10 Best Harem Game for Android And iPhone 2024

The harem game has been restored to the ancient Roman style from its inception. This is evident in everything: architecture, character design, and various events that occur throughout gameplay. It’s no surprise then that players feel a strong sense of immersion when they enter this world through all these details including maps background music etcetera. The developers have taken great care to faithfully recreate an era for their audience by capturing every little detail so as not to disappoint those who appreciate the authenticity it conveys while playing.

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Every person has their own definition of what a “harem” is. For some it means a group of women who are attracted to one man or for others they see it as the opposite. Where this man is being pursued by multiple women. One thing that remains constant in all definitions though is that these harem game have at least two male characters and an equal number of female characters. In this post we are going to share with you the list of best harem game. So hopefully you can find something here for your tastes.

Ever wanted to be in a harem? Now you can. In today’s world, it is so easy and convenient for us singles out there. There are many mobile games available now that allow players to flirt or even become one of the “chosen ones” among powerful men (or women) with plenty of options ahead. These types of games have more than just passionate love lines; they also provide exciting plots and challenges waiting behind each turn. Think ancient China, Ottoman Empire Turkey, post-apocalyptic worlds. The possibilities really are endless.

Harem Game for Android and iPhone

Here are 10 of the best harem game to play when you want a break from reality and dive into some fantasy. Whether you like solving puzzles, chatting with friends in virtual worlds or fighting monsters, there’s something here for everyone. You can download all these apps in both your android and iPhone devices.

1: Legend of the Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix is a classic harem game with beautiful UI that you will enjoy for many hours. The game’s engaging story will keep you hooked for hours as it features many different endings that depend on how well we do in battle. Additionally, there are tons of quests waiting to be completed so explore every nook and cranny.

The game is all about choices you make. Each one will affect the plot and change the way your story turns out (just like in real life). In some ways, this may seem daunting. It’s a whole new world to explore. But it also means that every choice you make could have an impact on how our relationship grows as we battle those obstacles together.

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While navigating the levels you will meet multiple characters and get to build various relationships with them. You can make friends, enemies, lovers- anything really. Every character that likes your personality may help you in the future so keep this information at hand as well before moving on into game play itself.

Before playing for real though there is a process of creating the protagonist: here they are able to choose their name, appearance (including clothes), etcetera; however it doesn’t stop there because players also get an opportunity to customize every little thing about him or her including his/her history too. The game doesn’t just do costumes, they also cover the world in its entirety. There is a certain elegance and sleekness that can be seen throughout every inch of it which will have you looking back at your past games with shame. Don’t worry though – this one’s free.

2: Golden Empire – Legend Harem Strategy Game

In this game, you will be the supreme emperor of an ancient Roman Empire. You can recruit valiant men to fight for your cause and train them into a powerful army that conquers new territories with epic real-time battles against rival lords or other players around the world. As time passes, you’ll shape land by building sprawling towns in order to form even more territory under your rule. Will we see another golden empire?

The game has been restored to the ancient Roman style from its inception. This is evident in everything: architecture, character design, and various events that occur throughout gameplay. It’s no surprise then that players feel a strong sense of immersion when they enter this world through all these details including maps background music etcetera. The developers have taken great care to faithfully recreate an era for their audience by capturing every little detail so as not to disappoint those who appreciate the authenticity it conveys while playing.

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A role-playing game that combines the best of strategy games and RPG’s. Not only can you focus on building your country. But also train a team to clean up areas for peace in China. You have options such as training warriors with different abilities. Sending them off into battle against other countries or even raise their kids. So they’ll be ready when it comes time to take over.

The gameplay is not simply a traditional slg game similar COC, but incorporates elements of an rpg game including both single player aspects where players are able to strategize through developing their nation while exploring world events like expeditions. Which use digital resources called Nenchen Warriors who will fight battles across China. And multiplayer modes where gamers can join forces cooper.

3: Princess Connect

Princess Connect arrives in the US and other countries thanks to an exciting collaboration between Crunchyroll Games, Cygames, and funplex. The harem game is already wildly popular all over Asia with its thrilling story of knights saving princesses from the clutches of evil villains.

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Princess Connect takes you to a world of fantasy, where the protagonist doesn’t need anybody else. Your quest is yours and your own wishes will guide how it unfolds because in this game there’s no one who can stop you from getting that perfect prince or princess for yourself.

In this thrilling game, you get to create your own character from the ground up. You can choose their skin color and hairstyle, as well as what they wear and where you equip them with gear. All of these options are sure to make for one awesome adventure ahead-just be careful not to become a slave master or end up wearing leather armor in Antarctica because that would really suck.

4: Nightmare Harem

This is another best harem game for android and iPhone devices. In this game of love, you are the human. You will get to choose from several different hairstyles and costumes before starting your journey as a newbie in the world full of fantasy creatures: humans, demons, angels.

All with their own stories that intertwine when they meet our unlucky protagonist. There is not much I can say about it without spoiling its contents because my knowledge does no justice but suffice to say. If you ever wanted control over who falls for whom then Nightmare Harem may be an option for you.

