April 21, 2024

7 Best Blood Pressure App For Android and iPhone

There are a number of great blood pressure app available on the Android and iOS platforms. These apps offer everything from tracking, to diagnosis, medication reminders, and even one that helps you remember your last reading. This article will review some of the best options for both platforms. So you can find the app that is right for you.

Blood Pressure App

The increasing number of available health apps have made it easier than ever for you to become your own doctor. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, any one can be equipped with tools that will help diagnose diseases and improve their general well-being. The first 8 applications we are going over each offer different types or tracking features so they’re sure not all individuals need the same thing.

What does Blood Pressure Monitor App do?

Blood pressure is a medical term for the force of blood pushing against artery walls. Blood pressure readings are usually given as two numbers, such as 120 over 80 (written 120/80). The higher number represents systolic blood pressure and the lower number represents diastolic blood pressure. A normal reading ranges from 90 to 140 in adults and children older than 8 years old. If you’re interested in learning more about what your blood pressure means, then you might want to check out this post.

Blood Pressure App For Android and iPhone

There are plenty of great apps to measure your blood pressure on both Android and iPhone. These apps can be used at home or in a doctor’s office, depending on the model you prefer. They offer the same accuracy as cuff-based monitors and provide real-time readings. So you can track your blood pressure over time. Here are some free apps worth checking out.

1: Cardio Journal : Blood Pressure Log

The Cardio Journal is for all people who care about their health. This diary helps you save and analyze your baseline resting blood pressure readings, as well as Heart Rate variability testing results from the last 24 hours or more to give a comprehensive picture of how things are going in this department.

The best way I can think that we should improve our lives would be by taking better control over what goes into us. Especially since so much information has been gathered on its effects already. One easy tool available now through smartphones makes keeping track convenient at any time. Just input some basic info like age & height then go do something else while it does its job collecting valuable data.

blood pressure check app

The application has an intuitive design and simple user interface. It’s easy for everyone, from kids to senior citizens, alike to use it without any confusion or frustration. The heart indicators on this platform show you whether your blood pressure readings are within normal limits or not. Making them perfect for anyone who needs accurate information about their own health status at all times of the day.

2: Blood Pressure Tracker

The Blood Pressure Tracker is a lifesaver for people with high blood pressure. It will allow you to log your measurements, pulse and heart rate in order find out if the problem lies on an imbalance between salt intake, exercise habits or stress levels. All without having to visit the doctor.

blood pressure app for iphone

Blood pressure is something that varies depending on time. If you take your reading in the morning, then by night it might be different and this needs to be recorded when measuring for a day or two so keep an eye out. The Blood Pressure Tracker can help with recording what’s happening each day too. Just set up how often and at which point during those periods as well as noting any changes over longer periods like weeks/months etcetera.

3: SmartBP – Blood Pressure

SmartBP is a simple and easy to use blood pressure check app. With smart features like automatically calculating weight, BMI, MAP or pulse rate this app can help you improve your overall health by giving accurate readings on how well the heart muscle works for each individual’s condition.

You can get a snapshot of your health at any time with the help of an easy to use blood pressure monitor. Measurement data are recorded and stored on board. So you don’t need to worry about losing it or forgetting when taking medicine again for example like some people do who forget their pills because they just have one type while being sicker than others; now there will be no mistakes.

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Have you ever wished that your doctor had more information at his or her disposal? Whether it’s to aid in treatment decisions, monitor progress of a condition over time, give better advice about lifestyle changes etc. Statistics sent by email can help. Sending these on an ongoing basis might even prompt some interesting insights from them.

Smart BP is a new app that lets you share your medical information with the doctors. The developers warn users not to substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment but they are certainly on board if this saves one person from getting hurt.

4: Blood Pressure Log

Your blood pressure log helps you collect and analyse your measurements, such as pulse rate or weight. You can also add in any medications taken to track how they interact with other supplements for better understanding of what causes changes within the body over time- great if there are side effects that may be related.

free blood pressure app

A Blood Pressure Log will keep a meticulous record about every thing from when we wake up until bedtime including whether during these activities bloody urine was produced due either due too much exertion at work/home, reactions caused by certain foods eaten out etc. This information could help us know more info concerning our own health.

This app is your one stop shop for all things wellness. It tracks and monitors blood pressure, steps taken each day (with the option of being reminded about measurements or taking appropriate drugs), weight gain/loss depending on diet preferences set before downloading this amazing tool into our lives.

5: Blood Pressure

A blood pressure monitor is a must-have for any medical professional. The latest technology allows you to control your own data with features like measurements analysis, statistics and graphs all in one place. You’ll be able find out what’s going on by looking at these helpful tools as they provide valuable information about high or low readings that can affect treatment decisions making them easier than ever before.

Write down what you did when there was an increase in blood pressure. Maybe, it’s from the walk or something stressful happened and now your levels are up so write why this might have increased them like maybe being tired from walking all day long? Add special markers for yourself such as brief descriptions of high figure results pulse rate & weight gain/loss.

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The data can be exported in two convenient formats – CSV and XML. It also allows for personalization by saving your blood pressure results as a PDF file, so you never have to worry about losing any of this important information again. The program notifies you daily about the necessity to measure it; however if there is no change after 13 days without treatment then we recommend discussing with your healthcare provider what would happen next.

6: Blood Pressure Monitor

Your blood pressure is something that you should take seriously. It can be difficult when the normal range of readings varies from person-to-person, but this app will make it easy for everyone to follow. Entering your weight and height along with some other information about yourself allows users in order track fluctuations over time.

You’ll also find meal type tracker; which tracks what correlation there may or may not be between different kinds diets on their health condition based off data collected from previous meals eaten at one sitting as well as 24 hours worth versus three days worth only.

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The blood pressure app for iPhone users is an advanced pressure tracking tool that lets you enter your blood pressure and weight as well as some other parameters. You can view the history of measurements, statistics about how often they occur in a day or week depending on type, meal-type tracker which will tell what correlations are between eating habits and health conditions etc.

7: BloodPressureDB

BloodPressureDB is the perfect application for measuring your blood pressure. This app can help you stay on top of trends in healthcare and also keep a diary so that doctors have an accurate read-out when prescribing medication or suggesting lifestyle changes. It has been recommended by doctors and pharmacists alike, as well as winning an award from health tap for being one of their top health apps.

If you want to keep track of your blood pressure and if it is normal or not, then this application will help. You can save all the readings that are taken along with other measurements like sugar levels in the body fluids (sugar), heart rate pulse etc.

lood pressure app android free

Which could be analyzed at any point during time by logging them into BloodPressureDB’s database without having fees charged for using their services. Features such as online connectivity may be required depending on how often access internet connection while offline mode also provides some options where users don’t need constant WiFi signals available always everywhere they go due its ability do work off-line too.


There are so many great blood pressure app available on the market. Whether you want to track your readings, get medication reminders, or just remember when your last reading was (so that you know if it is time for a follow-up appointment), there’s an app out there for everyone.

We hope this article helps make sense of all the options and makes finding one much easier. Which of these best describes what you need in a blood pressure moniter app? Which blood pressure app has caught your eye? Let us know what’s important to you in the comments below.

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