February 28, 2024

10 Best Photo Morphing Apps For Android & iPhone

In this post, we’ll be going over 10 of the best photo morphing apps available for Android and iPhone. Morphing is a fun effect that takes two photos and blends them together into a single image. You can see examples of photo morphs on magazine covers or in music videos to create cool effects that would have been impossible just a few years ago. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to make your friends laugh or want to create some mind-bending images. These apps are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Photo Morphing Apps

One of the best things about technology is that it’s always changing. If you can think of something, someone will find a way to make it happen. This path has led us to some pretty interesting and creative inventions, such as morphing apps for your smartphone or tablet. Here are 10 must-have free photo morphing apps for Android and iPhone.

Photo Morphing Apps for Android And iPhone

It’s fun to experiment with photo morphing apps. And the best part about them is that anyone can do it. You just need a bit of creativity and patience which we all have. Here are our top picks for this year. With the right apps, you can easily transform your photos into an entirely new person. There are plenty of face morphing options for Android and iOS devices available on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store today.

1: Pic Morph – Morph Faces

This app is the perfect enhancement for those of you who like to spice up your selfies with every new photo. There’s a wide variety and all HQ pictures too. So no worries about low-resolution images here. This innovative mobile application helps users take advantage their most recent pic by blending it seamlessly into another one that can be saved as GIF or video clip.

morphing app

Making these blends last longer than just seconds on Instagram stories (which may quickly disappear). The categories include portraits; child photos such as birthday parties or graduation hats. Horror scenes from movies pasted together in unexpected places like inside someone else’s mouth during lunchtime conversation, animal pics etc.

With this app, you can take a photo and have it blended with someone else’s face in a variety of different ways. You’ll never need another picture for social media because these are always posted from the most recent one taken. Not only that but if your own head isn’t on camera then there won’t be any morphing either. So don’t worry about getting shade during uploads or anything like that happening again.

2: Face Morph

The app lets you take control of your face with the use of smart techs that will recognize what is being morphed. Therewith, one should only choose pictures where their entire facial features are visible or else it won’t work. Plus lighting must also be good because bad quality can affect how well-done an edit becomes.

You can depend on the app to make your face more interesting and transform you into an unrecognizable stranger. The innovative new smart techs will automatically recognize who it is that’s using them for further layering. So we recommend only choosing pictures where people’s faces are fully visible or else they won’t be able to customize their transformation correctly with this amazing tool.

morph pictures

Plus if there isn’t good lighting in either photo then both image quality could suffer due at least somewhat influenced by poor light sources. Such as windows outside during daylight hours when trying achieve some shadows under noses etc. Although darker rooms usually produce better results since most digital devices struggle.

For those who don’t like any of the images in the app, you can always upload your own selfies and make it happen. The site is full of photoshopped faces as well. There’s something for everyone even if we’re talking about animal friends or other famous drawings too. There really isn’t anything this application won’t allow its users to do with respect to photos (apart from sending them).

3: Face Swap & Morph Animation Maker

There are plenty of photo morphing apps for android devices on the market, but Face Swap stands out as one that is both fun and easy to use. It includes categories like animal or horror face swaps. So if you find yourself without imagination when trying out these types of special effects in other apps then give it a try.

The app has many options to make your photos more interesting. You can edit the position and blending of certain features, like blur or contrast. It’s a good option if you want an easy photo morph because it offers lots of customization for altering images in different ways.

morph apps

The Face Swap app lets you create a stunning animal face on your own skin, and it’s perfect for any type of photo. It’ll make the person in the picture look special with their creepy-looking eyes. The best part is that this can be done without ever having seen what they’re going to looks like beforehand.

Just choose from one of many templates available or even draw something yourself if needed (although we recommend sticking with preprogrammed options). You could also do these effects: combine two people together as boyfriend/girlfriend. Swap guy faces around so he has features typically associated female ones such as eyelashes and eye shape. Whatever takes your fancy really. The possibilities are endless when using our amazing free app.

4: Animal Face Maker App

The app is called animal face maker and it will make your face blend in with other animals. You can take pictures of yourself, or choose one from the database for an interesting effect. Can’t decide between a panda or anteater? Now you don’t have to. Blend your selfies with the animal faces of this blending app.

picture morphing apps

The world is filled with endless options when it comes to choosing which creature will best suit who we are but sometimes that can feel overwhelming. With this new tool for taking pictures on social media, all animals from every corner could become available in just seconds without leaving google photos so tiring.

If you’re looking for a fun way to make your day even more exciting, download this picture morphing app. With this photo editor in-app there are endless possibilities when it comes to transforming yourself into animals. Head over and choose from any creature that lives on land or in water. Then apply their face as though they were an stickers of funny masks which will quickly change up how others see us humans.

