7 Best Reliable Discord Bot Hosting And Free Bot Hosting Platforms

We all know that Discord bots are essential to any gaming community. It’s important to have a reliable bot hosting platform in order for your users to stay connected with one another. This article will help you find the best Discord bot hosting platforms so that you can choose what is best for your own needs.

Discord Bot Hosting

Businesses are searching for the next big technological advancement in order to make their workflow and communication more efficient. A perfect example of this is chatbots, which have been making things easier since they became popularized by Facebook Messenger back in 2016.

Chatbots offer a simple way to improve the customer experience and provide new ways for businesses to interact with their customers. Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing a fast-paced world of work that is often dominated by technology.

Discord is a great way to improve your productivity and stay connected to friends with its many features. Discord has been hailed as one of best apps for communication since it came out in 2015. It boasts an impressive list of capabilities that make invaluable additions to any group’s efficiency.

What is Discord Bot?

You don’t have to type out messages anymore. Because there’s now something called “Discord Bots”. These bots let you do everything from managing servers using commands or simply chatting by typing through text input fields on one screen. It also includes uploading images if desired too.

A Discord bot can be a powerful tool that offers many benefits to your server. For example, it could help you maximize productivity by collecting useful information, scheduling events and delivering notifications for the entire team on their own private servers.

what is discord bot

A discord bot is a program that helps people with various tasks in their guild. It can play music, send memes or help you run your guild if you’re away. You could say they have the best of two worlds. Being able to chat while playing games and also not missing out on anything. Because there’s always someone online when it comes to administrating.

You can also make a Discord bot. They’re incredibly easy to create and require no coding experience whatsoever, with third-party bots being the easiest way to get started. A variety of programming languages are available for customization such as Java or Python. If you want your own unique creation that nobody else has access to.

Some of the popular and best Discord bots are MEE6, helper.gg, Apollo, Octave, IdleRPG, Dank Memer, Trello Talk, and more.

How to Choose the Best Discord Bot Hosting?

Having a Discord bot is an excellent way to improve your Discord server. You can add features like games, music, or even moderation tools and make your experience more enjoyable for you and other members of the community.

To do this successfully though, you’ll need to have the right hosting setup. In this guide I’ll show you how to choose the best web hosting for your bot so that it runs quickly and smoothly every time. Let’s get started.

1: Figure Out Your Discord Bot Needs

server needs

What are your plans for the best discord bot? The right web host will support platforms or building tools that you can use to create the perfect bot. As well as provide it with adequate storage and speed. It’s important to find the perfect web host that fits your needs.

This is a very personal choice and you’ll want it to be tailored just for you. There are different types of bots, and your web host should be able to provide the right infrastructure for you. Make sure that you find a match before signing up with anyone.

2: Security

hosting a discord server

Hosting companies are there to make sure servers are safe and free of any malicious attacks. In addition, many provide firewalls as well as DDoS protection in order to ensure compliance with set protocols.

Additionally, some have features such as secure file transfer through FTP or SSL which not only prevents the intrusion of other hackers ̷but also protects your data from getting hacked by these intruders.

3: Flexible Hosting Pricing

where to host a discord bot

Hosting has always been in demand, but now with the digital age upon us and everyone looking to be connected at all times of day it’s no surprise that some hosts offer monthly or hourly plans.

While also saving them money and time. If you need something else from your host then all you have to do is ask. They will be happy help with whatever needs met at any given point of contact.

4: Hosting Support

Hosting Support

If you’re having problems with your bot and need help, don’t wait for someone else to solve the problem. Can talk to customer support 24/7.

It’s possible to fix a problem quickly without having to wait on hold or move around. If something goes wrong with your discord bot, they’ll take care of you no matter how long.

Best Discord Bot Hosting List

From all the above points, you must have come to know that how important it is to have a good Discord bot hosting. Now we are providing you the list of the best hosting which you can use for your Discord bot.

1: PebbleHost

Host your Discord bot on PebbleHost that works 24/7 and is guaranteed to never go down. This hosting service supports so many frameworks, languages, including Java, Node.js, Python for the Web Version of this chat app. Which includes DDA servers as well. It has been tested by an independent party with a 99% uptime guarantee. PebbleHost’s Discord bot hosting plan starts at $3/month.

