Top 9 Best Useful Free Apps For Students

Modern technology is commonly scolded: the Internet disconnects people, everyone sits on dates with their phones on, and mobile games are the main enemy of academic performance. Although we are often distracted by messages on social networks and ripe crops of carrots, smartphones can and should be used to benefit ourselves and our studies. In this post we are providing you the list of best useful apps for students.

Apps For Students

Developers have done a lot to make life easier for students. The experts of the essaysadvisor blog know how important student assistants are to getting through all the assignments. Knowledgeable authors have prepared a list of 9 useful apps for students that you can download for free. You can also download study planner apps.

9 Useful Free Apps For Students

College is a time of personal growth and development. It’s also an incredible amount of work. Between classes, studying, extracurricular activities, there are lots of things to keep track of which can make it seem impossible to stay organized. But don’t worry; this blog post has you covered with 9 free apps that will help college students get on top of their lives. Download these useful free apps for students today and take back control over your life.

1. Puzzle Alarm Clock

How many times have you overslept your lessons because your hand turned off the alarm bell by itself before your brain even had time to wake up? The puzzle alarm clock app effectively fights this. To silence the alarm clock, you must first solve several puzzles that appear in random order.

If you’re afraid to fall asleep even after them, the alarm clock will ask you to confirm that you’re awake, or it will ring again. And for the sleepiest, Puzzle Alarm Clock has a feature that will turn the alarm off only when you scan the selected barcode. For example, the shower gel in the bath or yogurt in the fridge.

Alarm Clock Puzzle

A great alarm clock for heavy sleepers is the puzzle and math game alarm clock. This app will help you step out of bed when it’s time to get up, with math problems that are sure to keep your brain busy. For those who need an alarm for heavy sleepers or one with math problems, this is the perfect clock app. It’ll wake you up by giving your brain a challenge that it can’t ignore without waking Mom and Dad too.

2. Timetable

There are many electronic diaries, but they tend to be “sharpened” for work, not for study. But the beautiful and straightforward Timetable app is aimed at school and university schedules. It is possible to enter the time of couples and additional classes and enter homework, term papers, tests, and exams.

Under each subject, you can specify what days and where pairs are held, when the exam is scheduled, and even the teacher’s name. Collecting information in this way, the app will remind you that it’s time to study and put your phone into silent mode for the duration of the lesson.

app for school

Timetable is the most beautiful and intuitive app on Google Play for managing your school or university life. Save all tasks from homework to exams with its simple interface that syncs across all of your Android devices. This simple and easy to useful apps for students. has the potential of displaying two types of information per lesson. However, if you use your imagination then it is possible for this program be able display up 4 or even 5 pieces within one session depending on how creative we want ourselves as users.

3. myScript Calculator

Endless calculations and long multi-level formulas are a sad reality for any technical college student. If you use a regular mobile calculator, calculations have to be done in several steps, with inevitable errors and recalculations over and over again. MyScript Calculator solves this problem.

app for students

It is a calculator with handwriting input support. It not only lets you write your calculations in their entirety but also avoids the hassle of typing in degrees and roots. You will be able to write in the same way as in a notebook. The application itself will translate what you wrote into signs and give you the result. Thus, the chances of error are minimized. And speed and convenience increase.

4. Scanbot

This is another best useful apps for students. When studying, it is often necessary to use library books, which can only be reviewed in the reading room and method books. If you need to copy a large amount of text quickly, the Scanbot scanning application will be better than a cell phone camera.

apps for studying

Scanbot allows you to sort the photographed documents into different albums immediately, with no confusion later. It can upload the resulting images to the cloud or convert them into a PDF file. The paid version of the application also has a text recognition function.

5. Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a simple and effective timer based on the famous “tomato” technique, in which short breaks replace periods of intense work. In the classic version, this ratio is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest, which helps the brain switch and rest. But the application allows the user to choose the number of time intervals himself.

Useful Free Apps For Students

You can also customize the number of “tomatoes,” the length of the big break that comes after going through several cycles, the sounds at the end, etc. Working with a timer, on the one hand, will motivate to work concentrated and not distracted. But, on the other hand, it will remind students who are engrossed in their studies to take a break. Thus, the app will prevent laziness or overwork.

Clockwork Tomato is a revolutionary time management application, based on the pomodoro technique. This innovative method boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25-minute slices that are separated with short breaks. No more excuses for not being productive.

6. Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

ToDoist is a simple scheduler with an intuitive interface. The app allows you to record a sudden appointment or a rescheduled class in a couple of clicks. It is suitable for quick short notes on matters and events when there is no time or possibility to write down in detail. At the same time, the planner is quite functional.

educational apps for students

You can divide tasks into groups, monitor each project’s progress, view tasks according to their urgency, importance, etc., and set reminders. For each completed job, you get “karma” points, which motivates you to keep working. In the paid version, you can synchronize the application with Google calendar.

7. Nike+ Training Club

To study well, it is worth keeping yourself in shape. If the body is too tired, the mind also stops working well. So for breaks (especially during a session), exercise is great. Nike+ Training Club is an excellent free sports app. It contains many workouts of different orientations: stretching, strength, cardio. All of them are accompanied by detailed explanations and video instructions from famous trainers.

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Nike Training Club is much more than a place to go for workouts. It’s also your chance to build relationships and strengthen friendships with the trainers, athletes and wellness experts who are there as guides on all aspects of health & fitness from nutrition tips or injury treatment advice. It doesn’t matter what topics interest you most because they’ve got something in store.

8. AppBlock

The main disadvantage of smartphones is that they constantly distract us. These useful apps for students make life easier or a little more fun, but they don’t let you focus at all. To help focus, AppBlock is great. It will block distracting apps during the hours you set. So that you can’t go into them at that time. And no notifications will come in, allowing you to be more productive.

Useful Free Apps For Students

AppBlock is a free app that lets you easily manage your phone screen time. It allows you to block apps and websites, track how much time you’ve spent on your device each day, set reminders for important tasks or when it’s appropriate to use the internet, and even reward yourself with points if you do well in controlling your usage.

This may sound like a tough undertaking but by using these tools we can help make managing your productivity easier than ever before. Download this free mobile tracker manager today to see how easy it can be. It’s the perfect tool for kids or adults who need help staying focused on what matters most. You can also try hide apps for android and iPhone.

9. FBReader

Never do people read as much as they do while studying. Even if you’re not a fan of fiction and not a liberal arts major, you still have many textbooks to read. FBReader is an e-book reader that supports all popular formats. Convenient and easy to use, it will allow you to study the necessary literature at home and on the road, in queues, and at lunch. Thus, the app will speed up the learning process and free up some time.

Useful Free Apps For Students

The reading works in offline mode; read without an internet connection. When the device has a network connection, users can access many ebook catalogs where books are available for free and at their own expense too. There’s even libraries from popular English-speaking countries like France or Poland on there as well to get you started right away with all your translation needs fulfilled without spending hours waiting for data transfers between servers around Europe or anywhere else.


The apps we’ve discussed in this blog post are all free and can be used at the same time to help you manage your hectic college life. We encourage you to download these now so that when things get busy, they won’t seem as overwhelming or impossible. Which of these will come in handy for you?

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