10 Best Auto Tune Apps for Android & iPhone [*Voice Changer*]

The best auto tune app is hard to find. With such a wide range of choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pick the wrong one for your needs. That’s why we took time out of our day to test drive some of the most popular apps on both Android and iPhone devices. We’re going to break down each one in detail so you can decide which will work best for you and your music needs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we take you through best voice changer app for Android & iPhone.

Auto Tune Apps

If you want to become a better singer, then download this app and use it regularly. These mobile apps will help your voice sound like what the professionals do. With automatic tuning features that can be customized for each user’s unique pitch range as well as an array of other useful tools such as pitch correction algorithms or enhancers. There isn’t anything not possible with these fantastic programs on either google play store or app store now days.

Singers today are in high demand and often face stiff competition. The best way to stand out from the rest of your peers is by investing into a top-notch auto tune app. That will help you perfect every aspect about vocals, including pitch correction technology for those who may lack natural talent or just want their voice heard more prominently than it already would be without this application’s benefits.

There really isn’t any wrong answer when choosing which platform works better with what device. So take some time browsing through all different types until something catches your eye. If you want to show off some singing skills, then these apps will help a lot. They can improve your voice and make anyone impressed with what they hear. You don’t need lessons or anything else like that. Autotune is a great app for all your singing needs. There are ten different apps to choose from, and each one has its own unique features. Like the ability to record sounds in real-time or make voice edits on top of prerecorded tracks.

Auto Tune Apps for Android & iPhone

It’s a fun way to make your voice sound different and cool. You can use it to put emphasis on words or just for fun. There are tons of apps out there that do this but not all of them work well and some don’t even have good songs. So here I’ve compiled a list of 10 auto tune apps that you should download right now. Even if you don’t want them, they’re still pretty cool to see what these apps can really do with music. It’s crazy how much people edit their voices in music nowadays so check out the best auto tune apps below.

1: Smule 

Smule is the best music app you’ve never heard of. It allows users to sing along with others, as well as some amazing artists from all over world. Smules also has pitch correction for real time tuning. This feature automatically fine tunes your voice so that it sounds right and smooths out any rough edges or cracks in tune.

Smule is a top-rated social singing app with more than 100 million downloads on the play store. In the Smule app, you can sing and make music with people from all over the world. You can sing both solo and duet songs in it. Using this app, you can add audio effects and video filters to your singing videos so that your voice sounds very impressive.

best autotune apps

Smule is a free app for iOS and Android that shines in the studio. With its pitch correction function, you can make your vocals sound better than they ever have before. You’ll never need another auto tune plugin or circuit again with this incredible piece of software on hand at all times when needed.

Just plug into any mic input from thereon out to see yourself transform from bad singer/guitarist combo back into professional level talent without too much hassle involved thanks. So much guys over here who made such an awesome product come together as one big happy family member unit ready take number 1 spot already waiting around corner.

2: Voloco

Voloco is another auto voice tune apps for android and iPhone devices. More than one crore of people has downloaded this app on Play Store. This is a real-time voice-processing app with which you can perform automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. You have to choose any song from your phone music collection or voloco free beat library and sing the song or rap over, and then after that, this app guesses the key of the track and tune your voice to that key. Many features have been provided to you in this app, so download it once and try it.

What is the best app for improving your singing? A new, versatile and easy-to use voice processing tool has just arrived. With it you can learn to sing better than ever before. This amazing application will tune any vocal track in seconds by analyzing key changes across different ranges of notes while automatically balancing tension levels.

auto tune apps free

So that no one area gets too strong or weak – similar techniques are used when singers prepare music beforehand but none do all these things at once like voloco does. Wth its three built in features: automatic tuning (tunes instruments), vocoding (produces strange effects using only diction) and harmony generation. An innovative technology called vocal chroma key enables users without professional musical training.

This innovative voice processing tool combines several functionalities like automatic tuning and vocoding into one place to help anyone interested in improving their vocal abilities easily. Find what they’re looking for without having any trouble understanding how it works or feeling overwhelmed by all options available. The best part? You don’t even need music playing nearby. Just pick up whereyou left off last session if needed because there’s no limit on time so long as notifications aren’t turned off.

3: StarMaker

You don’t have to be a singer, but if you are looking for fame and popularity then Starmaker is the app for you. With more than 50 million people on this social networking platform, all of whom can share their favorite songs with each other in both public or private channels – it’s easy to grow your audience while also enjoying yourself. Record and edit your songs with a wide selection of auto-tune or voice effects. You can duet with a famous singer or your friends and share videos from social media.

If singing isn’t what interests you so much as wanting an outlet where fans from around the world will listen and enjoy your music too. Starmaker has everything that could make just about anyone famous overnight. Whether sharing videos privately with friends and family or reaching out into every digital corner of existence by posting publicly. Nothing beats hearing others sing along back atcha when they find something new they love.

best auto tune app for android

You can find a variety of features in this app to make your singing experience the best it could be. One feature that is sure not going unnoticed by any singer, karaoke fan or music video editor would have an editing suite with filters for videos and pitch correction. So all singers sound their absolute finest.

Additionally if you want more people involved then there’s live broadcasting where others will tune into watch what happens when two singers go head-to-head on stage at same time competing against each other. As well as cheering from audience members who participate via social media feeds which makes things even more exciting than before.

