In today’s time everyone is aware of their privacy and it should be so. There are many such things in our phone that we do not want to share with anyone, so that is why we need some secret app locker. In this post we have provided a complete list of the best app to hide apps for you. Which you can use in your android and iPhone. By using all these free hide apps you will make your phone security much stronger.

Best App To Hide Apps

If you do not have to compromise on your security, then you have to use the best app hider given in this post. There are many apps out there that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. It’s important to make sure the information you share is only accessible by those who should see it. Here are 10 of the best apps for Android and iOS devices to hide your sensitive data from prying eyes. You can hide your personal things like Photos, Videos, Files etc.

Best App To Hide Apps For Android and iPhone

It’s no secret that some apps are more embarrassing than others. Maybe it’s a dating app, or maybe you just want to keep your kids away from the public eye. No matter what the reason is for hiding apps, there are plenty of options available for both Android and iOS users alike. Read on to find out 10 of the best.

1:  Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

This is best hide app for android and iPhone. This app has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store and its size is only 14 MB. Which is quite light. It easily hides Photos, Videos, Apps, Messages, Calls from your phone. You can use this app for absolutely free and keep unlimited data in it.

best app to hide apps

If you want to access hidden things. So for this you have to enter secret PIN code. By which this app will open and you will be able to access your files. This app is very cleverly designed. Anyone who opens this app will feel that it is an Audio Manager app. But when you Long press on the Audio Manager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch.

In this you get multiple lock screen options like – Pin, Password, Pattern and if your phone has a fingerprint sensor, then this app also supports it. There are many more features in this app which you can use after downloading this hide app.

2: Calc Vault

Calc Box is a free app that you can use to hide pictures and videos. It’s the perfect way for parents who want an easy way of keeping their personal files safe from prying eyes or children with too much access time on hands. With Calc Box, there won’t be any worry about giving out your phone because this program will create secret lockers where only they’ll know how unlock them.

best app lock for iphone

This is a secret app hider. With which you can keep your personal files hidden. Everyone would consider it a simple calculator and open it and close it directly. If you want to know how to use this app. For this, you can see in the screenshot slider below. In which everything has been given step to step. The top features of this app are as follows. Hide Pictures & Videos, Safe Browser, App Lock, Fake Vault, Intruder Selfie and many more. Download this app and try once.

3: UC Vault

Vault is another best app to hide apps. This app is designed to hide your private pictures, videos, sms, call logs and contacts. More than 50 million people have installed this app in their phones. It also protects your mobile privacy. You can also use this app as a private browser. So that no one will be able to trace your internet surf.

If you want to backup your photos, with the help of Cloud Backup feature of this app, you can easily backup your photos. If you install this app in your phone, then you can use all the features given in it for free.

secret app locker

4: AppLock

AppLock is also a very popular android app hider. It has been downloaded by more than 100 million people on the Play Store. It is the number one app in 50 countries and supports 45 languages. You can use all types of locks in this app like password, pattern, fingerprint lock.

best app to hide apps

This is the best app to lock all the apps available in your phone. By using this app, you can give your phone to others without any worry because this app protects your phone and maintains your privacy.

5: App Hider

This is another best app to hide apps in android. If you want to keep your social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger hidden. So this app will be best for you. Because with this app you can keep all your apps hidden. And apart from this, you can also clone any app and open another account on that app.

best hide app for android

When you lock this app and then open it, it will become a calculator. So that no one will know that it is an app lock. Which will make your security more secure. You can also download the light version of this app that works in a similar way.

6: Dialer Vault-AppHider

Dialer Vault is best application hider for android. It keeps all the apps on your phone hidden in a secret way. You can change the icon of this app hider and set the icon of the calculator. So no one knows you have app hider install. There is no need to root your phone to use this app.

If you want to clone an app in your phone, then you can make it with this app. Open the app just standard calculator, if don’t know password can’t use the Dialer Vault.

hide app hide application icon

7: Hide App- Hide Application Icon

If you want to keep an app hidden from others, then this is the best app for you. Through this app you can easily hide any app. After hiding any app, the icon of that app will not appear on the screen. It will be completely hide. It supports pin lock. It also maintains the memory management of your phone. Including Phone Boost, Cache Clean and App Notification Clean etc.

 android app hider

8: AppLocker | Lock Apps

This is another popular app to hide apps. It allows to apply password, pattern and fingerprint on all the apps install in your phone. If everyone asks you for your phone, then app lock becomes very important for you. Because it maintains your privacy and no one can tamper with your phone. In this app you can also choose your favorite theme. If the fingerprint sensor is available in your phone, then this app also supports it.

best app to hide apps

9: AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin

This app is also the best android app hider to hide the installed apps in your phone like all the apps given above. It keeps all your important apps like gallery, message, and social apps hidden.

If someone tries to open any of your apps with the wrong password, then it takes a photo of it. You can later see in your gallery who was trying to open your phone. Its design and interface is also quite good.

best application hider

10: AppLock & Photo Vault

This is the last app lock on this list. With which you can hide your private photos, videos and files from others. In this app also you get to see all types of locks. You can use it to hide your apps and media files. You can also use it as a text message blocker app. And if you want to block any unwanted number, then you can do the same with this app.

best android app hider


The 10 apps we’ve shared today are some of the best for Android and iOS devices. When you get a new phone, it can be overwhelming to figure out which apps will help you protect your privacy from prying eyes. Or maybe you just want to hide that embarrassing text message or photo before handing over your device to someone else.

Whatever the reason may be, these 10 great options should have something perfect for everyone. Which app is your favorite? Do you have any other favorites not listed here? Let us know.

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