There is nothing more annoying than a friend who has their phone set up in such a way that you can see everything they do. The best fake broken screen apps will display an accurate, believable image of your worried face when it’s time for one final laugh at someone else’s expense. These are pranks with staying power. Some of the best screen breaking app to give your friends a panic attack are found here. These applications display realistic-looking broken screens. So they won’t think you’re playing tricks on them.

Screen Breaking App

With this broken screen prank app the phone’s screen looks like it’s broken. In this post you have been provided a wide variety of screen breaking app which have many types of cracked glass wallpaper. You can show and prank your friends by selecting any broken display wallpaper.

If you’re looking for a way to get your friends in on the joke, but don’t want anything too serious or long-lasting with their phones screens. There are several fake broken screen app options available now. Most of these free downloading apps offer tons of features that will prank anyone from just opening up one quick message. Don’t wait any longer: scroll down and see which ones suit your needs best.

Fake Cracked Phone Screen Wallpaper 2024

If you want to download these screen breaking app for your phone then here is the link. These apps will allow anyone with access to break any screen they see fit and change their device’s look entirely. You can get any kind of style that suits what you’re looking for in just seconds. It really gets easier than ever before because we’ve made sure all our designs are compatible across multiple platforms including iPhone.

1: Broken Screen Prank

This is a great crack my screen app, it looks like the real thing. Whenever you touch with fingers on your phone’s touchscreen-cracked sounds and cracks are heard. The loud noise feels so authentic that many people think their actual screens have broken when in reality all they did was press harder than ever before for this fun game of sorts known as broken screen.

It looks like the phone’s screen is broken by your fingers. The broken effect is so realistic that all your friends will believe that your phone was broken and they will be scared and you can enjoy watching it. LOL Here you also get lots of wallpaper of screen breaking app.

Screen Breaking App

Broken screen prank is a classic trick for getting your friends’ attention. When you touch the screen, it appears like cracks and loud noises are coming from under the glass. The broken screen prank has been around since 2011 when someone first uploaded to YouTube by accident while trying out some new footage editing software on their phone. The video was then taken down but found its way back up two years later with over 8 million views in total.

2:  Crack & Break It

This crack and break game is available for Android and iPhone in which you can enjoy using crack features. With the broken glass, put on your phone’s home screen to showcase how much damage has been done. This game is great for adults who want to release their stress. With the crack feature letting you put broken glass onto your phone home screen.

beak glass

With the app’s break feature, you can break other people’s portraits in 4 different ways. You have options for image breaker, glass blocks light bulb and last fluorescent lamp to name just a few. The interface is simple enough that anyone who has an iPhone or Android device should be able get right down on cracking some bad boys with their friends anytime. They want without any complicated instructions needed beforehand either. Though make sure your pics are perfect before taking them into this world because otherwise. Well let’s not say anything more than you will regret it.

3: Broken Screen Prank

This app is also a good broken screen prank app. In this app when you touch your phone screen, the app simulates the cracked screen and make cracking sound on your phone. A broken screen that looks very real that all your friends and parents will absolutely be freaked out when they see the cracked screen.

It seems very real to crack your screen from three different ways, and it’s easy too. You can easily do this in an app. The first way you could try is by shaking the device until its display breaks on Shake mode; next time check out touch mode when tapping at random places leads ultimately with what looks like a broken phone glass over some blue damage dots.

Broken Screen Prank

Think hard enough before grabbing those final pixels for maximum satisfaction or maybe just get someone else hold thing while using timer? Lastly if none of these work puton alert: be careful not break any other parts.

Ever got a call from someone who claims to be your mom? Or how about the time when you were reading on facebook and all of sudden felt cracks in front screen. Broken Screen Prank is an app used for those moments, but not just as simple pranks. The creator behind this ingenious idea wants people use it as fun way with friends or family members by simulating broken screens. So realistic that they think their phone has actually shattered into pieces at first sight iterally.

4:  Broken Screen Wallpaper

Broken Screen Wallpapers Prank

The broken screen effect is now in your phone. This application has a variety of wallpapers with textures and designs that simulate what it would be like if you had to use an old mobile device, complete with bullet holes or colored lines mimicking the scratches on screens from years ago. There’s also soap bubbles which float through them as well for good measure. The best part? No advertising at all. This app gives users everything they need without any distractions whatsoever so they can focus solely on their own creative project.

It’s a good time to get creative and find some new ways of scaring your friends. You could start by claiming that the glass on their phone is actually broken, when really you’re just doing this for laughs. Once they see how easily fixable it can be with these replacements though and don’t worry. Sharing them won’t get back at anyone. There will be no turning back from getting into figuring out who else might enjoy such pranks in order turn up the fun factor even higher than ever before.