5: Zooface – GIF Animal Morph

The Zooface app allows you to swap and morph your face into any animal image available on the app. This is a great way for people who have an affinity or interest in animals, but don’t own one themselves. You can easily customise photos with different eyes colors or noses too. This will make it feel like they’re looking at us through another species of eye or nose.

apps to morph faces

Creative is the best way to describe this app. With so many amazing features, it’s no wonder why photos are never boring. You can save images as gifs or videos and export them directly from your device for sharing on social media networks like Instagram or Facebook. But wait there are even more awesome creations waiting inside of Photoshop Mixer too.

All kinds of filters await you at every turn. Whether they be classic vintage looks in black & white or colour, Pop Art style paintings inspired by iconic pop culture moments gone old-school. The list goes on forever really because anything could happen when using these powerful tools which come alive through mars touchapse camera+.

6: Animal Face – Safari at Home

The app lets you mingle your images with an animal one. The wide compilation of pet pics includes cats, dogs and even giraffes. All you need to do here is pick a shot from the available options that suit your personal taste before blending them together. This app lets you create a photo collage of your favorite images with animals. Choose from cats, dogs and many more.

photo morphing app

You can’t go wrong when you use this app to take pictures of yourself. The best way is Face ID, which will identify your face and make sure it blends in seamlessly with other elements on screen or paper while still being recognizable. There are also various filters that change how light reflects off our skin for an even more flattering look. Perfect if high quality photos are needed because no one has time these days right?

7: Morphy – Face Morph GIF & Movie Maker

So you want to create some amazing face morphing transition effects between photos? Well, we have the perfect app for that. All of your friends will be impressed by how sophisticated and creative their video/presentation has become. Take the boring old photos you have of your baby and turn them into an amazing time-lapse video, morph through different animals or transform yourself into another person. The possibilities are endless.

morph faces together

Time-lapse videos are all the rage these days, but if you’re looking for something different than just a standard video of your child growing up before their very eyes in real time. Then this app may be just what you need. With two photos that can both have shapes added onto them as well as being blended together into one another. Either by moving gradually between each shot or slowing down parts where they meet at sharp angles. So we see every detail clearly. Time lapses become not only beautiful but also educational.

With this Morpho app, you can create morphs from a massive compilation of HQ shots. Plus they’re being added to regularly so there’s always more combo possibilities. To get started select your images and align them before viewing transition options or saving it as GIF/video for sharing on social media straight away. No need in going through different websites anymore since this is all done within one platform. Which has easy-to go navigation features too.

8: Beauty Face Plus : Face morphing

Do you want your selfie to be entirely different? This app does just that. With one click, the user can turn their face into an animal. The cool thing about this is if it doesn’t quite look exactly right in-camera they have options for saving both GIFs and videos. Which will show off all those awesome transitions between human skin tone with critter fur or feathers on display as well.

morph a picture into another

Beauty face plus is an app that lets you create your own amazing memes with over 50 different images and emojis. The new Facemoodie App lets users take pictures using various mood boards including adorable Pandas, edit them afterwards by adding cute filters like Ghosting Birdsong’s Spirit Wing Pose. Create something outo of nothing at any time during.

9: Reface: Face swap

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your chats, try Reface. This app lets users turn themselves into any animal or celebrity and participate in hilarious memes with friends. With over 100 different filter options including ones that change skin color and hairstyles as well as images galore from all around the internet (I’m sure they’ve got something there).

morph faces together

This is perfect if what we want are some laughs on our own time when messaging people offline doesn’t work so good anymore or ever really did considering availability issues these days. It also has face swap abilities so grab yourself an image of anyone who would be fun such panda bears Joe Biden, John Leguizamo, Jesus Christ, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump and relive old memories.

This app is great for creating videos that seamlessly transition between different people or faces. The face morphing functionality comes with a free trial, but if you want access to premium features like filters and text overlays on top of your altered facial expressions then there’s also an additional subscription fee available.

10: FaceApp: Face Editor

The FaceApp is a fun way to experiment with your face. It lets you morphing images, and can also edit beauty or makeover features like transitioning from old age back into youthfulness of skin tone while growing out facial hair. There’s tons of animal faces (including ones such as tiger) for people who want something different than human-like appearance on their own person.  Celebrity swap option helps fans get some screen time too when they go online looking at all these new transformations.

image morphing app

This app has 100 million plus downloads, and it’s one of the most popular face changing apps on Google Play. With many five-star reviews to back up how great they are at what they do. This photo morphing app is definitely worth checking out.

One Tap is the quickest way to get a high-quality photo edited. With one tap, you can use all available tools for editing in order of your preference and style including filters, backgrounds or effects. You won’t have spend hours on tedious work anymore either with one touch’s new photorealistic features that make it easy as pie.


Finally, a few words of advice for morphing. The most important thing to remember is that you should choose two photos with similar backgrounds and subjects so they blend together seamlessly. A good rule of thumb is to have one person in both images as well. If you can’t find any appropriate stock photos, try taking your own.

It’s just as easy as setting up the camera on your phone or tablet and snapping away-just make sure it’s not too dark or blurry when uploading it into an app like MorphMe. You’ll be able to create some really cool new selfies using this technique. What do you think? Do these apps look like something you would use? Let us know what we missed by commenting below and sharing our post with your friends.

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