February 27, 2024

7 Best Flashlight Notification Alert App For Android

In this post we are going to share with you flashlight notification app for android and iPhone devices. If you want the flashing light when your phone rings and blink it’s flash even during notifications, then this app is perfect. You can easily do both with just one tap. The notification will let you know when there is an incoming call and it even allows the user ultimate customization with their own personal alert. No matter what device they’re using.

Flashlight Notification Apps

No matter where you are, your phone can give notifications. And with these apps they will make sure the light blinks on and off so that no one misses any important messages or calls. The best thing about this is when someone sends me an text message in class for instance. There’s always some guy who has his flashlight pointed right at mine because guess what? We’re both waiting around here like idiots without our phones.

Flashlight Notification Apps For Android

There are many different types of Android flashlight notification apps available on the Google Play Store. Not all of them are created equal, however, and some are definitely better than others. Here is a list of the 7 best Android flashlight notification apps, based on my personal testing and experience.

1: Flash Alerts on Call and Alerts Notification

Flash Alerts is popular notification flashlight apps for android. This app has more than 10 million downloads on play store and the size of this app is quite lite only 4.6MB. This app was created in 2013 by Fantastic Droid. Whenever a notification comes from any app in your phone, this app gives you flash alerts.

flashlight notification app

If your phone battery is running low and you want to turn off the flash alert, just do so. It will be replaced with a light version that still lets people know about incoming alerts for particular apps or calls without shining an annoyingly bright screen on everyone else who needs access during those moments in order not get interrupted too often.

2: Flash Light Alert Blink for Calls & SMS LED

This is a flashlight notification app for your phone. This app has been downloaded more than 5 million times and it’s really popular on the play store. The most useful feature of this program are its LED lights that provide a brighter flash to help you in dark areas or if there’s an emergency outside without WiFi access, such as power outages. Complete with batching capabilities; so all group messages at once will be saved together. Provides easy control over color temperature low/medium brightness.

flashlight notification android

This app has a built-in light that will flash whenever you get an incoming call or message. It also lets the user chose between different kinds of alerts for their social media accounts. Such as Facebook and Twitter reception notifications. If one doesn’t work then they can activate it through this program too.

3: Flash Alerts 2

Flash Alerts 2 is one of the best flash notification app for android phones. This light alert app blink the phone flash when you receive phone or SMS text or app notifications. With this features the user gets a lot of help in getting the notifications and it also looks cool. You can regulate blinking frequency led flash. This application supports all Android devices.

call flash light app

4: Flash Alerts LED – Call & SMS

This app controls your phone’s notifications completely. Flash light LED notification lets you manage and customize blinking flash light alerts so you never miss a phone call, text, app notifications or alarm. This led flash alert app will help you a lot when it is dark in your room. You can create different custom light blinks for all individual contacts. So must download this app and use it.

best flash notification app

When you get a call, the Led Torch will flash and help remind your phone that an incoming notification has come in. The colors are meant to match with what people use on their phones. In case they’re looking at theirs or close by. The bright lights can also be used as some form of entertainment when someone doesn’t answer right away; it looks like fun.

5: Ringing Flashlight Alerts

This is another unique and popular flashlight notification app for android devices. This app has been installed by more than 5 million people on the Play Store. The size of this app is only 4 MB. By using this app you cannot miss any of your calls and SMS. When your phone’s battery is low, you can turn this app off to save the battery. If you want to change the speed of flash blink then you can do that in this app.

flashlight notification app for android

6: Flash alert for all notification

This is a good flashlight notification app created by Nuza Studio. You can customize this app according to your need and you get a lot of options to customize. If you are busy with your work and you do not have to get disturbed by the notification ring, then you can get notifications by using silent flash. You can set flash for all phone applications. The design and interface of this app is also very good.

led flash alerts for android

7: Ultimate Flash Alerts

If you want flash alerts in any notification at all times then you must use this app. Every time someone will call or message you, this LED flash light starts blinking, so that you know that the notification has come in the phone especially when your phone is silent or kept in the dark. You can adjust the blinking of flashlight. If you want to save your phone battery, then you can disable this app.

call flash alerts

If you’re looking for a unique way to keep your phone’s flash light on and blink in response, look no further than this app. You can set custom patterns so when somebody calls or texts, their message shows up as one of these beautiful animations. In addition there are five different color options that change with every update. Perfect if we want something more permanent without having to paint all over our device like some people do.


Choosing the best Android flashlight notification app for your purposes depends on what you are looking to do with it. If you want a free, no-frills option that will only provide basic functionality, then Flashlight Notification is probably just right for you. However, if you need something more advanced or have an unlimited budget, there are other options worth considering as well. Which of these would be the perfect fit for your smart phone?

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