11 Best Free Solitaire Game Apps For Android & iPhone

Solitaire is a classic card game that has been played for centuries. The goal of the game is to remove as many cards as possible from the deck by pairing them up with each other and eventually removing all of the cards from the tableau. Solitaire game apps exist for Android and iPhone devices, but which ones are worth downloading? In this article, we will explore 11 best free solitaire game apps for both operating systems.

Solitaire Game Apps

We all know that Solitaire is a timeless game that has been around for decades. It’s an engaging, challenging and time-consuming game which can be played solo or with friends. There are many different versions of this classic card game to play on the go, online or on your computer. Let us take you through some of the best Solitaire apps available on both iOS and Android devices.

Free Solitaire Game Apps For Android & iPhone

Solitaire is a game of strategy and luck. It has been around since the 16th century, but it’s still so popular today because of all these reasons. The levels are challenging enough to keep you interested without becoming too difficult. There are always new challenges waiting just ahead which keeps things fresh. When you clear one level in solitaire (and eventually move on), your difficulty increases significantly-ready for another round?

Solitaire is a game of skill in which players are tasked to clear cards from the board by stacking them onto an empty pile. The player who fills all spaces wins. Solitaire apps allow you to play this classic card-playing style on your phone or tablet with ease. And they also have many levels that increase in difficulty as players advance through their gameplay experience each time finishing one level then going right into another.

1: Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game that has been around since at least 1796. It’s often considered the most popular solitaire variant in America, with more than 500 million people playing it almost every day. The solitaire game apps helps you strategize while also having tons of fun modes like classic mode where players must clear all cards from an array without concentration or derby duel which requires one to be able to deal faster than their opponent during blind betting rounds.

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Customize your game with new backgrounds and card images. Earn more points as you play. With each new level, the AI gets smarter in order to make sure that no one has an advantage over anyone else by simply playing at different levels. Regardless if they’re online or off. Points come from completing tasks like arranging cards into descending orders based on colors.

Creating sets out of multiple types such as 2+ Hearts. Removing all but 1 rank per stack upon completion etcetera. Depending what types suits you want sorted first when having everything laid side-by-side before moving it onto foundation where Kings are nestled close alongside.

2: Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Solitaire is a card game where you must move all of the cards to an empty stack. It has been played for centuries and with good reason. Microsoft Solitaire offers easy-to-use features, tons upon tons daily challenges including pro ones. I’m guessing most gamers have experienced those days where all we want do anything besides game with our friends seems impossible.

Events that would be organized by players in real time on their own schedules between games or sessions depending how they choose to play it online. Rewards can range anywhere from coins up front if someone likes what we do just now down through AP points which might help us reach higher ranks faster than before.

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Playing games is a great way to keep your mind occupied and release some stress. Some people enjoy playing cards, boardgames or even computer programs like words with friends on their phone when they are feeling down.

Whether it’s because of school work that has piled up over the semester or just the general pressure from life in general. This free two-player game app gives you access not only across devices but also tracks progress throught out gameplay which is really satisfying as well especially if winning becomes important at any point during playtime.

3: Free Cell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire is a classic card game that’s never gone out of style. It can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible with Free Cell by Brainium. This app has beautiful and easy-to read cards for all levels from beginner through expert. So you’ll always find your perfect match in this solitaire version on Android or Google Play store depending what device works best for you when playing solo mode against AI opponents.

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FreeCell Solitaire is a classic card game that requires strategy. The developers of this app crafted it carefully with sharp and clean visuals, so you can enjoy the best experience on your Android phone or tablet no matter what screen size. You also get to choose between custom backgrounds for each level made from photos in Google Photos library. All just by picking stars out of our air whenever they want them back again.

4: Solitaire TriPeaks

Solitaire TriPeaks is a classic game that has been around for centuries. It’s not just one of the first games ever created, but it also still enjoys many fans and followers in today’s modern world thanks to variations like Klondike Solitaire which can be played online.

If you want an easier way than playing solitaire by yourself at home or anywhere else. Whether bored as hell with nothing better do on your day off from work (or school), these cards will never get old because there are always new ways to play them every time things seem routine enough already.

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This solitaire game apps is the perfect game for any time. If you are looking to kill some serious brain-time, play against Sis or Bro while chatting on Facebook messenger. Solitaire has always been a classic because its simple rules and strategy make it more than just about cards. There’s so much skill involved in trying not only guess your opponent’s card but also where they’re going next. All without talking back.

In this slot machine-style game, you could win and collect coins in many different ways. You can use the wheel to get more money or view advertisements for prizes like free tickets that will help speed up your journey through levels. The game is an auto-runner, but you can save your progress. You do not have to download anything and all levels are available for free in the app store.

5: Solitaire Pets – Fun Card Game

Solitaire Pets Adventure is a free Klondike Solitaire card game with an interesting twist. Play cards in the classic solitaire style and become one of its greatest masters. The gameplay for this version has been designed to be more challenging. So it’ll take some time before you can claim victory over these obstacles. But we promise once you do there’s nothing else like playing Klonwise that will give your brain as much workout and fun.

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Solitaire Pets is a card-based pet game that takes the classic solitaire experience to new heights. Your favorite four legged friends can now compete with you as they roam free, and epic adventures await at every turn. Play this newest addition in our series for hours of fun so grab some tissues because it’s going be tough when those tears start rolling down your cheekes from all those wasted hours playing cards.

