If you’re looking for a gender swap app to have some fun with your friends, then this article is perfect for you. You will find out how to download them and what the best ones are so that you can start having some laughs. The awesome thing about these is that they work on both Android and iPhone.

gender swap app

There are many apps available that allow you to swap genders in your photos, and each has their own set of unique features. In this post we will go through the top 11 best gender swapping apps for iOS and Android so if you’re bored with old selfies then give these a try.

Gender Swap Apps for Android & iPhone

These apps are designed for entertainment purposes only and allow people to explore what it might be like to look like the opposite sex. They also provide people with the opportunity to discuss issues related to gender and sexuality in a safe environment. Many users find that using these apps helps them gain insight into cultural expectations surrounding gender expression and opens up conversations about tolerance and acceptance of all genders.

You can also use male to female voice changer app to change your voice.

1: Deepswap.AI

Deepswap.ai is an innovative online AI face swap app that allows users to generate faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs. Leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence, Deepswap.ai enables users to transform any photo or video into a face swapped version with just a few clicks. With its user-friendly interface, the app makes it easy for anyone to explore the possibilities of face swapping technology and create fun videos and images in minutes.


2: FaceApp

The future is bright when you use FaceApp. This photo editing application allows you to apply a large number of interesting effects. You can see how old age would be if it were the present, or what your younger days looked like with an incredibly bright smile on that youthful face. Or maybe show off some facial features from the opposite sex? The possibilities are endless and there’s something for everyone.

gender swap app

When it comes to editing your selfies, FaceApp is the best thing you’ll find. With over 500 million downloads across devices worldwide and a 5-star rating on Apple’s App Store (and Android’s), why wouldn’t you download this app? The developers know what they’re doing when it comes down to making Instagram edits with their variety of filters that are free for all users. With the help of this gender swap app you can change your face for opposite gender and see how you will look as a different gender. You can download this app on both your Android and iPhone devices.

3: FaceLab

One of the most creative and innovative apps that offer you gender-swapping for free is FaceLab. You can also use it as an age changer app with many old face filters to choose from making your aging process easy. Its amazing effects will make you older or younger in just a few clicks. If want to see what you’ll look like when you’re older then tell FaceLab about yourself so they know how much wrinkles need be on your forehead etcetera.

gender change app

You can also add a variety of filters to your face that will transform you into one or more famous figures. There’s even an option so you can swap genders and become the opposite sex in just seconds. If all this wasn’t enough already, there are plenty of photo editing options too.

4: Snapchat

If you want to know what it is like being a member of the opposite sex, then have no fear! Snapchat recently introduced an unusual filter that makes people’s appearances switch from male to female and vice versa. One changes women’s faces into men with stubble while the other does just about everything possible in order for men to look more feminine.

app that changes gender

The gender change filter quickly became megapopular so now when scrolling through Instagram or similar social networks, be sure not miss out on all those hot pictures before their original owners get wise. You can take a photo of anyone you want and change their face with the help of this live filter. Point your camera at them, shoot it in real time mode and see how easily any celebrity turns into an old woman. This app that make you look thinner, anything is possible.

5: Face Story: Age & Gender Swap

What if you could virtually manipulate your face and see what it would look like in real-time? Would that be something worth checking out or not so much? In any case, this is the place to do it. You can find all of those features available from just one app too.

gender switch app

Do you want to see what your old face will look like? Or, are you curious about the future and how it would affect your appearance? If so then this is for you. With this gender swap app new AI face photo effects app we offer a variety of different filters such as cartoon, art filter effects or sketch.

You can also explore more new filters that will show other aspects of yourself: an opposite gender or even a future baby generator which creates an adorable baby version of yourself up until 40 years into the future that can be sent out to friends and family members via email. All these features combined with many more make us one-of-a-kind when compared other apps on store shelves today.

