8 Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Android & iPhone

Hello Friends, In this post we are going to provide you heart rate monitor apps which you can use in both your Android and iPhone devices. By downloading these apps you can monitor your heart rate very easily. In today’s world, many people have heart problems.  It has become very important to care for our heart. Now you will be happy to know that we can monitor our heart with our smartphones so that it will be very easy to care for our heart.

Heart Rate Monitor Apps for iPhone

If you are very curious about your health so in this post we are giving you the Best Heart Rate Monitor app which is available for android heart rate monitor apps and heart rate iPhone app. You can download any of these heart rate monitoring app according to your need.

Heart Rate Monitor App for iPhone

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Best heart rate monitor apps are provided for iPhone users, all these apps are the most downloaded apps on Apple Store and their rating is also good. So you should download any one app according to your need.

1: Cardiio

Heart Rate Monitor Apps

Cardiio is the best heart rate monitor app for the iPhone which monitors heartbeat by using its camera. This heart healthy app own personal dashboard with history  (daily, weekly and monthly) and Save, edit, annotate, export your data.

This app has two mode Finger mode and Face mode – With Finger mode you can monitor your heart rate by putting your finger on the front of the phone’s camera and by Face mode you can measure your heart rate by keeping your face ahead of the camera. After doing all this, this app shows you all your data.

2: Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor Apps android

This app is also the best app for heart rate monitoring, it has downloads in millions on Apple Store. This is a Most accurate and easy-to-use heart rate app. In less than 10 seconds, it tells you, your accurate heart rate.

You can also check your stress level through this app. You DON’T need a dedicated heart rate monitor to get your pulse, download Instant Heart Rate today and use your camera’s flash to see how healthy you are.

3: Qardio Heart Health

Heart Rate Monitor iphone

This blood pressure log app is also the best heart rate monitor app for the iPhone. This app tracks our blood pressure, weight, ECG, HRV and much more and shows our complete data in the chart.

Qardio makes heart health easier, smarter and better for everyone. So it is very important for us that you can easily download it from Apple Store, we have given the link above.

Heart Rate Monitor Apps Android

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Below we are providing you the list of all heart rate monitor apps used in the Android device. You can download the apps you need from one of these. All of these top rated apps of google play store, which is also very much downloaded.

4: Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

Incredibly accurate in measuring your heartbeat. Free with unlimited recording. Easy to use with an intuitive design. Google Fit support. Estimates calorie burnt per hour. To use this heartbeat counter, just put your finger on the phone’s camera and stay still, the heart rate is shown after few seconds.

heart healthy app

5: Heart Rate Monitor

blood pressure app accuracy

This heart rate monitor are suitable for people who are care a lot of their health condition or in need to monitor their heart rate regularly. Simple, East to use. Easy to rapidly take multiple tests.

This app is easy to set up and interfaces is mobile friendly. It works great, accurately and is very handy to use any time. It is very easy to use and the result is remarkably accurate.

6: Instant Heart Rate

are blood pressure apps accurateare blood pressure apps accurate

Instant heart rate is the most accurate heart rate monitor. Measure your heart rate with your phone’s camera. Graphs illustrate your heart rate measurement history.

Different measuring types: Resting heart rate, pre & post-workout heart rate, maximum heart rate.

7: Pulse

blood pressure log app

App uses camera and flash to calculate your heart rate by processing the images of highlighted blood of your finger. It generates PPG graph (similar to ECG / EKG) and calculates heart rate based on that. App uses camera and flash to calculate your heart rate by processing the images of highlighted blood of your finger.

8: Heart Rate Meter

Unlimited heart rate measurements. Possibility to switch to infinite measurement mode. History of measurements with charts. Supporting user profiles. Add profiles for you family members, friends and other with their own individual measurement history. Configurable. Number of measurement option for calculation average value of bpm.

blood pressure and weight tracker

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With the help of these App you will not be perfectly fit, but you can monitor all the activities of your body which will help you to get an important decision for your health. That’s why you   must use these heart rate monitor Apps because you can monitor them by yourself, whenever you have a free time, you can check yourself.

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