Top 10 Best Apps That Make You Look Thinner or Skinny

Hello friends in this post we are providing you the list of best apps that make you look thinner or slim. These are all the apps that make you look slim. A good body shape has always been an attractive feature in human life. Everyone who looks fit looks more attractive than unfit people and this is also a big sign of being healthy.

body slimming apps

You have come to our website to download this body slimmer app, it means you are not fit too. You do not need to worry. It’s my responsibility to make you look slim. Here I have provided you the best picture editor app which will make you look slim. You can download all these apps on both your Android and iPhone devices.

Apps That Make You Look Thinner

You can look slim and skinny in a few seconds by doing photoshop, but in real life you cannot look slim without giving effort for this you have to work hard. Nowadays we are all becoming virtual, so it is very important to have good photos for the virtual world. So you can slim yourself with the photo slim editing app and upload your photos on social media or any other platform.

Photo Editor to Make You Look Skinny

1: Perfect Me – Body Retouch & Face Editor

This is very popular app for body retouch and face editor for android devices. This app has 10 million downloads on play store and the size of this app is only 52 MB. This slim body app helps you reshape body curves to get you perfect figure, slim waist, long legs, abs and tattoos. And you can also retouch your slim face, high nose, big eyes, plump and light lips and smooth skin with its help.

This app is perfect for online showcasing and passing your own time as you can further enhance your beauty in it. By following some easy steps, you can make yourself a celebrity through this app. This is an amazing face slimming photo editor.


  • Retouch body.
  • Beautify face.
  • Video Body Editing.
  • Beautify photos.
  • Photos adjustments.
  • Add artistic tattoos & fonts.
  • Plenty of collage layouts to mix multiple photos.

body slimmer app

2: Retouch Me: Body & Face Editor

Retouch me is also very popular body slimming photo editor online free app. This apps that make you look thinner has more than 1 million downloads on the play store and the size of this app is only 24 MB which is very lite size. It is a professional photo editor and slimming app with which you can easily fix body, smooth skin, perfect face, touch up photos and pictures.

The most popular feature of this app, which is used the most, allows you to slim, change the shape of any part of your body and face. You can look very beautiful by using all these features. There are countless features provided in this app to retouch photos, which you can use to beautify your photos.

Retouch Me App Feature

  • slim body
  • flat tummy
  • breast augmentations
  • slimmer waist
  • butt editor for better booty
  • hips size correction
  • unblur image fixer
  • lose belly fat app
  • big breasts and breast lift
  • breast size reshaping
  • bigger butt
  • stretch marks and scars removing
  • fix and remove shadow

Face Tune Feature

  • slim face
  • facelift
  • nose job
  • red eye removal
  • correction of wrinkles, moles
  • pimple and blemish remover
  • nose correcting
  • eye color changer
  • perfect skin tone
  • fix facial asymmetry
  • double chin remover

You get to see many such features in this app. If you need an app in which you can do everything then you can download this app it will be best for you. If you retouch photos with this app, then it provides your retouched photos in very high quality, which makes your photos look very beautiful.

make me look skinny

3: Body Editor

Body Editor is another best photo editor for body shaping. With this app you can slim your body very quickly. You can retouch any part of your body very easily and the best feature of this app is that you can also increase your height.

If you are fond of six pack abs and tattoo, then you can edit or retouch your body with the help of this app. Just a few touches, you will be a fitness model. Every girl is very worried about her figure but now you need not worry because it can help to reshape your body curves with breast enlargement, hip enhancement, face slimming and waist slimming.

Main Features:

  • You can perfect your body curves with Body Shaper.
  • Increase breast size naturally with breast enlarger.
  • Get wider hips easily with hip enhancement.
  • If you have a slim face, it will be more photogenic.
  • It magically burns your belly fat.
  • From here you can increase the size of your legs
  • Slim down without exercise or diet.

fat picture app

4: Body Tune

This is the first iPhone app on this list which is best for making you slim. You can easily make your photos slim and skinny with this iPhone app. It is also very easy to use this app, you will not have to sit for hours to retouch your photo because this apps that make you look thinner can retouch your photo very easily and quickly.

You can slim, reshape, resize and enlarge any part of your body to look fit, slim and tall on any of your photos without any photo editing skills. With the user friendly interface of this app, you get the option to retouch photos very easily. And with the help of powerful body editing and reshaping features you get your desired figure.