6: Jiggy

Jiggy is an app that uses AI to swap your face with a celebrity or animated character. You can be the star of hilarious GIFs, stickers and videos. Send Jiggys to amaze friends & family with this new way for fun together. This app provides you with the opportunity to create realistic looking deep fake videos and photos in just a click.

transform me into a woman

You can choose from thousands of templates, edit them as desired; no need for any manual editing which means instantly done results are guaranteed. Use this gender swap app on your friends or family members to prank them without hurting their feelings.

7: Instagram‬

People love the Instagram app so much, that it has become a staple in people’s lives. It is one of the most popular social media apps on all platforms and also used by many influential figures to post their content with ease. One unique feature found on this platform is its camera which comes equipped with different mask filters for you to choose from when recording videos or posting them straight onto your story.

opposite gender app

People are always looking up new ways they can use their creativity across multiple areas like graphics design, drawing landscape artworks, writing short stories but what if there was an easy-to-use filter where you could swap out any face? Well now thanks to instagram repost and stories newest update. Mask Filters; not only do users have access already.

8: Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

Face Swap Booth is an advanced tool that allows you to swap your face with anyone else’s in a few simple steps. It lets users save someone elses face from one photo and then faceswap it again on another. So there are endless possibilities for capturing the perfect selfie.

this picture will turn you into a girl

FaceSwap Booth is an online app that mixes up different people’s pictures by swapping their facial features across photos seamlessly after just a couple of clicks. You can do this as many times as you want too meaning every picture will be unique & special because they’re all YOURS (with some help). This means no more awkward poses or contorting yourself into odd positions trying to get the right angle. Now everyone has access to professional quality selfies.

Face swapping is the newest craze in social media. With face swap live, you can put your own head on any celebrity or friend’s body and share it with everyone to laugh at. Face swaps are so popular now that people have started doing them just for fun. The best part? You don’t need expensive software. Because we’ve got this covered too. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy as pie.

9: Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Swap Faces in your own photos. The best and completely FREE photo face swap app available on the android devices. Swap faces with different pictures. 1 or 2 photos, with up to 6 faces in each photograph. Open from gallery or camera mode for fresh ones. Easy to use, realistic results are possible within seconds of download. Share them out across social media networks like Instagram and Facebook today.

this picture will turn you into a girl

The gender swap app is a must-have for anyone who wants to experiment with their appearance and explore new trends. With various effects like babyface, smiling filters, beard builder or best hairstylist you can alter your pics in any way that suits your fancy. You could even use the automatic filter which makes people look skinnier or as if they’ve gained weight just a bit perfect for those looking to slim down.

10: Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

I’m always curious to know what I’ll look like when I get old – will my hair turn gray? Will wrinkles form on my face, or will sagging skin make me all droopy and wrinkled? With this super cool photo editor app you can see for yourself.

Give your friends a glimpse into the future with an instant age progression using just their picture. Make them laugh (or cringe) by turning someone youthful looking to elderly in as few seconds. Show people how they might someday end up if they don’t start taking care of themselves now.

sex change filter

Face changer gender transformation app will let you change your gender in a matter of seconds. You can transform your face to look like anything, including other people. With amazing stickers and filters for fun features such as changing the color of lips or eyes, this gender swap app is perfect for anyone who wants more creativity at their fingertips.

11: Reface

If you are looking for a good meme or gif editor on your smartphone, then Reface is the perfect app. You can swap faces with famous celebrities and instantly put yourself into all of those hilarious memes that people post online. This gender switch app offers more than 50 million downloads and is the best for fun. It has a wide range of photos, gifs, and videos that you can swap your face with any celebrity or pop star. The advanced technology allows users to take realistic selfies on-the-go; making it perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.

gender flip app


The best way to find out which gender swap app is right for you is by trying them all and seeing what feels the most authentic. We’ve provided a list of 10 free apps that are worth downloading, but there may be more we missed so feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

Whether it’s swapping genders on social media or just having some laughs with friends, these gender change photo editor online app will have you laughing every time. Ready? Let’s start swiping. What is your favorite gender swap video or photo op application?

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