12 Best Bill Payment Reminder App For Android and iPhone

In this post we are going to tell you about the bill payment reminder app. So that when your due date for a service arrives, it will remind you and if by chance this fails then there’s always late fees involved. It can be installed on both Android devices or iPhone in just one tap of button. Its super easy installation process makes sure everyone has access regardless their phone type.

bill payment reminder app

If you ever find yourself with a lot of bills due in one day, this app is your best friend. They always remind us when it’s time to make payments and help organize everything else for the week so we can stay on top of things without forgetting what has or hasn’t been paid yet.

The list goes on; these are just some ways that people use their phone as an bill organizer application which helps keep track every expense made during each given period within any calendar year monthly ones too if necessary. So download whichever option suits your needs from below.

Bill Payment Reminder Apps For Android And iPhone

There are a lot of popular and good bill reminder app out there, but we want you to know which ones work best on both iPhone and Android devices. These applications make it easy to pay your bills from wherever you are in the world with just a few taps or clicks. You will never have problems remembering when your next monthly bill needs paid again if you install one of these great reminders.

1: Bills Reminder, Payment and Expense Manager App

We have placed this app at the top of this list because with this app you will never miss bills and due dates. This payment reminder app helps you pay your bills on time, and avoids paying extra money for late payment fees. You can also track your monthly expenses with this app. More than 5 lakh+ people have installed this app in their phones on the Play Store and the size of this app is only 6 MB so that does not take up too much space of your phone.

You can set your budget in it, if you spend anything above your budget then it alerts you that you have overspending. This app creates a useful report for you, which you can also download in PDF and Excel file. It will notify you automatically for upcoming and overdue bills. It has many more features like this.

bills reminder app

2: Prism Pay Bills, Money Tracker

This is another bill payment reminder app for android and iPhone. This app has been downloaded by more than 10 Lakh+ people on Play Store. This is a totally free app. With which you can easily track the bills and find the reminder of the due date of the bills easily. If you often forget to pay your bill, you can also set a reminder in it. You can check your monthly bill, income, account balance and expenses with the help of easy to read graph present in this app. It is also very secure app.

bill reminder app

3: Spending Tracker

Spending tracker is a best bill payment tracker app for android and ios devices. With the help of this app you can track your bills in your smartphone. This is a user friendly app that manages all your monthly expenses. The biggest advantage you get from tracking your expenses is that you can save your money and keep your budget right. After downloading this app, you enter your expenses and income, and have instant control over your spending.

bill payment reminder app

4: Bills Monitor

Through this bill pay calendar app you can due your bill at the right time. You can easily use this bill reminder app on your Android and iPhone devices and the size of this app is only 4 MB. It tracks your payment and deposit amount and pays your bill at the right time. In this app you can fill payable and receivable with different colors in the calendar. If you want to delete your payment history then you can. If you have to add or edit something in the bill, then you can also do it easily.

best bill reminder app iphone

5: Bills Manager & Daily Reminder

It is also a very good bill pay calendar app that you can easily download from Play Store and Apple Store. If you want to pay bills on time from your smartphone, then you must use this app. With many features of this app, you will always be able to pay your bill on time. In this, you can create a category for all the bills and keep them separately and pay the bills. You can also use it without internet connection.

bill pay reminder app

6: Money Lover

Money Lover is also a popular best bill pay reminder app with which you can manage and pay your bills at the right time, so that you will not have to pay late fees. You can track your expenses and income by creating a category and spend for that accordingly by setting a limit in any category. In this app you can manage your debit and credit card easily. This app has been downloaded by more than 50 lakh+ people in the Play Store.

bill reminder app free

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7: Monefy – Payment Manager

Monefy is a popular bill manager app for both android and iOS.  If you want to track your expenses correctly then this is the best app for it. It gives you tips on how to save money. This app has been downloaded by more than 50 lakh+ people on Play Store and this app size is varies with devices. In this app you can also run multiple accounts. Along with these feature it also allows you to add reminder for your bill payment on your smartphone.

bill reminder software

8: Easy Bills Reminder

If you want to pay your bill on the right day and time, then this app will help you a lot. It keeps sending daily payment reminder notifications to your device. This app keeps sending you notifications till you pay your bill. This app user interface is also quite good and notifications are displayed on the notifications bar. If you like dark mode, then this feature has been provided to you in this app. You can also use different date formats in it.

bill payment reminders

9: Wallet

Wallet is another popular bills reminder app for android and iPhone devices. More than 1 million people have installed this app in their phones on the Play Store. It is a very good bill checklist and finance planner app. It helps you flexibly plan your budget and track spending, With which you can control your expenses and save your money. Download this app now and save more money using finance tracker. Check this https://www.luzenta.com

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10: MyBills – Bill reminder

MyBills is also a best bill reminder app for android. With the help of this app, you can easily manage your bill and do not miss paying then before its due dates. It automatically alerts you before the due date of all your bills, so that you do not have to pay late fees as your bill is not on payment time. In this app you can easily see all your payment history. The size of this app is also quite light. It is only 5 MB.

bill reminder app iphone

11: Spendee 

With the number of financial apps available today, it can be difficult to keep track of all your budgeting and spending habits. Spendee is an app that helps you manage every aspect of your finances in one place. It’s easy-to-use interface lets you see where your money goes and when.

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So there are no more surprises or hidden expenses lurking around the corner. Plus, with its bill payment reminder system, you’ll never miss a due date again. If this sounds like what you need right now, download Spendee for free on Google Play or App Store today.

12: Taskeet

Taskeet is a highly customizable productivity app that will help you stay organized and better control your day-to-day life. Customize it to fit what needs doing, or have all tasks waiting patiently at the tip of one finger. One master app for all your tasks, todos and calendars.

bill pay app iphone

Now you don’t have multiple apps that are so easy to lose track of. With one sleek interface with customizable features this will be easier than ever before. Now you don’t need to have different apps for your reminders, alarms and tasks as they are all in one conveniently designed application with a beautiful user interface that can be customized according to individual needs.


With so many bill payment reminder apps out there, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best. However, we’ve done all of the research for you and found these three as being both popular and reliable. If you want an app that will help you stay on top of your bills without having to worry about forgetting a due date or paying late fees. This list should have something perfect for you. Which one did we find most helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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