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In the harem game, you play as a noble young man who is in love with his bride-to-be. The aristocrats and higher class citizens of this world are not so kind about their relationship though. They sabotage your plans at every turn to get married or even seen together by anyone outside family members. In order to be successful in life and marriage, players will have to keep an eye on what’s happening around them while navigating through complicated political intrigues that unfold over time.

The main difference between Love Story: One Night To Remember (LSONTR) and other games from its genre it that there aren’t any missions which might distract players away from completing the main goal. Building up relationships with all NPCs they meet throughout.

5: Be The King: Judge Destiny

The game Be The King empowers you to become a part of a virtual empire. In the case of this harem game, it is your duty as an appointed magistrate in Imperial Court that will crumble soon. You will be surrounded by officials and nobles, but you have been granted power by your emperor so his legacy can live on.

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Imprisoned by the Imperial Court, you must make decisions to bring justice back. Corrupt officials are guilty of plundering what they can for themselves while citizens cry out in pain from their suffering and injustice. Will you be able to stand up against corruption or will it take over your soul? In the timeless war between good and evil, you will find new friends in your quest to restore order. And with expanded coffers and troops that are eager for battle, it is time take on familiar foes as well as unforeseen adversaries.

6: Obey Me! – Anime Otome Dating Sim

Obey Me is a game that lets you live out your feelings of being in an anime harem. The player has the power to make any decision, and watch as their relationships unfold according to what they do. You can download this harem anime games on both your Android and iOS devices.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where you get to become the master of all things and defeat demonic brothers. To do so, you will need to go through rigorous training sessions that prepare your team for battle against these insidious demons.

But first, you’ll have an opportunity to create your character from scratch with some customization options. You may only choose between male or female voice and characters (at least initially), but don’t worry because whichever gender is chosen it won’t change who falls in love with them nor any other decisions about their story line.

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The bonds of friendship and love are strengthened by the text messages, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations that occur outside of just personal meetings. Another thing to mention is how immersive this game feels. It’s cinematic; you can almost feel like a protagonist in an action movie as your missions play out with little gameplay interruptions from loading screens or cutscenes here (and there).

Plus, when meeting new friends on social media platforms like FaceBook we’re able to customize our appearance whether through selecting costumes for special events such as Halloween or simply changing hair color & length at any time so they’ll always recognize us.

7: Illusion Connect

Illusion Connect is the game of your dreams. Create a personal avatar and build their life in this virtual world, where you can choose to gain leadership as either Radiant or Nightmare. You can download this game on both your Android and iOS devices.

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You’ve heard of games like Clash Royale and Pokémon GO? Well now there’s a new mobile game that mixes the gameplay from both to give you something fresh. Enter Illusion Connect, an innovative strategy game where players are able to build Radiants by choosing different parts for them such as weapons or shields. The possibilities are endless with more than 50 viable choices at your fingertips. It’ll be up to you make some tough decisions in order take down the Nightmares.

8: King’s Romance

King’s Romance is a fun game that puts you in ancient China and allows you to make your way up through the ranks, all while finding love. At first, it might seem like this is just another palace simulation with fancy costumes but as soon as I started playing myself I realized there was so much more.

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The gameplay starts out simple enough-you get to decide people’s fates by choosing who will be made referee. But then things really start picking up when preparing for an upcoming tournament comes into play and players are forced to choose between making their own character or borrowing one from history. It also has some pretty good dress-up features too which allow me total creative control on my avatar add these together with the story line of trying.

You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to selecting your spouse and heirs. Once you’re at the top, start by building your harem with women who are eager for attention from their leader. You can choose more than one wife if that’s what suits you best; in fact, some might say there is nothing better than having all those beautiful ladies on hand.  From this point forward, try not to lose sight of any potential heiresses as they grow up because once they reach adulthood themselves then will be ready for induction into the family business.

9: Dangerous Fellows

Dating is hard enough. Throw in a zombie apocalypse and you might as well give up on your social life like the rest of humanity did. Luckily Dangerous Fellows, an interactive visual novel dating simulator game from GameHouse has got your back with its attractive characters, captivating sound effects and choices that are critical to building intimacy with our favorite guy. So that we can survive together through this terrifying time.

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Dangerous Fellows features everything you need for romance during these trying times: fast-paced dialogue options to build rapport; multiple choice decisions which affect how quickly he warms up or becomes suspicious of us; exciting mini levels where all it takes is one misplaced step (or click) before disaster strikes again. But fortunately not much else because zombies.

10: Call Me Emperor

Get ready to be crowned king or queen of your own empire. You start off as an emperor/empress and get a chance to experience life at the top. Do you think that just because I’m up here, it’s easy? Of course not but with enough hard work, anything is possible.

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Can’t wait for this harem game where we can wear crowns and pretend like we’re royalty? Well now’s your chance! In EmpireMMO you are in control of every decision. From what buildings go down on each street corner all the way down to how many coins citizens earn per day by selling widgets out their front doors. You decide it all and live with any consequences too good luck.


If you’re looking for a love story without the drama, or want to explore new worlds and get in touch with your romantic side, then harem games might be for you. They give players the opportunity to build relationships through various settings and scenarios. All while avoiding any of those pesky high school heartbreaks. Don’t wait too long before exploring these fun interactive stories. You never know where they might take you on an adventure that will last years into your future memories.

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