The PebbleHost website is for those who are looking to have an easy-to-use, stable experience. They offer Discord hosting with the best features and customer service. One-click bot pre-installs and a package manager makes it easy to get started quickly. It also includes 3 MySQL databases for free, with additional open ports so you can scale up or down as needed.

discord bot hosting

Every time you make a new account with PebbleHost, they automatically include their cloud storage so your data is safe. They also provide you with 7-day fully automatic backups to ensure that even if there’s an issue on the server side of things or someone accidentally deletes something important, it will be restored in no time and without any hassle from user end.

Pebble Host offers a quality product that will ensure stability of your Bot Server. The firm’s simple design makes it easy for anyone to use their services quickly and easily without any technical knowledge needed whatsoever. If you’re not sure which company would be perfect for you and want 24/7 support or need help changing something concerning how the site looks, then this could very well be just right up your alley.

2: PloxHost

PloxHost is a leading Discord bot hosting provider, and their team offers premium service for all types of bots. One can take advantage of the best features on offer with monthly subscriptions that work out to be significantly cheaper than other companies in this space.

Premium services like those offered by Ploxhost come at an attractive price point compared to some competitors while still offering advanced capabilities such as chatbots, voice channels, gaming integration kits and more. The hosting plan from PloxHost is designed to help you get the most out of your bot, whether for music, video games or anything else.

With a pre-configured bot, you can start running and move swiftly. Don’t worry about performance as the bots have SSD caching capabilities that make it work even better than before. You also get Cloud Linux for backup purposes and RAID hardware to protect your data from corruption due to crashes or power failures in case of an emergency situation.

free discord bot hosting

PloxHost is a hosting company that offers everything you need to host your bot. Besides offering MySQL, Bot and Bastion support they also offer Java, JavaScript and Python programming languages for any type of developer or programmers.

If anything goes wrong with the site then Ploxhost will restore it back to its original state within minutes thanks to their superior customer service team who are always ready at hand 24/7 if something needs fixing.

PloxHost is committed to providing the best hosting service at an affordable price for all of our customers. The company offers a variety of payment methods including Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards. So that you can have peace-of mind when purchasing your new domain name or bot hosting plan.

3: SomethingHost

SomethingHost is another best discord bot hosting. With their vast variety of available programming languages, they can support almost any Discord bot. From JavaScript to Python and even C++, this company has you covered with all the bots that will suit your needs.

The list is endless when it comes to what language-based programs are offered by this hosting company. In addition to being able work on just about anything imaginable for a Discord application, they also have great customer service. SomethingHost’s affordable hosting plans start from just €1.49/month.

The SomethingHost control panel is easy to use and will help you manage everything about your bot. You can see how much CPU or RAM it’s using in the stats section, which comes in handy for those who are considering upgrading their PC hardware.

host discord bot

4: Game Server Kings

The magic of GameserverKings is that they host the best Discord bots for your needs. Whether you are looking to add a voice chat feature or just want an easy way to manage roles and permissions, these servers have it all. With prices starting at $3/month, there’s no better place than GSK for hosting your bot today.

GameserverKings has everything you need when it comes to running a Discord Bot server. From performance and features down tot he pricing options available on their service. Pricing starts as low as three dollars per month. An excellent price point considering what this company offers in terms of quality customer care support services layered with ease-of-use features for managing channels.

discord bot hosting free

Apart from their standard offerings for gameservers and bot hosting, they also provide a number of additional databases that can be added on as needed such as: MySQL, MongoDb or Redis. GameServerKings make it their goal to ensure your data is safe. Periodic backups and quick responses are key for this company’s success in the server hosting industry. And they’ve never failed a customer yet.

5: Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 is a revolutionary way to bring cloud computing into the hands of developers. It offers web-scale, easy access tools for developing companies that need it most. The Amazon EC2 is a service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It has been around for over 10 years and it’s still growing.

The company allows users to rent virtual servers from their data centers with just one click so you can focus on what matters most. Amazon EC2 is a simple web service interface that allows you to get the power, memory size and storage capacity of your machine with minimal friction.

best discord bots

Many of the most innovative companies and products we interact with are powered by Amazon EC2’s cloud processors. These astonishingly fast machines have Ethernet speeds up to 400Gbps, powerful GPU instances for machine learning and graphic designing. As well as lower cost-per-inference server instances perfect for researchers in AI or anyone looking to crunch numbers quickly without breaking the bank.

