10 Best GPS Land Survey Apps For Android And iPhone

In this post we are going to share with you GPS land survey apps for android and iPhone. Do you want to be very advance and accurate with the measurements related to your land. The land property has always been in demanding and so the measurements must be accurate. It often happens that you want to buy or sell the land and also want to calculate the area and perimeter of the land.

GPS Land Survey Apps

Now it’s not era of measuring land by using meter scales. It is technology that rule the world. Now your android and iOS can measure the area square of your land. There are several land surveying apps that help you out to find the land using GPS system. Here we present you with 10 Best GPS land survey apps.

Most Accurate GPS App For Surveying

You want to be very accurate with your measurements related to your land. The best way is by using a GPS land survey app on Android and iPhone devices. Do you find yourself wanting more accuracy when calculating the area of a property or perimeter? If so, we can help you out.

We have compiled an app list for both Android and iOS users that will make it easy for you to measure any type of area (square feet, acres, hectares) accurately in minutes. Get off grid today with our roundup of some of the most advanced GPS phone tracker apps available online.

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying is the scientific and accurate measurement of land, which includes properties such as boundaries, topography, and any improvements such as buildings or other man-made structures. This process determines the size and shape of a parcel of property. Land surveyors can be licensed by their state to provide this service for clients who want to buy, sell, subdivide or develop land within that state.

Importance of land surveying

Many people are unaware of the importance of land surveying. The profession has been around for centuries, but it is still vital to have one surveyor on your team if you are looking to buy or sell property. If you’re looking to purchase or sell a property, there are many things that need managing. Not only do land surveying firms help with these tasks but they can also be used when fencing your territory and making sure everything is legal in order foramination yourself.

GPS Land Surveying Apps For Android And iPhone

Do you sometimes need to measure an area of land but find it time-consuming and difficult? If so, this is the right place. We have searched for a good app that will meet all your requirements in terms of measuring areas quickly on both Android & iPhone platforms.

We know that many people need to calculate measurements in their everyday lives. If that’s true of you then there’s no need to keep wasting precious minutes trying to do calculations manually when they can be done within seconds with our recommended app. Check out what features come standard with Area Calculator below.

1. GPS Field Area Measure

Guys if you belong to the filed of dealing with land property then you need this app. GPS field area measure app helps you to calculate the area and perimeter of the land within seconds. You need to download the app to your android and iOS. Then just connect it to GPS system. For proper accuracy, precision and calculation this app has ranked at the top.

land surveying apps for android

It also include the special features of marking landmarks. If you want to mark specific place over the land area you can easily do it through this app. This surveying app helps you to remember important areas. Saving the land area is also available. This will help you to share and collect the information. For future use and convince all the data is saved and stored.

2. Simple GPS Survey

This GPS land survey apps has the advanced feature of using GPS system. You can easily trace the best land around. Saving the area, it’s particular location is also available. To start the survey you need to click at start button. Then you need to select the latitude and longitude number on the map.

Then click save. If you want to edit the location then click on edit option. Deleting points on map is also available. This best survey app helps you to trace the best location around. The area is saved in your phone and for next time you just need to see saved file.

land survey apps for iphone

3. Geo Measure Area Calculator

Property line application is designed for iPhone users. Guys are you planning to but or sell a land. The. Download the app to calculate the area and related measurements. You will find it very convenient. There are two methods to calculate the area  you can either record your position or mark marker manually on map.

land survey app for iphone

This app uses GPS system to calculate all the parameters. The special and unique feature if this app are here. You can add marker on map, dragging and dropping, deleting points is also present. You can save your measurements all maps can be viewed option for sharing the land area is also available.

4. Land Area Calculator

This app is specially designed and dedicated to professionals. Farmers who deal with land can download this gps land survey apps to their android devices. Professional like field workers, engineers, GIS students will find this app as the key article in there work.

land survey apps for android

Land calculator app is the general android and iPhone application that will help to search out the land and related calculations. You can calculate the land parameters using three options. The first is that you can move around the perimeter of land. The second is draw the shape of land and the third is enter the coordinates of land.

5. GPS Area Measure – Land Survey

If you want to measure the true size and area of land then this is the best app for you. Some of the apps are tough to operate and quite confusing but this app is nothing tough to operate so you can easily use it. You just need to click on GPS walk option then walk around the land’s border. Then click calculate and perimeter of the land is quickly displayed. Must download this land survey measurements conversion app.

land measurement apps

6. Land Surveyor

land surveying apps for ipad

The gps land surveying app is a tool to calculate the Area of a Land. It is very easy to use application with attractive interface. This app has unique features that makes it to rank at the top. Rather than calculating the area and parameter of the land it also provides you with several other options. GPS land survey apps has feature of diving the area into equal pieces.

If you want a specific area of triangle, rectangular or any shape. Different unit converter is the other feature. It shows you measurements in various units. If you want to convert the unit it is also available. You can survey land easily by just diving area. Then measure the area and click save and you can use this app as construction calculator app for android.

7. Map Pad GPS land, Surveys and Measurements

field measurement app

Land surveying app has been proved to be most convenient app for users. This makes calculations regarding to area, perimeter, distance. You can find out the exact figures through this app. Saving and exporting the land details is the best feature of this app. It uses real time GPS tracking.

To calculate distance you can use Google app. A number of units are available for measurements. You can measure by several methods. Tap on map, GPS location, map cursor location. You can also plan construction, planning garden, agriculture and many more.

8: Area Calculator For Land

This app is also good for calculating the area with the help of your phone. With this app, you can easily calculate perimeter, estimate perimeter, distance etc. If you want to do field land survey in real time, then you can use the option given in this app. You can use features such as an easy way to drag and drop a marker or long click on a marker and select a land on the map.

gps surveyor free

9: GLandMeasure

site survey apps

This is also a good field measurement app for this list. With the help of this app we can easily measure land, farm, house, distance and length. To measure the ground properly, it has two options.

In the first option we can measure the land by pinning it in the map and in the second option we can walk and get the full measurement of the land. This application will automatically calculate area and length.

10: Theodolite

Theodolite is an indispensable app for surveyors, pilots and adventurers alike. It has the most essential tools needed in one device including a compass to measure distances between points along with inclinometers that allow you as accurate readings on slopes up or down hill.

gps land survey apps

Rangefinders provide distance measurements at different ranges so your calculations will always be spot-on whether it’s via map coordinate conversions (GPS), plotting navigational courses based off coordinates from known locations such as airports/ports of call etc. Calculating bearing angles when establishing bearings using landmarks nearby which could include churches.

You can save, transfer and process data with this app. Of course it won’t be free to use since you have pay for the service but users will love that their information is secure in a cloud database meant specifically for them.


If you are looking for accurate measurements related to your land, there is no better way than GPS surveying. This article has given some of the best apps that can give you these measurements. One app will calculate the area and perimeter of a property while another one will map out all points on its surface.

There are also tools available that have an integrated compass which makes it easier to find directions when exploring remote areas or unfamiliar cities. We hope this information helps in choosing the right app for your needs,

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