Main Features: 

  • make your body slim and slim
  • It can help you reshape the curves of the body along with elongating the hips, slimming the thighs and slimming the waist.
  • Change your body shape as you wish
  • Get the Impressive V-Shaped Body That Looks Best on You
  • Enlarge or slim down any part of your body
  • Get the perfect body shape: slim legs, slim waist, slim arms, flat stomach

Apps That Make You Look Thinner

5: Body App

This is also the best body slim app for iOS device. Like all other apps, in this app also you get to see features like body slim, six pack abs, butt editor, tattoos and accessories etc. In this app you can get your desired look in few clicks.

It provides you options to slim down, bulk up, change the height, refine the curves, balance skin tones and much more so that you can make your photos very attractive.

Main Features: 

  • Taller or slimmer
  • Refine waist lines
  • Accentuate your curves
  • Elongate legs
  • Solid 6 pack or 8 pack
  • Realistic-looking chest muscles and biceps

photoshop apps to make you look skinny

6: Body Editor Booth Skinny & Fat

If you can retouch your photo like a pro then it is possible with this skinny pictures app. This app is available for iPhone devices. With the help of this app you can make yourself skinnier or perhaps add a few extra curves. Advanced tools to color skin just added.

This app allows you to edit your photos and make your body slim or fat. You can reshape multiple parts of your body into a single picture until you’re satisfied. You can also make your friends’ photos thin and fat and share them with them and have fun.

Main Features: 

  • slim the waist
  • adjust your thighs
  • Tone your arms and remove flab
  • make yourself taller with long legs
  • Tighten and Resize Your Buttocks
  • auto face detection tool for face lift
  • Seamlessly modify eyes, nose, mouth, chin and face
  • Retouch your skin to be flawless
  • Blemish Removal Tool to remove acne and blemishes
  • 3 different body adjustment tools to use
  • Tons of preloaded celebrity photos to play with
  • Tones of pre-loaded model photos
  • Compare old and new feature
  • Make multiple adjustments per photo

body slimming apps

7: Hotune

Hotune is another best photo editor to make you look skinny. Have you ever wondered which app can give you a perfect figure and beautiful face that will make you look like those hot models and celebrities? So now you don’t need to think because hottune app which makes you look slim in pictures is the best app.

Hotune is a powerful and free app for editing face and body, perfect body editor, weight loss photo editor app and face enhancer app as well as whiter teeth app. To use this app you don’t need to have the professional skills or any Photoshop skills to get the same incredible effect. Like other apps, in this too many options have been given to retouch the photo. Using all these options, you can make your photo like a celebrity’s photo.

weight loss photo editor app

8: Fotogenic

Fotogenic is another best face & body tune and retouch editor for android devices. With the help of the tools given in this app you can slimmer your photo and you can retouch yourself in beauty feature. This app can also help you like baby photo editor because you have been given a lot of options to edit photos in it, so that you can edit your normal photos as well.

If you are a professional photographer and you need different color effects and lighting for your photos then this app will be the best for you because all the photo editing tools are provided in it. If you need photo frames then here you get dozens of picture frames with 4 different categories.

skinny pic app

9: Adobe Photoshop

As you know Adobe Photoshop is such a popular and professional apps that make you look thinner, which is used by millions of people around the world. It is very important for you to have a good photo to make a splash with your friend or on social media.

That’s why we are recommending you Adobe Photoshop app because through this app you can retouch your photo very well. And can be very popular among your friends and your friends will also be very jealous after seeing your photo. Adobe Photoshop app is the same app that makes you look slim in pictures and doesn’t let anyone doubt you

With the help of smooth graininess, reduce color noise, and sharpen details tools, it takes your photos to a different level. You can create professional-quality compilations by adding pre-made photo grid layouts to this app and modifying borders and colors.

apps that make you look thinner

10: Pics Art

Pics Art is another best photo editor to make you look skinny and smart. The name of Pics Art is very famous all over the world, everyone uses it to edit their photos. More than 500 million people have downloaded this app on the Play Store and the size of this apps that make you look thinner varies for different devices.

To slim your body, you will get a lot of options and tools in pics art, using which you can easily slim any part of your body. Along with these, you can use all the features on pics art like collage maker, video editor, sticker maker, photo effects and filters, drawing tools etc to edit your photos.

body slimming apps

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