10 Best Microphone App For Android And iPhone

If you are chatting with your friends online, video calling, singing or making any video from your phone in which you also record voice, then microphone is required for all these tasks. But if you do not have an external microphone, then you can fulfill the need of a real microphone by installing the microphone app in your phone. With the help of all these microphone apps, you can easily turn your phone into a microphone. In this post we are providing you the list of best microphone apps for Android and iPhone.

Microphone Apps

All these apps increase the voice quality of your phone without any external microphone. You can also connect these apps with your PC, which will make your sound quality even better. If you ever forgot your mic in between a presentation, speech and any other work. So you can complete them with the mic app available on your Android and iPhone. This is a temporary solution but you can use it to increase the voice quality. Now we tell you about the best and free microphone app for Android and iOS.

Best Microphone Apps For Android & iPhone

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1: Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone is the first app on this list which has more than 1 million downloads on Play Store. You can use this app like a professional microphone. If you like singing and don’t have a professional mic, this app will overcome your problem to some extent. With this you can record your audio with amazing sound quality and voice effects.

This is a best microphone app for android & iPhone and voice enhancing app for karaoke songs and voice records. it has a professional music equalizer. With which you can improve the quality of your audio and edit it. All singers from pro to beginner can use this app. If you need a mic for lip sync apps then this is the best for you.

[appbox googleplay com.musictopia.ProMicrophone]

2: WO Mic

Wo mic is another best microphone app that works with bluetooth, USB and WiFi. You can use the phone like a microphone by opening this app and connecting your phone with PC. This app turns your iOS and android phone into a PC mic. After this app you will not need to find the PC mic. You can use it for voice chatting, recording, and recognition.

[appbox googleplay com.wo.voice2]

3: Microphone

This is very popular microphone apps for android devices. This app has been downloaded over ten million times on the Play Store and its size is only 2.7 MB. You can use various features of this app such as Amplifier, Equalizer adjustments, Sampling rate selection, Stereo etc. It is also very easy to use it. So must download this mic app for android.

[appbox googleplay com.grace.microphone]

4: EZ Voice

EZ voice is best microphone app for singing. You can download it on both Android and iPhone devices. With this app you can sing all your favorite songs like a pro. It helps you choose any song from your phone library and removes the original voice and also adds melodies and funny vocal effects to your voice. Then you will be satisfied with your voice, then you can share it with your friends on social media. You can also use it by connecting it with your PC.

[appbox googleplay com.ikmultimediaus.android.ezvoice]

5: Karaoke Mic (Amplifier)

This is another best voice amplifier app for android devices. You can use this app like a karaoke mic, if you have a music playing in your background you can use it. This app can output sound via earphones or headset. If you are giving a presentation in a meeting, then you can use this app at that time also. You can make your own karaoke with a mini microphone or when you want to make a loud noise, you can use megaphone.

[appbox googleplay com.eonsoft.micspeaker]

6: Megaphone

Megaphone is very simple voice amplifier app for android and iPhone. To use this app you can connect it with any speaker by Bluetooth or AUX cable, then after that open this app and you can record anything. In this app you will not see any other features. If you like its free version, then you can buy its pro version and use different feature. If you have a function or other party at your home, then you can use this megaphone app.

[appbox googleplay sera.com.example.webdesigner.micapp]

7: Microphone by Gaz Davidson

If you forgot the mic in emergency, then this is the best alternative to your external mic. You can use it by connecting it with your computer. You will need a 3.5mm male to male headphone jack to connect to the PC. Now you will get your free mic. This is a very simple Android microphone app. Its size is also very lite. This is a very good app for emergency use, definitely install it.

[appbox googleplay net.bitplane.android.microphone]

8: Microphone by VonBruno

This is the best microphone app for iPhone. Which has been developed by VonBruno for iOS operating system. Through this you can convert your iPhone to microphone very easily which gives you quite good output. You can use microphone by connecting your iPhone with any type of speaker. If you want to make a wireless mic then you can use your phone like a wireless microphone by connecting Bluetooth or WiFi. You can use it easily and with the help of swipe up and swipe down you can reduce and increase the volume.

9: Live Microphone

It is a very simple app that sends the sound to the speaker via the mic. It requires 3.5mm male to male headphone jack to connect with your computer. This app converts your voice to high volume like a loud speaker mic does. If you need a microphone for any announcement or anything else, you can use the live microphone app.

[appbox googleplay one.way.bulletbikephotoeditor]

10: Wireless Mic

Wireless microphone is another great app for those who want a wireless microphone app. In this app, you get to see two modes: Server Mic and Client Mic. Server mic mode waits for a client connection. The client mic connects to the server mic and plays the audio. In this you get pre loaded audio effects, you do not need to download any other app for this.

[appbox googleplay com.idroidbot.wirelessmic.lite]

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