Top 10 Anger Management Apps For Android and iPhone

Emotions are an essential part of human life. If emotions are under control then everything goes in the right direction but whenever your emotions are used to control your life then everything becomes disturbed. It is very necessary to control emotions in every situation.

anger management app

Good emotions don’t have any negative impact in our life but bad emotions like anger have a very bad impact. Most of your anger might destroy everything. Here we have come up with some top 10 anger management apps for your android and iPhone that will help you to manage your anger.


anger management app

This is a very popular app for anger management. Many people across the world have downloaded this for its best results. The anger app will ask you some personal information and will have a questionnaire that you have to fill. According to your personal information then this app will work over your anger management.

It provides a complete lecture about anger and it’s side effects. Customized therapy is provided by this app. It will help you to control your anger in different situations. This is a kind of online course that you can join. A series of therapeutic techniques are provided which include slow music that relax your brain.

2: Life Armour


This is quite a different app. It is a kind of self management app. Here you have to mark your strength and weakness. The app will guide you and you have to work over your own activities. It contains many tasks that you have to complete like listening to motivational videos, funny videos, some music and exercises.

This also explains all the causes and effects of anger. Common mental health issues are also explained in this anger app which will motivate you more to improve your issues.

3: Calm

best anger management apps

As the name of the app suggests the meaning itself. Calm is the app that will help you to calm your body, mind and soul. The app provides you a complete package under which each section contains different therapies like music therapy, meditation therapy, music therapy and chanting therapy.

This all will help you to relax yourself. It will suggest to you the timing too for how much time you have to follow up the therapies. According to your severity the app will design a therapy plan for you.

4: Sanvello for Anxiety, Depression & Stress

anger relieving games

Among top 30 apps sanvello the most popular app that is famous for management of anger, anxiety and depression. It will help you to get rid of all negative emotions. After downloading this app you will be asked about some personal details.

The questionnaire includes all about the situations where you feel depressed and angry. And based on all these answers the various exercises will be suggested. The app will also suggest to you some games, songs and activities that will bring changes in your behaviour and finally in your anger management.

5: MindDoc: Your Mental Health Companion

anger relieving games

MindDoc is the app that will boost up your mood towards positive ideas and thoughts. The app contain some funny jokes and short cartoon stories that will make you laugh and make your mood fresh.

When your brain is happy then automatically your all anger, depression and bad feelings will vanish off. MindDoc is downloaded by most of the people for refreshing their mood and keeping their mind calm and cool.

6: Aura

anger app

Aura works on brain anatomy and physiology. It’s very obvious that every emotion is generated from the level of the brain. So if we need to end up then we have to go to roots. Here under this app all the exercises, meditation and activities will be helping you to make better changes in your life.

This will also improve your intelligence level too. It is very automatic that when the brain is disturbed your emotions will be disturbed. So you need to change your thinking ability. You can also keep your own medical records in this app.

7: Simple habit

anger management meditation

Simple habit is the best app for controlling your anger. The app will suggest some habits along with the time duration which you have to adapt in your life. It is all about meditation that you have to do just for a few minutes which brings a lot of change in your life. After following all the activities suggested

you will surely feel relaxed and focused. You will also get better sleep which will improve everything. When all the things are followed properly then your mind will feel relaxed. If the mind is relaxed then everything goes in the right direction.

8: Headspace

meditation to control anger

This app will help you be happier. It will make you understand about the way to be happier in your life and also about the importance of happiness in life. It has its own principle that if you try to focus on being happy then automatically all the bad emotions will be excluded from your life. Headspace will tell you about how to give space to happy emotions in your head. And then the bad emotions like anger, depression, anxiety will be away from your life.

9: Breethe – Calm Meditation Tracks

anger relief games

This is going to tell you about the physiological activities of your body. By explaining all the physiology then the app works on your daily activities. You are guided and suggested to change your daily activities and way of thinking. It consists of hypnotherapy, meditation, music therapy and other therapies for restless sleep. You can freely download this app to change your activities.

10: Heart’sApp

apps that calm you down

Heartfulness is the group who created this app for Android and iOS users. This will help you to control your brain and temper. It also controls your heart rate, pulse rate, breathing pattern that will finally control your anger.

