitbit Alta HR is an excellent choice because it has GoogleFit integration as well as comprehensive performance graphs to help keep track of how far you’ve walked or run each day.

No matter what activityit was at. And if social media follows suit? No problem; this device comes in 20 different languages so everyone can enjoy sharing their amazing feats from morning till night or day after holiday.

7: Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava, the most popular activity tracker for athletes. This free app records routes and analyzes your training with all sorts of stats without any account creation or user input required. The strava activity tracker makes it easy to track fitness levels in real-time on various types of exercise equipment including bikes, runs & more.

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Strava is a social media platform for fitness enthusiasts. It allows you to challenge your buddies and compete in various sports such as running, cycling or swimming by uploading exercise data from these activities onto the app with others on it. This also makes competing against yourself much more interesting.

The new walking app will allow you and others on a similar path, set goals for yourself or challenge someone else. You can also use this feature as an opportunity to compare workouts with other people who are dealing with their own challenges. It could be just what everyone needs after those recent runs of bad luck.

8: Walkmeter GPS Pedometer – Walking, Running, Hiking

Walkmeter is the most advanced application for rexercise walkers, hikers and runners to make their fitness computer on any phone. Built from scratch with an emphasis in mind of Android users it offers features like maps graphs splits intervals announcements zones training plans more.

The distance walked, calories burned and time elapsed will be displayed on your wrist. The pace is automatically recorded in the app for up to 10 hours of strolling data that can later be reviewed with other users via social media or email through what’s called “sync.”

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A cool feature about this device is its automatic features which constantly track how far I go each day without me even thinking about it. It records my stats like average speeds.

WalkMeter is a new app that tracks your movements to help you reach healthier goals. It’s free, easy-to-use, and includes an elite plan with personalized coaching from experts as well as support for friends who want in on the action. There are also plans at different levels so it doesn’t matter if someone just wants basic information or more detailed data about their fitness activities. Walkmeter has something available for everyone.

9: Argus Calorie Counter Diet

Argus is the perfect app for people who are trying to lose weight. You can track your calories, steps taken and distance traveled with this incredible piece of software that will keep tabs on everything from heart rate down to how many hours. You’ve slept in a row at one time.

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People are always looking for new ways to push their limits and find inspiration. This handy little tool can measure someone’s heart rate while running or even help them identify other runners nearby with similar goals in mind. You could also use these same features between friends by comparing workouts as well as routes during your runs.

This exercise app will take your movement and speed into account while guiding you through a virtual workout. You can also use it to track workouts, see how long or far you walked in real-time with measurements from GPS tracking coordinates of every step taken along the way.

10: Walking for Weight Loss & Pedometer – Step Counter

The walking for weight loss app is a great way to track your steps, calories burned, and fitness levels. It’s easy-to-use with features that help you get into shape. The step counter will keep an eye on how many miles or kilometers you’ve covered while the calorie counter helps monitor where those extra snack foods are coming from.

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The walking app keeps track of your outdoor activities, from hiking and backpacking to running. It also takes altitude measurements via GPS in the Android phone you’re using for this program.

  • Total duration of the activity
  • Average walking speed
  • Google maps
  • Walking distance
  • Altitude provided by GPS
  • Saving your activities
  • Tracking your walking route


The best walking app for you is the one that will help you stay on track and motivated. We hope this blog post has given you a few ideas about which apps might be right for your needs, but don’t forget to try them out before making a decision. There’s no better way to find what works than by testing it yourself. Which of these 10 walking tracking apps have been most helpful in keeping up with your fitness goals?

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