April 21, 2024

Top 12 Free Video Uploading Sites : Upload Video Online to Share

Free video uploading sites: At the present time people are having variety of hobbies and talent. Many people have talent of making videos. Making your video in an amazing and different ways can attract lot of people. In this way you also get appreciation as well as good comments. But got all these you need to upload your video to a site. There is no doubt that youtube is the best place to upload your videos. But in this post we will tell you about more sites other than youtube.

video uploader site

In this post, we are providing you the list of all those websites where you can upload your video and you can earn a lot by uploading here. In today’s time a lot of content creators have come on social media, who have to be famous by showing their content to people, so all these free video uploading sites are the best for them.

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Free video uploading sites: Upload videos for free to share

1. Youtube

free video uploading sites

Youtube is the best free video uploading sites to upload your videos. This is the free site owned by Google that allows you to add video for free. Here you can upload your any video in most containers format including .avi, MP4, .flv and others. For this you just need to log in to youtube.

It is the free hosting service where you can create your own account and share video with friends, family and many more. But there are few rules and restrictions by the you tube. You cannot upload the duplicate video or any copied item over here. This thing makes it most fair one a d also safe.

2. Daily motion

Free Video Uploading Sites

Here comes the first site other than you tube. Daily motion is the very popular video sharing site which is provided for free. Here what you need to do is just login by making your account. Then you can start uploading the videos, view video, tag, categories, channels and many more options. You can upload a video of 2GB and 60 minutes. You also upload a high quality video. Guys use this free video uploading sites for getting much popularity as well as praise from the people for your amazing video making talent.

3. My space

Free Video Uploading Sites

Next comes the My space site where you can upload your video. Here you can log in through your account and then upload videos. You can also see the other videos uploaded by people. There are many options available that makes it much attractive and useful. One of the most demanding feature that is likes by the people is that you can upload unlimited videos to the site. There is no limit or number to which extent you can upload videos. You can also share these videos to your known ones.

4. Live leak

upload video online

Live leak is the UK based video sharing site where you can easily upload your video. Here you can leak any video related to any event like news,criminal video, any copied item and many more. This site is most popular for live news. You log in and search for live news the current situation. Here this app has an advanced feature of chat. You can chat with the users while seeing the live news. Guys it is the most liked site for the live items.

5. Ustream

free video upload websites

Next free video uploading sites that is likes by most of the people is ustream. This allows you to upload any kind of video that you like. You can upload nature video, animals, insects, babies, human anything you like. Many free facilities are available like stream, embed,hd broadcasting and many more online facilities. Every month the users of the site upload approx 2 million live video. You can see and also learn over here. Guys you will always get new video on this site as it has maximum users.

6. Vimeo

Vimeo is the American based website where you can upload your video very easily in just 3 steps. First you need to create your own account and then you need to sign in. Next you can upload the video and also steam through the other videos that are uploaded by the other users. This website has a limitation you can upload only video of 500 MB in a month not more than that. For uploading unlimited video you can go with premium account. Here you can easily share your video and tag other users.

7. Viewsters

video uploader site

Viewsters is known for its easy use. Guys of you don’t want to follow the long steps for uploading videos then you can use viewsters. This is the easiest site to upload video. You only need to login and then upload your video. Users around the word upload their own video over this site. You can easily stream through the videos and also search for best video. Guys you can tag and also like comment on others videos.

8. Acfun

best site to upload videos

Among various sites Acfun is the popular one for uploading HD videos. Guys you can use it by creating your own channel or account and then you can upload the video. You can also share your video to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook also. It has many options like adding your Instagram, Facebook friends with you to see your videos.  You can also set and watch videos in their categories. This is really easy to use and also safe.

9. Vine

This is another best website to upload videos. Vine is known for its categorization. Here you get video accordingly. Guys you get many facilities over here. You can easily upload the video according to the type of video. The site has many categories like nature, animals, humans etc. Here you can easily search and see videos of your own choice. This site supports 30 languages. You will really enjoy the service when you use vine. You can also share video with friends and family.

10. Tinypic

video uploading service

Tinypic is the site where you can upload your daily video. Here you can upload pic, video or audio. It supports all three formats. Guys when you get bore you can just see the video uploaded by the other people too. Not only enjoying the video but also you can learn a lot from others. Here you can also share your video or the video that you like with others like your family and friends. Tinypic is the best site to be used for video uploading.

11. Netflix

You all might have heard about it. Surely this is not the very new name for you all. Yes Netflix is the most rated site for uploading videos. It allows you to see TV shows, movies, reality shows and many more. The best feature of the app is that it do not accept copied video. This site provide you 30 days trial and then you are asked for paid subscription. Netflix is the best video uploading site where you can see unique videos.

12. Yahoo screen

Yahoo screen is the most popular place to upload video. This site allows users to upload video of their own choice. You can see all the video of your choice. Uploading video is the easy task as it do not require any hard action. You just need to log in and then upload the video. Guys you can also like and comment on the videos following the norms of the site.

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