5: Fake Scratch or Crack Your Screen

This iPhone cracked apps is only for iPad and iPod touch above iOS 8.0. The app also offers screen braking wallpapers, which you can use on your phone’s home screen to give it that extra effect of being broken-screened. Perfect if your phone has been dropped or damaged by accident without any insurance coverage available due who’s at fault? You’ll be able break through all the negative energy around these problems with our awesome selection right here in this easy download link below.

Fake Scratch

Look at the picture of your phone in its familiar state, with all definitions intact. Now pick an effect from Shattered Screen to turn it into something new and different. There are many options for you including size change or mirroring images on top of one another. Don’t forget that this app’s got some cool glitches too. Just watch out when things go dark because they might stay there until morning comes along without doing anything about themselfs first.

6: Glass Breaking Sounds Prank

glass break

Ready to play a funny prank on your family or friends? These sounds make it easy. Simply break a glass sound in the next room and you’re set. Sheepishly tell them that you accidentally broke their window, they won’t be able stop laughing at all of these possibilities from then on out. Not even when things get serious with adulthood which we know will never happen.

In this app, you do not get a glass-breaking wallpaper but here’s an endless list of shattering sounds. All the breakage given in this collection is taken from videos and original sound effects recorded by professionals who work at professional studios around the world for movies or video games as well. You’ll find everything from windows to mirrors; dishes & decorating artwork. All suitable for any household object that might get broken sometimes or maybe often.

7: Cracked Screen Gyro 3D

The most realistic interactive 3D cracked screen live wallpaper ever. With a stunning parallax effect that uses your device’s sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer). This is a good app for set broken glass images on the phone’s screen. So that it will look like the screen was broken. In this app you can choose to show screen break effect in three different ways. After user shakes the phone, after setting the amount of seconds, after user touches the screen.

fake broken screen

If you also need broken glass sound along with broke screen crack wallpaper, you can activate it in this app. And if you have to remove broke glass from the phone screen, you can remove it by shaking the phone. This app is also live wallpaper you can set cracked screen as your wallpaper and widget. So download it and try it on your friends.

The premise is simple: Apply a cracked screensaver with this tool, give your friend their phone when you want them surprised. It’ll be like an electrical shock every time they see what looks like someone broke into his or her device. But actually just some high-tech graphics applied by your favorite electronics techies out there who know how to use these kinds ol things.

8: Cracked Screen Live Wallpaper

If you need a cracked live wallpaper for the phone, then with this app you can put cracked wallpaper. It is absolutely free. Amazing cracks screen effect for breaking your mobile phone screen and shocks your friends when they touch on the screen. In this app you also get cracked sound which you can set with live wallpaper.

ake cracked screen

The Android app also offers a variety of fun games, including one in which you can light the fire on your phone screen with just your finger. The second game lets users destroy their phones by hammering or using knives to cut them open. If you’re looking for the perfect way to pull off a practical joke on your friends, look no further than this simulator app. Choose from many different options of background and broken screen effects before choosing which one would be best suited in order create an unforgettable surprise.

9: 4K Realistic Broken Screen Wallpaper

If you love the look and feel of broken glass, then this app will be perfect for your device. The Broken Glass Wallpaper 4K has interesting collections that can give any room in someone’s home an edgy vibe without being too dramatic or gory looking at all. It only takes a little bit of space, so that the application is not a lot of space to make your phone the error.

phone cracked screen prank

The Best pictures about broken glass wallpaper 3d that you can make the choice to make your own. These wall papers were made for people like us, who want an edge against their enemies in battle. For those looking for something more than just a plain old background click here- download this app now before its too late.

10: Broken Phone Prank

Broken Screen is a very interesting application that simulates real cracked screen, electric screen & fire screen. Fire Screen: When your finger touches the screen of the phone, your phone screen will start to fire. When your finger touches the screen of your phone, there will be a realistic electric shock. Cracked Screen. When you touch your phone screen, the app simulates the cracked screen and loud cracking sounds on your phone.


If you’re looking for a good way to prank your friends or family members, then these fake cracked screen is the perfect solution. It’s available both in Android and iPhone versions, so that everyone can enjoy it. The best part? There are no strings attached. All of these apps are free to download and use. The free version of the app allows you to display any image on top of another which creates a convincingly realistic looking crack on your phone’s screen without actually breaking it.

Additionally, there are many other features like sound effects and shatters that can be added onto this brilliant application. What do you think about our list? Do you have any favorite app on there that we missed out on mentioning? Let us know in the comments below.

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