April 21, 2024

10 Best Interval Timer App For Android And iPhone

What is the best interval timer app for Android and iOS? There are many apps that claim to be the best but which one really is? This blog post will help you decide on what app you should download. You’ll find 10 of the most popular interval timer app with their features, pros, cons and reviews so you can make an informed decision.

Interval Timer App

Timer and stopwatch applications are not just for timing events. They have many great features such as beautiful widgets, a simple interface that is easy-to follow even when there’s pressure at hand. Because it immediately shows you your countdown with no hassle or confusion about what needs to happen next.

HIIT training can be a great way to get in shape and stay healthy. But if you are doing the workouts alone, then it’s easy for your exercises not to feel like they went by quickly enough. That is why there is an alternative – using sports timers that count down every second during high intensity interval workouts. So users know how much time remains before their next set begins.

Interval Timer App For Android & iPhone

Why suffer through clunky design when there’s so much variety out there now available on the App Store or Google Play Store? If your phone doesn’t have them preinstalled we offer an outstanding list of interval timers for download below.

1: Interval Timer

This is a simple program that will help you keep track of your interval training. It has only one button, making it easy for any athlete to use and understand the best way they should be performing their exercises seamlessly. This app offers just what everyone needs in order get more out of each workout.

Countdown timers so all there’s left do as follows: set up workouts with ease user friendly interface. Monitor progress during them due its detailed breakdowns on calories burned per minute or kilometer. Heart rate increases etc. Easily repeat favorite stretches or moves at home using desired break between sets.

interval timer app

Your workouts just got a lot more fun. After launching the app, you set up your training and rest time as well as how many sets. You can also turn on sound signals that will let you know when an interval is over. So there are no surprises during this exciting part of exercising. Then tap ‘start’ to get started with some high intensity intervals for good measure. It’ll be like nothing was hogging all afternoon before game day arrived at last.

Interval training is a great way to get in shape, but it’s tough. It requires discipline and focus on your part as well as the need for equipment like GPS watches or stopwatches that may not fit everyone’s lifestyle budgets. The interval timer app makes interval workouts easy by allowing you set timers right from anywhere with just an internet connection.

2: Interval Timer Pro

With all the different workouts out there, it can get hard to remember when and how long you’re taking breaks during your workout. This app will make sure that doesn’t happen. The interval timer tracks both time spent exercising as well as rest periods for whatever type of activity one may be doing.


Whether its cycling at high intensity for hours on end or just going jogging outside every day after work. This little tool has got them covered with precision never seen before in any other fitness tracking system available today for iPhone devices. The new interval timer app from allows users not only keep track record their own activities but also monitor those who might need watching over too.

Interval training is a great way to build your fitness level and keep it up. The stopwatch timer will help you do just that. You can create an unlimited number of timers, save individual interval settings in which ever order you want them organized from shortest durations like 1 minute all the way up until infinity.

Key Features:

  • Customizable sets, high/low intensity interval and rest for your own need
  • Retina display, iOS4 and multitasking
  • Keep it running even when the screen is locked
  • Play your song or playlist during your workout
  • Post your workout to Facebook or Twitter
  • Save settings as templates

3: Seconds

Seconds is the world’s best interval timer for HIIT and Tabata training. It allows you to set timers on your mobile device. So that it becomes a coach in itself as it counts down how long each exercise should last per session or workout routine.

Customers all around have turned out their nose up at normal stopwatches because they’re unable get an accurate count during high intensity workouts such has those found within circuit training programs. Seconds was specifically designed with this type of demand in mind. Enabling users not only set themselves challenging workloads but also monitor progress towards completing them while building fitness levels from scratch.

timing apps

The Seconds App is a great way to stay on top of your workout. The large, easy-to read clock makes it so that you never have any confusion about what time interval is up next or how much longer until the following one begins. With this app’s intuitive interface and colorful icons for each step. There are no surprises when working out with friends at home together.

Seconds is the quick, easy way to track your exercise and diet with heart rate monitoring. It also tracks calories burned as well. The app works on all screen resolutions so you can use it in either active mode or background mode depending on what’s more appropriate for where ever you need it.

4: Tabata HIIT Interval Timer

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is the ultimate Tabata interval timer that works for all your training needs. Use it with HIIT, kettle bells or bodyweight exercises to get in a quick and effective workout routine. Tabatas are an excellent form of high-intensity cardio but they can also be challenging if you’re not timing them correctly.

free interval timer app

Which often leads people giving up before completion due lackadaisical attitudes about exercise as well other reasons (such as having no experience). That’s why we created stopwatch pro. Tabata revolutionary new tool helps users keep track from beginning until end by registering each rep.

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a Tabata interval timer that works for all your training needs: from basic exercises like the kettle bell swing or jump rope to more advanced work such as running at full speed intervals. It can be used with different types of equipment including weights versus just bodyweight moves which means you will never have an excuse not do something because it’s “too hard.”

Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a stopwatch app that lets you create your own Tabatas and store them for easy access. You can start with basic taba or customize it to match any workout intensity level, then save different intervals so switching between routines has never been easier.