AWS has specially developed a team of security professionals to ensure that your data is always secure and safe. They have compliance certifications in place for several federal laws such as the PCI-DSS, GDPR, HITECH/HIPAA etc.

In addition to these government standards they also hold FIPS 140-2 certification which ensures encryption protection from hackers or other malicious actors who may seek unauthorized access into their systems by stealing or corrupting information stored on AWS services like S3 storage buckets.

This will make sure all important documents are kept confidential and inaccessible even if someone were somehow able to hack through our firewall defenses. Which we work tirelessly at keeping up with latest updates.

6: Vultr

Vultr’s hosting services are known to be very reliable, with their cloud storage options being one of their main draws. The company’s features are also worth mentioning as they make Vultr stand out from other providers who may not be able to match their level of service.

Vultr is a service that allows you to take snapshots of your server instance and then deploy the copies in one of their datacenters. Vultr does not offer with any hosting plans on its own, but it makes for an excellent choice if you’re looking into colocating servers or want them managed by someone else.

hosting a discord bot

This is an excellent choice for businesses who are looking to expand their cloud server’s capabilities, but don’t want the hassle of doing it themselves. They offer a number of add-ons like firewalls and DDoS protection that you won’t find in other services. So if security’s one important thing on your list when choosing a good service provider, then Vultr will be perfect for you.

You get the latest-generation Intel CPUs and blazing-fast read/write speeds with SSDs. They offer 100% top quality service at affordable prices too! Try their new $2.50 per month or $0.004 per minute 10 GB SSD 1 CPU 512 MB RAM 0.5 TB bandwidth cloud instance today for a limited time only.

7: Kamatera

Look through our selection of servers to find the perfect one for your needs. Select from a variety of offerings, such as CPU type, RAM size and SSD storage capacity. You can also choose what operating system you want installed on it.

Kamatera has multiple data centers located around the world. So that they are always available no matter where you are in this vast world with blazing speeds ensuring time sensitive tasks get completed without delay or interruption. Kamatera has data centers located worldwide in 13 locations across four continents to ensure maximum performance of their servers and better availability.

how to host discord bot

Kamatera Discord bot hosting service is a way for you to go with the flow and customize your services. You can start at $4/month, but don’t forget that if you want custom data centers or operating systems then it might cost more money depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

Kamatera hosting lets people choose a plan based off of their needs in terms of resources like storage space as well as where they are located. Kamatera’s plans range from 4 dollars per month all the way up to 25 million dollar annual contracts so there really is something out there no matter how much budget someone has.

Kamatera’s guarantee is that they’ll never let you down. They offer lightning-fast Intel Xeon Cascade/Platinum Lake Processors and 40 Gbit/s of networking speed per server, which means your Discord Bot will always be up to date with the latest technology – no matter what.

How To Host a Discord Bot For Free

We have created a discord bot that can be hosted for free. Luckily, there are many hosting services out on the market and we’ll go over some of them here.

When we need to make our bot stay online, we have a few options. One is hosting it on some kind of server which can be done with free services like heroku. We use python scripts when running the program and this will allow us to get started.

I have a few suggestions for hosting services: aweS, heroku and AWS are all free options with reasonable upgrade costs if the need arises in future. But my personal favourite is Digital Ocean because of its simplicity and intuitive interface.

Right now our bot is only online when we’re running the python script on our computer. To allow it stay up at all time, we’ll be using one of these three hosted solutions as an example – (aweS), (heroku) or Amazon Web Services(AWS). There may come a point where they aren’t enough so then you can go ahead with upgrading into some other more advanced option like Google Cloud Platform.


There are so many ways that a Discord bot can be used to improve an individual or business. From music, games and engaging with your customers to scheduling tasks, the opportunities for bots on Discord seem endless. Discord bots are a great tool for businesses.

But it is important to choose the right hosting provider before you start using your new bot. If you want to talk with someone who can help answer all of your questions about how discord servers work and what hosting providers offer, we’re here!

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