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In this post we are going to provide you auto call answer app. With the help of these apps you can never miss your important calls. Because it receives all your calls automatically. You can download these call receiver app in your android phone.

auto call answer app

Many times when a call comes, we are very busy with x our work or driving at that time, then we are not able to receive that call. That’s why we need auto call answer app. In landline phones you get to see the option of auto call receive, but in mobile phones this option is not pre-installed. For this we have to download phone answering apps from play store.

Even in Playstore you will not get to see much app with phone auto answer system because the functionality of all phones is different. So this application is not much available. Some apps ask you to pre-record your answer and the person you’re talking to will immediately hear that you’re busy and should call you back later. And in any other app the call will be received automatically and you will start talking.

Auto Call Answer App For Android

Here we have provided the list of best call answering app for you. You can download any app according to your need from all these apps.

1: Do It Later – Schedule SMS, Auto Reply Text

Do it later is very popular call answer app for android devices. This app has more than 1 million downloads on play store. And the size of this app is only 11 MB. This app is an auto message app that helps you schedule SMS to be sent later, auto reply to Call, Whatsapp video audio call auto answer and more.

If you use this app then you can never forget your important message, calls because it provides you very good service. And many features have also been provided to you in this app.

In this app you can set your own time to send messages automatically. This feature is very useful for busy person. You can also keep the schedule time in exact and time range. Flexible recurring options have also been provided to you in this app. From this option you can choose a repeating period (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly etc).

If you want to send the same message to multiple recipients, then in this app you have been given the option of bulk sender. You can also turn on smart auto reply and define your own reply rules by choosing to whom you want to send auto replies.

auto answer call android

2: Auto answer & callback

This phone answering app is another superb machine for auto call answer. This app has more than one lakh downloads on play store and size of this app is only 2.3MB. If you are busy in some work or driving or both your hands are dirty, then this app can be very useful for you because through this app you can easily receive any call automatically.

This app does just one thing for you and it does it very well.  It auto answers your calls for you so now it can truly be called “hands-free”. If your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device, it detects that your phone is connected to a hands free Bluetooth. Then it automatically enable auto answer mode. And it disables auto answer when you disconnect the Bluetooth device.

This app features:

  • Auto answer, if the call is in your contacts.
  • It works only when a headset is connected.
  • Auto callback to selected call.
  • Call to the selected.
  • The task execution delays.

auto answer app

3: Moto Answer

Moto answer is also a popular automated calling app. This app has been installed more than 50 thousand times on playstore. If you are ever busy in some work then it easily auto answer the incoming calls.

This can be a very convenient app for bikers because this app can connect to the headphones inside the helmet and auto answer. The app can always be left active as it does not consume any battery.

Moto Answer can help you when you’re in a vehicle and want all incoming calls to be answered through a loudspeaker or when headphones are connected. Moto answer does exactly that for you, it automatically answers incoming calls after a certain amount of time and when certain conditions are met. You can also configure this time by setting.

auto answer app

4: Auto Answer Call

Do you want to receive all your calls automatically, if yes, then for this you have to download and install the auto answer call app. You also get more features in this app.

Auto answer Activate Loud Speaker automatic. In this you get the option to set full screen caller ID. For this you can set photo from gallery or default theme. Reject call option is also available in the app. For auto call answer you can also put a time duration of 5 to 30 seconds in it.

Whenever you get a call from someone, the caller announcer will call that caller’s name in the loudspeaker. You can also turn off the loudspeaker from the setting. You can also enjoy 20+ different types of Caller ID Themes.

call answer app for android

5: Vani

Vani is another popular call answering apps for android devices. This app has more than 1 million installs. This app allows all of you to handle your daily incoming calls using voice commands. This is the app that let you answer phone with voice.

  • Say ‘Hello’ to Accept Calls.
  • ‘No’ to Decline Calls.
  • Say ‘Speaker’ to Answer the call on Speaker Mode.
  • ‘SMS’ to send a auto-reply message.

You can also customize your words in this app. Receive any call from your phone without touching the mobile screen. The app is able to speak the caller’s name and by voice recognition, You can choose to answer or reject the call. Now next time whenever you get a call, you can pick up that call by simply saying hello.

Share Images, Videos, Apps, Ecommerce Sites without any hassle in this app while talking with your friends. Vani App allows you to share anything live while talking with your friends. With the caller ID feature you are protected from spam and anonymous phone calls. Whenever you give command to this app, you have to speak loud and clear.

Voice Assistant Call Answer

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