5: Interval Timer Workout Timer HIIT

This is one more sports timer for Android. It will be useful if you need to increase the intensity of your training and recover quickly, or work on shorter rest periods between sets with greater volume than in typical weightlifting workouts. The idea behind this app seems like a good way tostimulate fat burning without having much time off.

interval training app android

HIIT workout timer app for interval training is more than just a stopwatch or countdown clock. It provides you with all the tools needed to design and follow your own high intensity workouts, from pre-set routines that keep track of rest periods between exercises as well calories burned per minute during each individual session through detailed reports at no additional charge.

The Interval Timer Workout Timer can be used on its own while exercising but it also functions marvelously. If utilized in tandem with another fitness equipment such like heart rate monitors. So users won’t need adjust their settings manually after every few lengths. Simply leave them where they’re set up by default.

6: SmartWOD Timer

This app is very cool because of its two features. It has extra stylish interface design and simple in usage. It always works correctly, all these factors are firing a perfect interval timing app. Moreover there’s also bunch additional fun if you want to make your workout more enjoyable like congratulating yourself upon finishing each cycle or grouping exercises by type (cardio/lifting) for easy monitoring during different parts within one single session.

app for interval training free

The designer used their creativity when creating this particular piece as well. They added some innovative technology behind what was previously just an average timer with little. The SmartWOD Timer is a simple and easy to use timer app for all common functional fitness workouts, such as AMRAP (As many rounds as possible), For Time or EMOM. You can also set up Tabata HIIT interval training with this useful tool.

7: Periodic Timer

The Periodic Timer is a very pretty and useful app. It’s perfect for keeping track of your menstrual cycle, or any other regular repetitive task that you want to schedule in advance. A lot can happen on an average day. Meetings with coworkers from different departments; long commutes by car or train where the scenery varies but not much else does.

Periodic Timer is a highly functional iOS app that can be used to keep track of the time. When you first open it, all functions will seem ordinary and unimpressive. But once more information about what this program offers becomes clear. There are so many different ways in which one could utilize his or her phone while utilizing Periiodic timer.

repeat timer app android

Interval timers are an essential tool for any activity that requires you to take regular breaks. They can be used in sports, cooking and studying as laboratory or speech training among others. The app’s interface is simple with clear instructions on how much time left until your next scheduled break.

It would have been great if developers added more features such as custom alarms so users do not miss their designated moments of rest like during exam season. When students need all the energy they’ve got just memorizing facts without having anything else distracting them from doing well.

8: Workout Timer Free

You may not be able to control the time, but you can at least make sure it doesn’t go wasted. Time is an invaluable resource so we better learn how use our all-important minutes wisely. The Workout Timer application will help manage them for us with its easy interface and user-friendly design that works on both mobile devices as well as desktops or laptops through Wi-Fi networks without any issues whatsoever.

free workout timer app

Getting a Premium Membership is the best decision you can make for your photography business. It’s $0.99 per month, while yearly subscriptions start at just $4.99. The price may vary based on location but that doesn’t matter because this service will suit any budget and provide endless benefits such as unlimited web traffic from all over the world or access to exclusive workshops taught by renowned photographers around our globe including yours truly.

9: Visual Timer

Using Visual timer is beneficial for productivity because it helps you manage your time. You can set boundaries and a good old-fashioned clock will make sure that only the tasks in front of you get done, not everything else. The timer’s design is so beautiful that it could be used as an inspiration for a art project.

It includes many different features such as reminding you when to sleep or work, and there are even ways of customizing your own alarms with photos from the app’s library. There really isn’t anything else like this out on app store right now. Which makes me think people would love it if they had more timepieces just like these in their lives.

running timer app

A timer is a great tool for reminding you to take breaks and get some exercise. It’s much better than logging onto your computer screen all day because then you will have enough energy at the end of it. Stand up, stretch, use an app like 10-20 minute break that tells how long each activity should last so there isn’t any guesswork involved in deciding how many minutes are left until next time.

10: HIIT – interval training timer

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called High Intensities Intermittent Exercise (HIIE) and sprint interval training is an exercise strategy that alternates periods of short intense aerobic activity with less intensive recovery. This type has been shown to be more effective at burning fat than traditional long, slow distance workouts because it takes advantage the body’s natural ability to burn calories rapidly while giving you energy for your day.

interval timer iphone

This type of cardiovascular exercise is designed to improve your athletic capacity and condition, as well as help you burn fat more effectively by increasing metabolism in the process. Mentioning short workouts with intense sessions ranging from 9–20 minutes will give anyone better fitness results than using longer or less rigorous routines without these features.

HIIT is a high-intensity interval training exercise that consists of warm ups, 10 to 15 second bouts at maximum effort followed by medium intensity exercises. The cool down phase includes slow stretches and light jogging in place as well as hill climbing or walking up stairs while breathing deeply for about 30 seconds each time before starting another HIIT session.


In this blog post, we’ve taken a look at the 10 best interval timer app for Android and iOS. We hope you found one that is perfect for your needs. If there are any other free or paid interval apps out there not listed here, please let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list. Let us know which app you end up choosing by leaving a comment on this article. And don’t forget to share it with friends who might also be looking for an accurate HIIT training tool as well.

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