Top 10 Watermark Remover Apps For Android And iPhone

Hello friends, in this post, we are going to tell you about such apps so that you can easily remove the watermark from photos. You can easily use free watermark remover apps on both your Android and iPhone devices. If you like a picture on the Internet and you want to download it and use it for yourself. But due to the watermark on the photo, you are not able to use that photo. But now you have no need to worry because in this post we are providing you such app. With which you can easily remove the watermark of any photo and make it the original image without the watermark.

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Watermarks are used to protect images from being copied and shared without permission, but it’s a bummer when you can’t share the beautiful picture you took with friends because of the watermark. Luckily, there are some free watermark remover apps that will help remove any unwanted watermarks from your pictures. This blog post shares information about 10 different apps for Android or iPhone that should work well. Give them a try and see which one works best for you.

If you want the same photo without watermark, then it can be quite difficult to get it. Therefore, with the help of the apps given here, you can use the photo by removing the watermark of the photo. You can easily remove Watermark, Date, Time and Signature present in the photo from these apps. Here we have provided the latest list of the best app to remove watermark from photo for you. Which you can download and use in your Android and iOS.

Watermark Remover Apps For Android & iPhone

1: iWatermark 

iWatermark is one of the best watermark remover apps for Android and iOS users. It’s a great app that allows you to get your photos protected quickly by adding text or graphics with ease from any device, no matter what platform it runs on.

iWatermark is the best watermark remover apps on this list. You can easily use this app in four platforms like Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows. It uses the advanced feature to remove watermarks from photos. With a single click of your finger on the watermark, it will be moved from the photos. This app is absolutely free, you can remove and add watermarks to photos from it.

If you also want to put a watermark on your photos, then you can also do this with this app, here you have been provided more than 150+ fonts, graphics and logos. And if you want to apply your own watermark then you can apply. Apart from all these things, it is also a font style app with which you can write anything from stylish text on your photos.

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2: Watermark Photo 

This is the second popular app on this list. More than 1 Lakh+ people have installed this app on their phones on the Play Store. You can use it in your Android and iPhone. If you want to remove the watermark from a photo, then you can use this app.

Watermark Photo is a powerful app for those who need to remove watermarks from their photos. It makes it easy to create unique logos, signatures and other design elements with just the click of your phone’s screen. Alongside these features, Watermark photo allows you share content easily on social media platforms. You can download this helpful app in both iOS and Android formats today.

With this watermark remover apps you can also create a custom watermark with a transparent background. If you have to apply watermark on your photos too, then you can apply it with this app. In this, you also get a lot of options to create a watermark. So must use this app to remove watermark from photo.

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3: Remove & Add Watermark

This is another best app for android. This watermark remover apps can be used to remove or add watermark to images and videos. You can use both text and images with various options, including animating watermarks in both your photos and videos.

To remove a watermark, select an area and the app will interpolate surrounding pixels to make it disappear. It works best on alpha-blend or crop out any areas outside of the mark for media that has a logo at edges.

To remove unwanted marks from images in photos such as logos or text overlays (called ‘watermarks’), start by selecting which part to delete using either lasso selection tool around its edge (‘Area’) or rectangle selection just like removing other objects from photo editing software packages.

And you can use the selected features of this app to remove the watermark from a photo. Which works perfectly for media that has logo at edges. If you have a logo and want to add it to all your photos, then you can do it through this app.

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4: Touch Retouch

I like this app very much and i personally use it. I have placed it at number 4 because it is a paid app that you can buy from the play store for $1.5USD. But you can download this app for free by searching on Google. Apart from this app there is no easy way to remove the watermark from any photos.

With your own photos or interesting images, you can create works of art with this free editing app. With the object removal tool and clone stamp tools among other features such as filters to adjust contrast and saturation levels, it has everything needed for a sparkling photo.

With their easy-to-use interface combined with an array of useful features like objects removers and cloning stamps, Pixlr Express is one application that will have users reveling in its capabilities at every turn.

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5: eZy Watermark Photo

eZy Watermark is another best app to remove watermark from photo. This app has more than 1 lakh+ downloads on Play Store and its size varies with devices. This app is best for all those who upload their photos on social media and want to protect them from being stolen.

eZy Watermark is a popular watermark remover app developed by Whizpool for both android and iOS users. It’s like the Instagram of photo and vine editing apps, in that it features all kinds of fun filters, but now you can add your own personal touch with personalized custom-made branding! With eZyWatermarks customizable free logo maker and copyright protection feature this could be just what professionals need to legitimize their art while still staying creative.

With this app, you can use name, signature, logo, copyright, trademark etc. on your photos. The best feature of this app is that you can create a template in it and save them to use it later. eZY WaterMark is an easy solution when looking for a way to protect photos or images from being stolen on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc without having them removed due to violation of copyrights laws.

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6: Photo Retouch

Photo Retouch is another awesome tool with which you can remove any object from your photos in a few seconds. This app can make objects disappear as if they were never there. It is also very easy to use this app, you can remove the watermark present in any photo from it. You can also use this app as a prank app  to make fun pictures, remove unwanted people, remove unsightly pimples, clean up the perfect shot.

7: Background Eraser

Background Eraser is popular best watermark remover app for android and iOS. This app has more than 10 lakh+ downloads on the play store and the size of this app is only 28 MB. If you want to remove the background of any of your photos, then you can use this app.

You can easily remove & change your photo background to make a new photo in just two clicks on any iOS or Android device. It has an unique feature as auto erase which helps you effortlessly, and accurately wipe out similar pixels while editing. Along with these it provides undo, redo& zoom for accurate results too.

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8: Video Watermark

If you want to protect your video from others then with this app you can add watermark to your video. If you need an identity for your brand, then you can create your own brand identity from here. This watermark remover apps allows you to add watermark on videos right on your phone. This app is very fast and easy to use app to create and apply watermark on video. Apart from this, you can change the watermark transparent, adjust position, size, hue etc.

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9: Remove Watermark from Video

If you want to remove the watermark from any video, then you can download this app from the play store. It is also easy to use this app. You can download this app from the link given below and choose any video from your phone library and remove its watermark from this app. So must download this copyright remover app.

10: Fotogenic 

Fotogenic is the last app on this list and it is also popular. This app has been installed more than a million times on the Play Store. With this app, you can do photo editing and retouch quite well. To use this app advanced feature you have to buy it. This app is also a very nice tattoo design app that you can do for your tattoo design.

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If you are looking for a way to easily and quickly remove the watermark from your photos, there may be an app that can help. A number of apps have been created specifically as watermark removers, but they all function slightly differently.

In this post we’ve highlighted ten popular options so that you can choose which one is best suited for your needs. Whether you want something simple or more advanced in features, these watermark remover apps should help make removing unwanted text much easier than ever before.

Have any questions about how these work? Let us know. We’re happy to answer them anytime. Give it try today by downloading the free version on iTunes or Google Play. We hope you find this post useful and informative as always.

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