4: AutoRap by Smule

iphone autotune apps

If you are fond of hip-hop music, you can like a rap song. In this app, over 100 beats of all rap artists of the world have been provided for you, which you can use in your rap lyrics. The most prominent feature of this app is that it transforms your speech into a rap. Which also sounds excellent.

The AutoRap app by Smule is the perfect tool for hip-hop enthusiasts to make their own music. It has many features that allow rappers and lovers of rap alike, including not only auto tuning but also song recording. With over 100 beats from top tier artists like kendrick lamar or Dr Dre this free download will have you crafting rhymes in no time at all.

It turns your speech into any beat and creating a unique rap every time. If you do the lousy wrapping, then this app corrects it by the autotune. If you have to do a rap battle, then this option has also been provided to you. With this, you can battle with any rapper in the world. Every week new beats and songs are added to this app.

5: Rapchat

Rapchat is another auto-tune apps for android and iOS devices. This is a popular free music app by which you can record the song and add vocal effects like auto vocal tunes to your song at the same time. With the auto vocal tune feature, you can sound like your favorite singer. Suppose you can’t find a name for your rap. So you can find the name of rap with rap name generator tool given in this app. Here you have been provided thousands of free beats of significant producers. So you sound like a pro.

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RapChat is an app that enables you to create and record your own lyrics. You can get started by either tapping into the existing content or coming up with something original, but if perfect rhymes are not in-hand RapChat has a wide selection of beats available for recording vocals overtop them. This hip hop song maker also features auto vocal tunes which let users sound like professional rappers while practicing on their instinctive yet still polished flow technique. All without having ever had any kind training whatsoever.

6: Tune Me

If you have an android device and want the best auto-tune app then Tune Me is for you. The application offers more than 500 free beats to record your tracks with pitch shift features on it from where you can use their hip-hop or R&B recording studio, a useful tool that Android users will love. Here many features have been provided for you to auto-tune any song. You can create high-quality tracks with full-featured recording and editing tools. You can share your songs in sound cloud and all social media.

Tune Me, a voice changing app for singers and rap stars alike. The clip light will show you when it’s time to turn down your volume. Tune me allows auto pitch effects as well so that once again we can produce voices just like those of professional rappers or vocalists in popular music videos on TV right now such as justin bieber’s sorry from 2010 with Usher.

voice corrector app

If you want to share your music with the world, this is one of the best auto-tune apps for doing just that. It’s completely free and allows sharing on SoundCloud or Instagram from within its user interface. In case you need more features than what comes standard. In addition, there are multiple effects available through an upgrade purchase. Which will enhance any voice track recorded using audacity by adding various sound qualitie. Such as reverb effect when needed most during a live performance.

7: Auto-Tune Mobile

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This app is a fantastic auto tune app for iPhone and developed by Antares Audio Technology Inc. You can use this app only on iOS devices. In this app, you have been provided world-class auto-tune technology to quickly find vocal pitch correction and improve your singing performance. It won’t do anything until you sing in front of this app, but when you sing. This app detects which note you’re singing in and corrects your notes pitch.

There are a lot of cool features in this app, including compatible with Audiobus apps and it is designed for musicians. You can enjoy the auto tune effect that helps you retune your pitch too. If so than simply download it on iTunes at $4.99 bucks (the price tag doesn’t seem like much). This program has amazing reviews from music lovers all around because they say its really helped their creativity while playing live or recording vocals into studio software packages.

8: MicDroid

Mic droid

MicDroid is a good auto-tune recording app for android devices. Many features have been provided in this app, such as Automatic pitch correction, Email recording, Ads free and Set recording at ringtone, etc. The size of this app is only 36KB, which is quite light. MicDroid is a powerful app that can help you turn your voice to perfect singing form. You can use this light-weight tool on any Android device, and it includes features like ads free recording.

9: Auto Tuner Voice Recorder

If you have to do your voice like a pro singer, this app can be handy. If you have to do your voice like a pro singer, this app can be handy. In this app, many options have been given to auto-tune the voice, and you can change your voice quickly and use it as a voice changer appYou can apply fantastic sound effects and modify your voice. You can also make a prank call to your friends using this app.

10: Voice Synth

auto tuner app for iphone

Voice Synth is another singing app with auto-tune for iPhone devices. You can buy this app from the App Store for $ 11.99. It is a voice processor and music synthesizer that plays by your voice. Many different voices have also been provided to you (animal, evil, weird & much more). All effects are integrated into it.

The Voice Synth app is a great tool for musicians, DJs and sound designers. It has many effects such as reverb that can be applied to your voice or instruments. This synth makes it possible even if you don’t always know how to sing in unison. The built-in AutoPitch technology will adapt the tonality of your song. So all members are singing at their best pitch level no matter what instrument they’re playing (and there aren’t too many people who need help with those higher notes).


If you’re looking for a way to improve your singing voice, then the best auto tune apps are here to help. We’ve researched and tested all of the top ones so that you can find one with features that work best for your needs. Whether you want an app with lots of editing options or something more simple. There’s something available for everyone who wants to sing better than ever before. Which is it? Let us know in the comments below.

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