It creates a therapy plan that consists of the final goal to be achieved. Therapy sessions are planned for 45 minute. Work is done over various domains. This app guarantees the goals to be achieved within the time limit decided. It will drill all the activities that will completely change your behaviour.

11: Temper tab

games to relieve anger

This app is guided by health professionals. You can fully trust this app. It is provided for free. You can download this to your android and iOS. This app will first counsel you all about your problem of anger and anxiety.

Next the causes and reason behind the anger will be explained and at the end it will provide you a checklist where all the do’s and don’ts will be mentioned. You will be properly guided by the app to maintain the habits and activities not your daily life. Some of the exercise and meditation will make your life change.

12: Piku

free anger management games for adults

This app is specially designed for children of 3 to 7 years. Children often get hyperactive and angry. This is the app that will help you to make your child calm and happy. You can also increase self esteem and confidence of your child.

It can be easily downloaded to your android and iPhone. Some games and story that contain moral will help your child to relax his mind and change the activities that makes him active.

13: Wysa

anxiety app for iphone

This app is full of yoga and meditation. Their are several evidences that yoga and meditation can change your physiology of body, and brain. When you follow some specific yoga and meditation techniques for getting relief from anger then your emotions will be changed.

The app will provide you list of questions which will help you to have a conversation with the masters. This conversation will help you to make changes in your life.

14: Happify

anger management app

This app is mostly downloaded by the people who believe on scientific facts. Happify contain all the games and activities that are scientifically based. It presents you the description and the fact on which particular games are based.

Happify is the top most ranked app according to 2018 survey. This anger management apps will not give you any lecture but it contain some games and activities that will kill your anger and depression.

15: Daylio

best calming apps

This is the fitness center app. Here all your problems are sorted out. Once you download this app then you have to enter information about yourself that will help the app to make a therapy plan for you. Remedies vary according to the type and severity of the problem.

If you are dealing with hyperactivity then the app will suggest you some mental exercises. Along with these exercises, you are also suggested to take proper diet plan as some food are responsible for hyperactivity.

16: Sanvello

how to calm down anger and stress

This is the new anger management apps for Android and iOS users. Sanvello will teach you a different way. It will help you to understand yourself in a better way. The app ask you few questions about yourself and then modify your answers.

This will boost up your confidence and destroy your anger. When you try to understand yourself in a better way then things change. It is going to be great remedy for your anger.

17: Self help for anxiety management

how to calm down anger and stress

This app has 15 domains. You have to work over these domains to your behaviour. The app guarantee you that you will surely notice changes in your behaviour after 10 sessions. This app has maximum reviews for its best part.

It works over mental relaxation that is mandatory for suppression of anger. The app explain about the factors that make you excited and angry and so the remedies are designed.

18: Aurum

how to reduce anger and anxiety

This is specially designed for those who are very emotional. To control your emotions you have to log in to this app. It will give you a complete package of assesment and intervention for your problem. This is professional anger management apps which you can trust. Get it downloaded to your android and iOS. Help yourself by downloading this app.

19: Meditation game

Meditation Game

This anger management apps has set of meditation for different mental health issues. Here you have to to  mark at all your bad activities then the app will suggest you the type of meditation. It also mark the Severity of anger and anxiety.

According to the severity the timing of meditation is decided. This will help you to change your lifestyle also. Some habits will be excluded from your life that is actually making you feel low.

20: Zen

self control app android

This is perfect combination of all types of remedies that can be helpful in getting relief from anxiety and anger. Zen is designed for the people who are suffering from anger disorder that is putting high impact on their life.

It will guide you for some habits that you have to add up in your daily life. Such activities and actions are like proper sleep, meditation, exercise and many more. These all are going to make your brain healthy and happy.

21: 7 cups

anger management apps

7 cups is the most interesting app that helps you to learn health remedies along with some games. This consists of games that are very interesting and helpful. With great enjoyment you can change your bad activities also.

Anger management is the main aim of the app. It can be easily downloaded to your android and iPhone. This is helpful for all age group people. It will take your willness test and then plan a proper remedy chart for you.

22: MindDoc

anger management apps

This anger management apps is designed to monitor your mental health. There are some games according to which the app check your mental status. Your weak and strong points are rated. Then the app work over your weak points.

This will finally change your activities and bring changes in you. You will be able to monitor your own emotions and recognize the symptoms of mental health degradation. Your brain activity will be monitored under this app.

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