April 21, 2024

10 Best Lie Detector Test Apps For Android and iPhone

In today’s time we are afraid to believe someone’s words because most people have started lying. If you have heard the truth from someone and have to be sure that the person is telling the truth. So in this post, we are going to provide you real lie detector test app. By which you can easily find out whether the person is lying or truth.

lie detector test apps

In this list of lying app, you can download them for both Android and iPhone devices. If you download any of these accurate lie detector app to your phone, then all these apps are going to help you a lot in detect lie. This app provides you with truth and lie option in real time.

Apart from these, in some apps of this list you also get the option of customization, in which you get a finger print on the screen. You can use that app by placing a finger on it and detect a lie of other person. All these apps are for fun and entertainment purpose with which you can prank with your friends and family members.

Best Lie Detector Test Apps For Android and iPhone

1: Truth and Lie Detector GameĀ 

This is the first and popular lie detector test apps on this list. This app has been installed more than 50k+ times on the Play Store. You can use this app on both your Android and iPhone. You can detect the lies of anyone by installing it in your device.

Using this app is also very easy. In this lying app amazing graphics and sounds have been provided and realistic computer voice will surprise you. This lie detector app is made for entertainment purposes only.

truth or lie detector

2: Lie Detector Test App

lie detector test apps

This is another lie detector app that really works. This app is very popular on the Play Store. It has been installed more than 10 million times and its size is only 8 MB. As soon as you open this app, a finger print sensor appears on your screen.

You have to press your friend’s finger on this fingerprint scanner and then the lie detector app will simulate to scan and calculate the result, true or false.

You can set the result coming from this app yourself and prank it with your friends. When it will scan your friend’s finger, at that time you have to press volume key “+” for truth, volume key “-” for lie. This app looks very interesting. Must download it and prank your friends.

3: BioDigital Lie Detector

lie detector app for iphone

BioDigital is best lie detector app for iPhone. This app works like a Polygraph device and is designed for the same purpose. Which makes it easy to find out whether your friend is lying or true.

This app looks and behaves like a real polygraph device. It measures the voice level, stability and balance of another person and tells whether the person is lying or true. And it shows the feedback on your screen in an realistic way.

4: Lie Detector Face Test Prank

This app is another free real lie detector app for android and iPhone. More than 10 lakh+ people have installed this app in their phone from Play Store. You can control the result from this app yourself and prank with your friends.

It has a funny talking voice too. If your friends and family members tell you something and you want to confirm that they are lying or telling the truth, then you can use this voice lie detector app.

how much lie detector test cost

5: Lie Detector

how to do a lie detector test at home

This is best truth and lie detector scanner for android and iOS users. Who is lying to you? You can find out from this app. This voice lie detector app detects the lie by performing complex scientific analysis of the finger.

This is a perfect apps by which you can scan your finger to detect lies. Its scanning bar seems completely real. While scanning the finger, your phone also vibrates so that it looks real.

6: Lie Detector Simulator

can you fake lie detector test

This is another popular lie detector apps for android. This app has more than 10 million+ installs on the Play Store. It is a fun and simulates fingerprint scanner game designed to detect lies.

With this app you can comfortably prank any of your friends. If you want this app to respond randomly, then you can turn off prank mode from the settings. So that it will show random truth and lie.

7: Free Lie Detector

This free real lie detector app converts your phone into a spy device. This free real lie detector app converts your phone into a spy device.

We also call this device a polygraph app that captures a person’s lie. But this app is just a polygraph app simulator from which you can reveal your friend’s lie and prank with your friend.

real lie detector test app that works

8: Lie Detector Pro

This is another amazing lie detector test apps for android. Through this app, you can find out someone’s lie in a unique way. To find the lie from this app you have to press your finger, face and voice on the lie scanner and then this app will scan your truth or lie and calculates the result. It provides you the results in the secret way. This is a simulator app, you can use it for prank.

9: Truth and Lie Detector Scanner

accurate lie detector app

This is accurate lie detector app for iPhone device. This app has been developed by Mark Bunch. This app has also received a 4.2 rating on the Apple App Store. It is also very easy to use this app and its interface is also very good. You can find out if someone is lying or truth by scanning his finger in it.

10: Voice Lie Detector

what is the best lie detector app

This is the last app on our list that you can download to your Android and iPhone devices. It detects the voice and tells someone is lying or truth. It is also a free lie detector app.

By asking question to your friend, you can find out from this app whether the friend is telling the truth or lie. The size of this app is only 4.5 MB which is quite light.

11: Lie Detector Simulator

Lie Detector Simulator

This is another best lie detector app that really works. If your friends are telling lies or truth then you can easily find out. The truth detector app detects false or true by scanning the finger.

To use this app, tap and hold the finger on the phone screen. After detection, Lie detector will test lies based on your finger print.

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