In Solitaire Pets players take on various roles: there are growers who amass victory points by growing their farm (score more apples than pears), shoppers looking for rare items such us crystal flowers which gives immunity against fires. Aristocrats vying over prestige by building cathedrals while preventing other player.

6: Churchill Solitaire Card Game

Churchill Solitaire one of the world’s most notorioussolitaire players has been spotted playing a new card game which he designed to test his nerves duringthe second world war. The game is called “Dice With Death” and it consistsof choosing whether or not you want red numbers on top.

If yes then there will bedeaths in your upcoming hand. It takes great skilland concentration for this high stakes gamble because when someone lands on twoskips are possible along with any other permutations that can occur such as being dealt fourace-cards instead three etcetera. Churchill Solitaire is a card game that can be played at three different levels: medium, easy and difficult. The solitaire game apps also provides you with videos of Winston Churchill giving advice on how to play each level so it will seem more lifelike as well.

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The app has a lot of features that will make your life easier. You could sync it to the cloud and have access on any device, or you could also share your game with others in order for them too get some benefits from playing. Some items come at different prices depending how many people participate.

So if two friends each buy one ticket then they’ll be able to purchase more expensive packages since only half is gone after purchasing by someone else. It’s cheaper than going out anyway; plus there are always deals available just waiting until somebody unlocks them first.

7: Forty Thieves Solitaire Gold

Solitaire is a game of strategy, skill and patience. For those looking for an upgrade to their easy solitaire card games try forty thieves with its real challenges. This hard-as-they come set will test your wit against beautifully designed cards based on the famous tales from the arabian nights.

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Picking up your game of solitaire, you put all the cards in order. After arranging them how you like it best. Around there are some lovely green nature and birds singing which will help with selection process for more complex games like Klondike or Poker. When everything has been laid out perfectly (pointing at myself as if what is happening right now were actually reality). I am ready to take on this final challenge collecting every last piece that belongs by my side.

8: 250+ Solitaire Collection

Playing solitaire games is a great way to relax and enjoy spending time on your own. 250+ Solitaire collection has 253 different kinds of card Games with plenty more available for download. The collection includes favorites such as Freecell, Klondike or Canfield among other original titles that you’ll love playing too like Spider Solitaire Scorpion Triangle Snow Drift 3D Juniors Remix etc.  It would be wise however if before downloading any app onto your phone just because it’s called solitare game.

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For every game, there’s a demo. For playing card games you can view step-by-step instructions on how to play solitaire with this free app. Inside each rule is text descriptions of what it means for your turn and where players compare cards from their hands in order show them who wins or loses based off those values as well.

This is a great opportunity to set the tone for your experience by taking control of certain game elements. However, you might want to consider changing one thing at a time and seeing how it affects gameplay before making any large decisions or changes because they could have long-lasting effects on more than just this particular app.

9: Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Solve a variety of challenging puzzles in this enchanting card game. Join Helena and her loyal friend Kingsley the gerbil on their journey to reveal the wonders of an ancient world, where they’ll encounter magic spells that will amaze you.

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Catching the Scarabs hidden beneath each card will help you progress through levels and unlock ancient mysteries. Matching a level number one higher or lower than what’s on your playing deck will also give clues to where they are, so be careful.

You must put your life on the line as you venture into this dangerous world to uncover secrets and mysteries left behind. The fate of everything is inextricably linked with a prophecy that needs restoring, but first there’s something else.

10: Flipflop Solitaire

Flipflop Solitaire is one of the most addicting card games. You can play without any limitations and it will generate an exciting experience. This solitaire game offers spider and other amazing features that will keep your interest peaked.

It’s not always easy to win a game of Connect Four, but if you know how the rules work and put in some practice time before playing with friends or family members then chances are high that winning will come quickly. The strategy revolves around knots for both players. It can be hard at first glance because there doesn’t seem like much happening when one person has all four corners while their opponent only controls two-thirds of them.

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However! That might sound like an advantage until we take into account what happens next, by having more space on each side they have access to three additional squares where either blue square could conceivably go so now instead of just being able compete against.

11: FreeCell Solitaire

The King solitaire is a classic card game that has been updated to include new features and challenges. You must complete certain objectives in order to gain experience points, which allow you access the various titles available for play. The relaxed nature of this solitaire game apps make it easy going while still being addicting – perfect if your looking for something challenging without feeling like they need more time.

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The most unique game of solitaire ever, King Solitaire is an app that updates the version so you can compete against players from around the world. You must complete certain objectives and gain XP in order to collect titles like “The Most Dedicated Player.” It’s very relaxing but also challenging as well.

FreeCell Solitaire adds a new element of strategy & puzzles to the classic solitaire card game formula. Plan and strategize each move as you use the four free cell spots as placeholders to solve the puzzle of moving cards. Stack all 52 cards from a standard deck to win.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the 11 best free solitaire game apps for both operating systems. If you’re looking for more fun games to play, visit our website and check out all of the exciting options we have available. Our team has spent hours researching these games so that we can provide you with a variety of choices to suit your needs.

There are many different versions of this classic card game to play on the go, online or on your computer and now it’s easier than ever before to find one that’s right for you. We hope these free solitaire app will help make playing solitaire even more enjoyable by giving players access to new ways they can enjoy their favorite pastime from anywhere at anytime.

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