Top 10 Best Photo Overlay Apps For Android and iPhone

Photo editor to overlay pictures : The first sight of attraction nowadays is the photo of an individual. If we talk about photos at social media either it’s Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp all are edited. They are made attractive by using different effects. Here we presents you with best photo overlay apps. These apps will make your photos attractive and flawless.

photo overlay app

Guys now it’s quite easy to have a perfect picture by having several effects over it. These apps are the latest one that provides you various options. Photo overlay apps have the option of editing according to your choice. It has all the updated versions. The filters used in these apps are very unique.

Best Photo Overlay Apps For Android and iPhone

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1. Multi layer

Multilayer is the best photo overlay apps present over the internet. This presents you with variety of features. You can edit your photos by using stickers of your choice. Editing makes your picture looks quite different and attractive. So why to miss the opportunity, just install the app and enjoy its features. This also includes photo frames that makes your photo appealing.

You can also add text to your photo. This make it look classy and sassy. Sharpness, brightness and contrast of picture can also be managed. By applying all these effects to your photo. You can make it look sizzling one. So guys just install the app and have a new look.

Multi Layer - Photo Editor

2. Ultimate Photo Bleander Mixer

This app comes up with much more editing effects. Here you can not only edit but also adjust the photo as per your desire. By installing this app to your android and iPhone you can mix or blend the 2 or more pictures. This feature attracts lot of users. You can also crop your photo through this app. Many more features are also provided that will deadly impress you.

Applying these all affects to your photo you can make it sizzling one. To make your photo beautiful you always need to put effects over it. You can add beauty effect by changing the contrast of the picture. Mixing up various pictures is the best feature of this app. So guys just install the app and have fun.

Ultimate Photo Blender / Mixer

3. Galaxy Overlay Photo App

Galaxy Overlay Photo App

This app provides you various options to make your picture attractive. The features of image overlay app are totally different from any other apps. The editing do not seems to be artificial. It looks like the natural one. It gives flawless touch to the photo. You can use variety of filters to make your photo attractive.

Frames are also available that gives your photo a clean finish. Shade of the picture can also be adjusted. You need to just maintain the shade by regulating the scale below. You can also add the quotes to the picture that makes it quite sassy. If you upload these photos to social media you will have lot of followers. Have fun and boost up yourself by installing the app.

4. Pixlr Free Photo Editor

It’s boon for Android users and iPhone users that you can install this app to your phones. Pixlr free photo editor is the best choice ever. You can have variety of options for editing your pictures. This overlay photo app provides you with option of auto fixing the photo. Making collage is other attractive feature of this app.

You can combine or blend more than 2 photos. You can use filters to your photo to make it more attractive. Adding colours to the photo is most demanding one. You can also crop your photo. Copying the photo to other one and paste option is also available. The series of extra filter can be downloaded. Many more features are also presented.

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

5. Image overlay & video overlay

New features and ideas keep on developing. Adding effects to photo is not enough to impress anyone. Photo video maker 2 allows you to create a slideshow of your photos. You can add effects to the video. You need to select as many photos you want and then you can add music to the video. Special effects can also be added to the specific photo by applying pause at specific timing.

You can stop video to add special effects like zoom, rotation, bang off etc. Other specific feature of making slide show fast or slow is also available. You can also set timing according to your choice. Just install the photo overlay apps and create more attractive slideshow.

Image overlay & video overlay

6. Photo lab photo editor

This app will provide you the unique features. Editing your photo to such extend that makes it attractive. The options that are available are most demanding. If your background is not appropriate in the photo you can blur it. Here you have option to blur the background. You just need to select the area that you want to blur and press OK.

You can also add caption to your photo that can show the status. Adding caption makes your photo look attractive. Adding frame, stickers and other images to your photo gives it other level of attraction. Android and iPhone users are lucky to download photo lab photo editor app to there phones.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

7. Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor

Having something new is always  attractive. If you like mischievous acts you need to download  this app. To make something attractive it is not necessary to beautify it. Sometimes you can be creative. This photo overlay apps presents you some amazing features. The outstanding feature of the app is to blend to pictures. You can select two pictures and superimpose one over the other.

You can erase some part of it and see the effect. You can easily rectify the error by zooming it. By installing the app you can use 18 blending modes. iPhone and Android users can install the picture over picture app to there phones and enjoy. You can also use it as a cut and paste app.

Overlay Cut Out Photo Edito‪r

8. Photo Overlays Blender

Guys do you need a complete package of photo editor. You need not to install various apps for different effects. Just install photo overlays blender. This provides you all features to make your photo most attractive one. You can make different photo collages. You can also add stickers to your photo.

Adding caption has always been in trend you can add caption to your photo. It has full collection of frames that gives finishing touch to your photo. Resizing your photo and cropping for appropriate size will help you to make it more beautiful. All these things added together makes your photo cool. Android users and iPhone users can install this.

Photo Overlays

9. Overlay


Overlay android is best apps to put a picture on a picture. Being innovative is great. Not all can be creative. This photo overlay apps is for those who can use the different features and make their own photo. The app is for doodlers. You can create your own funny, cute, beautiful doodles.

It is one of the easiest way to have fun and enjoy through iPhone and Android. You can install the app to your phones and share the edited pics to your friends and family. Create your own story by using amazing effects presented.

10.Phone Editor Phone Overlay

	 Overlay Photo Shattering Effect

This app is like a complete collection of features for editing your pictures. You can put any effect to the photo by installing this app.

You are presented with the option of blur the image, crop feature, beautify, add caption to the photo, rotation, blending, resizing, focusing on particular area and many more. This all provides you everything you need.

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So friends these are the best image overlay apps. With all these photo overlay apps you can make your photos beautiful. All these apps are the most frequently downloaded apps on Playstore.

Here you will easily find 100+ overlays which you can use to make your photo attractive. So must download any overlapping picture app for android and iPhone.

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